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The overall look should be fine if you're not going to be wearing a tie. Crewneck jumper should go well with a button-down collar sans tie.    Not sure if you're proposing to buy those exact items, but you can probably spend less than 85 GBP on a shirt and 100 GBP on a jumper and get similar or better quality (e.g. at Yoox). If you're on a budget, Uniqlo is pretty decent for the price. Spend the money that you save on decent shoes.    Good luck!
AFAIK Herring does not manufacture the UK-made shoes. These are made by Loake, Cheaney, Barker, etc. So you have to look at the last listed for the particular model you're interested in and figure out which maker it corresponds to. For example, 024 and 026 lasts are by Loake, 175 by Cheaney. Some of the less expensive models made outside the UK do not have a last listed; unfortunately I don't have any experience with those.
Hello all,   A preowned but very lightly worn and recent Charvet sport coat. A nice jacket in this size is hard to come by.    No tag so I can only guess at the material, but it has a soft hand and feels like wool or possibly a wool/cashmere blend. Beautifully made. Fully canvassed, buttonholes appear to be handmade. Working sleeve buttons. Patch hip pockets, welted breast pocket, double rear vents. Full lining.   The shoulders are narrow--I don't have any hangers...
I think you need to decrease the shoulder slope. Your shoulders are square. It seems that your right shoulder might be more square (i.e. needs more correction) than your left but maybe it's the way you're standing or holding your phone. 
not exactly corduroy, though perhaps if you imagine a very high wale corduroy with a soft surface texture it would be close.
It's on the website. You will see the link when you select the size advisor.
This is how I ordered it and I did not get any questions from Luxire. It's certainly possible that there is no interlining, though I think it should be technically possible. The fusing is applied only to the outer fabric layer of the collar, as I can easily pull the inner fabric layer away from the outer. However, I do not feel an interlining between them so you may be correct unless it's very thin.
For lighter dress shirt fabrics, I have requested medium fusing and a light interlining. The fusing that Luxire uses gives just enough body so that the collar does not wrinkle, while not appearing stiff. The collar still rolls nicely with a tie.
Really hard to tell from that picture. Need pictures without you holding the phone. At least one with the jacket buttoned. Back and side views would be really helpful. Sleeves seem a touch long and the body too short, but hard to say much else.
Ah, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
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