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You can definitely specify a smaller measurement for the back panel than the front; I did this instead of darts and it does help. However, it is not equivalent to darts in that darts introduce curvature into the cloth, while a smaller back width does not have the same effect. This is why a woman's shirt has darts to shape the bust and not just wider front panels. If you have a very hollow lower back then darts will do a better job of cleaning up than just decreasing the...
Just email them for a quote; it's not on the website.
This wasn't your original point. Of course if a tailor specifically offers different levels of construction then you are free to ask about the differences among them and choose for yourself. Your original point was this:  that is, that you wanted to tell the tailor which parts of the jacket you wanted hand-finished and which parts you wanted machine made. Several other posters have pointed out that this might not be a great strategy, or at the very least, that you should...
Agree with checking out Suitsupply but note that their SAs tend to recommend a tight and short look. For finance internships I'd definitely recommend a more conservative fit. Plain navy or mid/charcoal grey single breasted suit with notch lapels; I'd suggest starting with the Napoli, York, Lazio, or Athletic cuts (in no particular order, pick the one that fits you best).    Century 21 can have good deals but you are less likely to find staple fabrics/colors. 
It's not that you shouldn't ask how the jacket is made and where it's made. That's entirely fine. What you might find difficult is stipulating exactly how different parts of the jacket and trousers should be constructed. My advice is just to be careful about not coming across as wanting to micromanage how your tailor makes your clothing, or else you might find that they don't want your business.
You're probably not getting answers because your question is really vague.   What is it that you like about Jeff Banks clothing? Are you referring specifically to outerwear and if so, can you provide photos of examples that you like? Are you looking for casual outerwear or something to wear over a suit? What makes these examples look "classy" to you?   What is your budget? "Low-to-mid priced" is not specific enough. Mid-priced might mean $1000 to one person and $200 to...
Totally agree. First, many (most) tailors who take pride in their training and skills will resent your telling them how to make your jacket at a technical level. Asking for handmade buttonholes is one thing but specifying which parts of the jacket should be hand-finished and which should be machine-finished is completely another thing. It's not like deciding which options you want on a new car. If you are not careful and do not already have a good relationship with a...
I can understand using 'indoor' shoes for certain sports (basketball/volleyball/indoor soccer etc), but can't really understand packing an extra pair of shoes on a trip only for working out in a hotel gym.
Nike Flyknit shoes flatten very well for packing. 
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