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^ But "generous" might be interpreted that way. I like the way Cordings trousers are cut - certainly not over-large, but not tight either. With trousers, an inch this way or that can make a world of difference. Button flies are not to everyone's liking, however.
I've bought a good few pairs of trousers from them, over the years, as well as suits. The trousers have all been well cut, but slim rather than baggy. The suit trousers have been slightly fuller but still not baggy. The waist sizing was as I would have expected.
 We over-import and have done for many decades - economic orthodoxy might suggest that the £ is still over-valued, since there's always a current account deficit, but countries like Germany and China, with artificially low exchange rates, may be more to blame for the situation.
Bide your time. The euro may soon be consumed by new problems. I feel the EU's handling of the Brexit issue could boomerang, and it's not as of they did not have troubles enough of their own already. Alternatively go to Naples anyway, it's worth the extra 30% isn't it?
Denominated in %. Slightly misleading of course, and just a snapshot, but no doubt a disappointment to the remainers.
 A foolish assumption. I start reading some of yours then soon find I have better things to do with my time, so I can't truthfully say whether I agree with them, though it seems unlikely. Here, the weekend now beckons, and I would prefer it if you don't confuse my continued silence for mute assent to whatever further nonsense you might have in mind.
 It's rather hard to follow the logic of this churlish response to someone with Nick's background and reputation.
  That all three pairs wore well seems a quite valid conclusion to make - it's not a non sequitur at all. Wasn't the purpose of dissection to compare the three shoes?
 Of course they are, that is not in question. Having visited the factory a few times I am loosely acquainted with one or two people there and am wondering about drawing their attention to the issue -  they look at threads such as this from time to time anyway. The PR company would be writing at the level of the 'average' C&J customer, whatever that might be - someone who rolls up in Jermyn Street and is happy to pay £400 a pair, in return for which no doubt they expect...
Thanks for your kind words DWFII. Do take care now.
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