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I really like the look of British Tan, and it's one of the finalists for my next pair.  Yours look great.  Not a lot of people seem to own British Tan, so the consensus on my question is suspect at best.  I've heard that this particular leather is susceptible to developing water stains in the toe that can range from being annoying to correct to practically unfixable.  Has this been your experience?
 Is your goal to have everyone who owns a pair of White's using Huberd's?  I don't understand your consistent lobbying for this particular product as if you are Mr. Huberd, himself. From the past few months of posting, it's obvious that your shoe collection is extensive.  Where do you find the time to wear out so many pairs of shoes and boots to the point where your incredible shoe care would come in handy, and also find the time to post here so frequently?  I don't think...
Nothing is wrong with Red Wings.  For the money they're a decent value, but when you're talking quality White's make Red Wings seem like Red Wings make Timberland seem.  In general I would say it's worth it to pony up the additional $50-$100 for a pair of custom White's Semi Dress if someone is in the market for a pair of $300 Red Wings.
The famous Kyle is the one who replies to Baker's customer service.  If you email and start to ask about foot tracings he will reply and give you all the details.  I sent mine snail mail with my contact info and he replied and told me which size to order.  White's tracings are done through their catalog which must first be ordered online.  It seems to take 2-3 weeks for the catalog to arrive.  I recommend going through Baker's because of the customizability and customer...
Getting ready to retire my boots for the summer.  These were received in early October 2013 and worn almost daily until April when it started to warm up.  It's been a cool spring in Boston so I've been able to wear them into June.  Specs are a 6" BH, natural CXL all around with toe cap and mini lug half sole with brown trim.  They are lined, and I'd like to add to the lining discussion that they do not make the boots warmer; if it is too warm for boots with a lining then...
For 6" or shorter boots you shouldn't need to do the tongue fold because there just isn't that much leather.  The tongue sees arguably the most stress in the entire boot and will absolutely loosen after a couple wears.  I don't fold my 6" BH's, but my 8" packers definitely need the tongue to be folded due to there being so much more material.
Please keep us posted on how those wear!  I think I'm among quite a few who really want to see how the soft cap toe ages.
You can easily just block his posts.  There is no reason any single person should be able to derail a thread.
For those looking for soft toe boots, check out some pics I posted a few months ago.  Keep in mind that these are work boots, so they're beat up.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/219173/custom-whites-boots-thoughts/2175#post_6568012
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