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??for most nonworking buttonholes in wool fabric, taking out the fake buttonhole stitching and button leaves no visible marks behind. Cotton is a different story. Shouldn't need to shorten from shoulder for the majority of sleeves with nonworking buttonholes.
It will be tapered to the waist measurement that you give them. If you want it tapered all the way down to the bottom you should also reduce the waist and bottom measurements accordingly.
Second suit is much, much better than the first. For a wedding I'd favor black shoes over brown, especially if it'll be in the evening. Light yellow ties won't get much love here. 
I don't think that sugarbutch is 'so definitely dismiss[ing] the possibility of suppression' at all when he writes that "there's lots of room between extreme waist suppression and shapeless." Waist suppression as strong as Iso's picture would suggest, combined with the highly structured shoulders, add up in my view to a 'feminine' jacket silhouette. Moderating both the shoulders and the waist suppression would help a lot IMO. Also agree with a previous comment about losing...
 Correct. I have seen a number of Italian-made sportcoat tags that list a drop and are definitely not part of a suit. Can't recall if I've ever seen a drop listed on a sportcoat made in North America, though. 
hey everyone,   Curious to know if anyone recognizes these tags. It's a Burberry blazer and I think it's authentic based on construction quality (full canvas, semi-lined with proper seam finishing). Pretty sure the tags are in Japanese.   Thanks in advance for any help!  
Again the angle of the camera makes it more difficult to assess the jacket. You have to avoid tilting the camera. That being said,In addition to the strong waist suppression and jacket skirt flare, I see a heavily structured and possibly overly wide shoulder (esp noticeable in the second photo) that reminds me of women's suits with big shoulder pads. Although your partner may have slender shoulders and will need some structure if they want a more masculine silhouette, IMO...
 I hear what you're saying but your method depends on having a jacket with the correct sleeve length. I see people wearing suits with overly long sleeves (i.e. at the base of the thumb or lower) all the time. IMO it's really not that hard to use your own body's landmarks (just above webbing between thumb and first finger with cuff unbuttoned, base of thumb with cuff buttoned). Just did a search and at least one shirtmaker uses this method too.
This only makes sense if he has a jacket with the correct sleeve length. It's not at all clear from the OP's response that this is the case. Either the shirt sleeve length or the jacket sleeve length has to be based on the wearer's anatomy--they cannot be sized solely with respect to one another without regard to actual arm length.  Imagine that you try on a jacket with sleeves that are 2 inches too short. Does that mean that the shirt sleeve length is "correct" if you are...
Circular reasoning. How will he know what the correct jacket sleeve length is if he doesn't have a shirt with the correct sleeve length?It's easier to know what the correct sleeve length is without a jacket than the other way around, IMO. Agree that the OP's shirt sleeves are too short. One guide that I've found helpful is that with the cuff unbuttoned, the end of the sleeve should reach the webbing between the thumb and first finger--personally I like the end of the...
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