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Still looking for an answer-thanks!
Question about cotton trousers--I know the fabric is prewashed and should not shrink (much). I would like to know whether I need to add any length to my Luxire wool trouser pattern or not. I have noticed a minor (but entirely acceptable) amount of shrinking in my Luxire shirts. I've searched and found one poster (@Bowball) reporting that his chinos shrank by about an inch. Have others had the same experience? Thanks in advance!
 I posted the results of my first Luxire suit a few months ago. http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/15300_50#post_7659248 Just received my second suit--will post a fuller review with pictures later. Shoulder/chest is much closer to the Attolini jacket that I sent in for replication than the first attempt. Buttonholes are better than on the first suit, though still an area that needs some further improvement. Button quality...
I don't remember the exact amount, but it was something like $35 for a $300 order. 
I have purchased two pairs of shoes from Herring and have been charged for duties/fees both times by DHL. I have yet to be charged duties/fees when receiving items by Royal Mail (3 pairs of shoes from Pediwear).
Loake absolutely makes their better shoes in England and yes, they also make shoes for BB. I can't speak from personal experience to the build quality of the model that you posted, but in general I've been satisfied with the quality:price ratio of my Loakes.
A bit off topic, but Pediwear ships by Royal Mail. I have not had to pay customs fees on three orders so far to the US. I have received two Sam Hober orders by regular mail with no customs fees.
definitely not made by Zegna. Is $300 a fair price? Hard to say until you see the suit in person and try it on.
are you sure about these measurements? a 75 cm chest is 29.5 inches.  What is your suit size in off-the-rack clothing? If you don't know, best to try on suits in a physical store before attempting to order online.
If you have diarrhea-predominant IBS I'd suggest you look into a low FODMAP diet. There is a reasonably good body of evidence for its effectiveness.
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