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disappointed the older cav empt stuff is still sitting at the same prices it was for months now
Er to be fair this thread and the whole refund fiasco, especially since TOJ has a lot of customers on Styleforum, has become a laughingstock across quite a few fashion forums. 
what si the actual discount for the code? i don't see it anywhere
It's the grey Y's tag you see on a lot of the current season womens. The thing is basically brand new, I'm assuming you mean the tag as in the ME-T35-61 serial on the back of it the tag? If so, it looks like it's mens. Thanks, I was only interested in knowing in case I resell but I love the thing and for $5 never thought I'd find a yohji piece.
Does anybody know if the Ys label always have the "for men" subtext for the mens lines? I found a lightweight wool bomber/cardigan for $5 from the Ys line in a thrift store, has a big slouchy fit with dropped shoulders and too-long sleeves so I'll wear it regardless.
AFAIK every listing he has was from Grailed. It's not up there so it probably sold. Wouldn't be surprised if he put something up from somewhere else though. not exactly a cop but I noticed this guy lifting a listing word for word from me on Grailed with my pictures with a way higher price. He took it down after I messaged him multiple times (since I want to list the item myself and it can't look good having two carbon copy listings) and after asking him to use his own pictures he stopped relisting it. Then i started looking through his items and noticed... from japan is having a 15% off rakuten right now worth checking the .jp and seeing if there's anything, they usually have better selection
Unfortunately the white are wayyytoo see through for my taste, COS is the cheapest i've seen nice beefy thick oxford fabric for 
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