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For those looking for soft toe boots, check out some pics I posted a few months ago.  Keep in mind that these are work boots, so they're beat up.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/219173/custom-whites-boots-thoughts/2175#post_6568012
My sizes are way different from RW to White's.  My Bounty Hunters on the SD last are 8.5C, fitted by Kyle based on my tracings.  Red Wings GT and IR I wear (wore) 8EE.  The fits between the lasts are incredibly different.  SD definitely run wide in my experience, and Red Wings are notoriously narrow.   It has been reiterated dozens of times in this long thread, just send the tracings to Baker's and get fitted by Kyle.  Even from the East coast it takes like 4 days via...
Ojaw, I switched to wearing White's exclusively after my Red Wings GT's gave me plantar fasciitis, and within a month it was gone.  The Arch-ease system is incredible all of my needs, since it also mitigates the pain and stress of my scoliosis.  You see, I have one leg 1/4" shorter than the other so typically lift up the inner sole lining and install a sturdy insert beneath it (not that Dr. Scholl's crap), and I can stand all day in my White's where I would normally I have...
Received the brown AE edge dressing and finally had a chance to apply it last night. Makes a huge difference I'd say.
Sorry for just getting to respond to this. Pretty much all of White's soles are the same thickness if I'm not mistaken, so for the mini lug half sole they add a second piece of leather to make up the difference. It gives the appearance of a double leather with the half sole beneath it. Here is a better picture of it in action.I am waiting for a brown edge dressing I ordered from AE (thanks to those who suggested it) so I will retouch them shortly.
It's the mini lug half sole. I've heard rumors they will be discontinuing it eventually. I have no complaints and the rubber is a softer and more comfortable compound than, say, the Red Wing Beckman. Very comfortable to walk long distances without needing some of the other soles which I feel are a bit clunky looking for a boot I don't use for work.
Thanks for the help everyone. I'm glad I didn't apply Obenaufs first and ask questions later. I'll give the AE edge treatment a try. Here's a pic of my natty cxl bounty hunters. Worn them every day since I received them mid October. I brush them every day to keep them nice and clean. Love the color they are taking on.
I'm curious, does anybody use leather protector of any sort on the soles?  I went with a brown edge, but we've had a pretty wet winter in Boston, and the color has significantly faded in a couple of the leather strips in the heel stacks.  I'm tempted to hit the edges with a coat of Obenaufs (the 2 coats I applied to the rest of the boot prior to the winter has worked beautifully).  I'm hoping that it can bring some of the color back but I'm unsure if it will have any...
There's a seller on Etsy called One Star Leather Goods who sells a variety of chromexcel items, and among them are custom natural CXL belts for only $60.  My belt matches my boots perfectly, and if you're going to pony up $500 for a pair of boots you can throw in a few extra to complete the look.  Any other color belts are obvious non-matches, and when you receive the boots you'll see what I mean.
The pressure of shoe trees will not affect the shape of the boot in relation to your foot. Your weight evenly distributed on each foot walking in a boot is enormous compared to a small spring in the shoe trees. You summed it up, shoe trees are for wicking moisture and preventing creases from rotting and drying out.
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