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  I'm a 10.5, I ordered an 11. I do see the problem however ...
Whatever, I like my William Lennons very much, they are by far the most comfortable hill-walking boots I've had, and there have been quite a few. My view is that for hill walking, you don't want boots to be yielding, just buy half a size large and wear thick wool socks. The Vibram soles provide all the shock absorbency that can reasonably be needed. But they are no good for town at all, not unless you want to look like a complete plank.
It's referenced about half-way down the article, with a photo, although only from below.
 Suit yourself, but that's what I call Blake Rapid, and I think the blog refers to it as that also.  [edit: Yours appear to be different, can't account for that.]
 As a matter of fact you are wrong - wrong on both counts. I've made two pairs. All right, they were slippers, but only the very finest Morocco leather was used. 
 No, it's Blake Rapid - I have a pair from them in fact and the stitching is quite unmissable. There was a little blog on the place a few years back, some nice photos in it: http://loomstate.blogspot.co.uk/2011/11/william-lennon-factory-stoney-middleton.html
My understanding is that the midsoles are sewn on using Blake machinery, and then the outer sole (either rubber or leather) is, as you say, screwed (and glued also, I suspect) to the midsole.
 If only you would restrict yourself to fact rather than self-serving opinion.
 A more balanced response than I have become used to receiving on this thread, perhaps some semblance of sanity at last. I have no interest in winding up DWFII (or anyone else), but with DWFII it is largely self-initiated, I could go on but it will just wind him up. I'm quite interested in Blake as it gives a rather trimmer profile to the shoe, but it's almost unheard of in Northampton. Oddly (perhaps) there is a firm in Derbyshire that makes very traditional boots using...
   That is the clear implication of your many posts in this thread. You said as much above - if the company is making a profit, its shoes cannot be shoes.   I am compelled to note your frequent references to arses. Bit odd, that...
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