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http://www.fromjapan.co.jp/?lang=en from japan is having a 15% off rakuten right now worth checking the .jp and seeing if there's anything, they usually have better selection 
http://www.cosstores.com/gb/Shop/Men/Trousers/Jersey_drawstring_trousers/46905-20106800.1#c-22755 http://www.cosstores.com/gb/Shop/Men/Trousers/Twill_drawstring_trousers/46905-14949065.1#c-24479
Unfortunately the white are wayyytoo see through for my taste, COS is the cheapest i've seen nice beefy thick oxford fabric for 
Missed the madness, and while I almost copped the KVA hiking in all black I thought about it and would rather put the $250 elsewhere. Not much left, lots of the margelia trainers but personally they're all a bit boring. 
Can anyone comment on La Paz shirting's fits? I'm always an inbetween S and M and am curious, boxy S will fit well but if it's too slim the neck will choke me. Can't seem to find measurements anywhere online.
Your off white souls now condemn to aimlessly shuffle along with all those other damned, damned souls   those who though an off white sole could pass for a white   you're fucked, man
No, but they're not mutually inclusive either. Caring too much about the brand based on some kind of brand image of "quality" in many cases is the same as wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacons graphic tee, except towards internet goers to impress in fitpics. Different manufacturers offer products of differing quality, that do or do not match up with brand image. 
are you a troll? why do you care so much what other people dress in? If people can look good in Zara, let them learn about the shitty stitching and enjoy the look in the mean time. I think your elitist attitude is a bit more of "high school bully," isn't it?And don't even go the ethical high ground. Grenson is a good example of how far made in wherever marketing goes... and I'm more than sure they're not the only ones. 
Caring about the brand of the clothing you're wearing and not the actual product is weak.
Rick Owens
New Posts  All Forums: