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Visited the Nike outlet in flushing. Prices/selection was better than any other Nike outlet i've been to.
Anyone know if Oki ni subtracts VAT for orders outside the EU?
what's coming out sunday?
How do you use this site? does this apply to anything on rakuten?
This lebrob/cleveland commercial is pretty cringeworhy
My fragment tennis shoes came today. Some terrible shoelaces on these things. Tried them on briefly, and sizing seemed consistent with normal Nike's, I wear 9.5 on flyjknits. Seemed a bit narrow though.
Damn. Looks like I missed out. Anyone know any other place that got some available?
Flyknit Lunar 2's available for as low as $76 + tax w/ Coupon SUMMERSTEAL http://www.finishline.com/store/product?A=4714&categoryId=cat302263&productId=prod763701
Finishline is currently running 3 socks for $30 w/ free shipping, includes the pink version of the elite anti blister socks.
I believe fan replica's are roomier and more generous than player kits.
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