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 They are good quality, but as you say, very full cut. The bodies are very long, the collars are large, but the sleeves are rather short - not quite in normal body proportion.
Perhaps his head was photoshopped? The jacket length looks acceptable to me. I too have been a long-term fan of Cordings - very long-term in fact. However, I feel they may have been going downhill in recent years. Their suits are nothing special now.
Those are nice. I read the sole sticker as 89/11, rather than 11/68 - it is a price sticker I think (89 shillings and 11 pennies; an abbreviation for £4 9s 11d - £4.49). That still dates them to 1971 or earlier.
I have shopped at Cordings for over 30 years - I bought one of their covert coats in 1984 which is still going strong. I love the shop but I'm a little uncertain whether the quality of their suits is quite the same. I bought a lightweight suit there about 20 years ago which is still wonderful - I believe I paid over £400 for it then, so it should be wonderful. I needed a new business suit recently, so bought one in their sale the other day for £395, which isn't a bad...
^ What the SNP would have done next may never be known.   I was sorry to learn about the trouble in George Square, but I doubt it's the first time a few punches have been thrown in Glasgow, or God forbid the last.
 I didn't find the footage particularly convincing, it could have been staged or it could have been anything really. We don't know exactly what the woman counting the slips was doing, it may all have been perfectly innocent. The narrator had a creepy voice that I found highly off-putting, I would probably tend to disbelieve anything he said.  The yes vote was always slightly behind, although none of the polling organisations predicted the outcome very well. They were...
The ruthless and bullying disposition of Alex Salmond, mainly.  Just to be clear, I was quite in favour of independence for Scotland, but - were I a Scot - I don't think I would find the SNP a very appealing party.
^ It was a foregone conclusion that whoever lost would claim vote-rigging happened. I would certainly suspect the SNP of trying to rig the vote if they could.
Try telling that to a Cabby at midnight on the Caledonian Road.
Scottish bank notes are still different.
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