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Don't know how the Natural Craftsmanship outerwear fits, but FYI the sportcoats fit snugly--I am a 36R in most BB cuts and had to size up to 38R. Didn't end up buying one but they did seem well made. $750 for that coat looks like a reasonable price. 
You should email Luxire directly. In my case I had to email them and then received the shipping labels by email as a PDF file.
I would return it. Skinny lapels, buttoning point is too high, jacket too short for starters. FYI don't button the lowest button on a jacket.
YMMV, but a charcoal grey tie is possibly the only color I wouldn't pick for a charcoal suit and blue shirt. I could maybe see it working with a white shirt and black shoes as a monochromatic look, but in that case I'd probably pick a black tie.
A week late, I know, but it's impossible to tell from the photo you provided. How does the jacket feel? Ideally the armhole should be high enough to give you freedom of movement when you raise your arm away from your body without pulling your jacket upwards excessively. With the jacket on, you should have enough room to slip your hand comfortably into the opposite armhole but not a lot more than that e.g. not a fist.
Shirts have to have some ease in the cut otherwise you won't have any freedom of movement. It looks too close to your body everywhere. If you really are wedded to this look then try back side pleats.
 Front and side pictures with you standing relaxed (arms at sides) will help.A few questions:1. Does unbuttoning your sleeve cuffs help substantially with the back tightness when you reach forwards?2. A related question--when you reach forward, does the shirt also feel tight around your upper arms?3. Do your old 'baggy' shirts have rear pleats (box or side pleats), and do they have a split yoke or a one-piece yoke?4. Did you alter the measurements from your 'baggy' shirts...
 Pictures might really help here.
 Four iterations and your shirt isn't wearable? What did you base your initial order on? Body measurements or shirt measurements? Did you ask Luxire to give feedback on each revision? I had a wearable shirt on the first try, based on a composite of measurements of shirts from different brands that fit me reasonably well, but it took three more iterations to get it to a good fit. These were mostly issues relating to shoulder slope and forward shoulders, which are difficult...
If I am understanding your concern correctly, it is that you don't want the tip to be see-through--you should be asking for the tie to be "tipped" (as opposed to untipped). "Unlined" means no interlining in the body of the tie, and has nothing to do with the appearance of the tip. In general, since grenadine is a loose weave, an interlining is desirable since it helps to prevent stretching of the tie with use. 
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