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what's coming out sunday?
How do you use this site? does this apply to anything on rakuten?
This lebrob/cleveland commercial is pretty cringeworhy
My fragment tennis shoes came today. Some terrible shoelaces on these things. Tried them on briefly, and sizing seemed consistent with normal Nike's, I wear 9.5 on flyjknits. Seemed a bit narrow though.
Damn. Looks like I missed out. Anyone know any other place that got some available?
Flyknit Lunar 2's available for as low as $76 + tax w/ Coupon SUMMERSTEAL http://www.finishline.com/store/product?A=4714&categoryId=cat302263&productId=prod763701
Finishline is currently running 3 socks for $30 w/ free shipping, includes the pink version of the elite anti blister socks.
I believe fan replica's are roomier and more generous than player kits.
Will those be available online?
What in the world is HTM?
New Posts  All Forums: