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 This is the root cause of the problem IMO. The fix is to lengthen the sleeve and to use the cuff to keep the sleeve from sliding down your hand. In my case, if I unbutton the cuff, the end of my sleeve will hang about halfway between my wrist and the base of my thumb. With the cuff buttoned the end of the sleeve sits at my wrist. 
Yes, without a doubt.
Agree that it's a great fabric. Yes, it breathes well and I also agree with going unlined. It is definitely on the casual end of the spectrum, though. The linen-cotton canvas fabrics are somewhat more formal IMHO as they are less slubby, rumple less, and hold a crease better. 
Congratulations! Do you mean a button down collar or simply a button front shirt? I would not recommend a button down collar as it is too casual. I'd suggest wearing a shirt without a logo if possible. Will you be wearing a suit?
Did your tailor pin the trouser legs when you were discussing the alteration? This way you would have noticed the problem before the alteration was done. 
To me it appears that the trousers are now too tight in the lower leg. A combination of relatively large calves and overly aggressive taper in the lower leg is the problem.You can see how the fabric is being held up at the calf because the trousers are too narrow below the calf. When the fabric below the calf rides up when you bend your leg, it gets hung up at the widest part of the calf. The main question now is whether your tailor left the fabric inside the trouser leg...
Unfortunately it probably is polyester or similar synthetic. Very unlikely to be Bemberg or silk (which actually wears very warm so not what you want either).
Please explain how a slim fit causes that particular crease? Or more precisely, what measurement would you recommend increasing to correct this?
Looks like you need to ask them to adjust for sloping shoulders. I'd also widen the yoke.
@DonRaphael   One trick with the Luxire website is that you can often figure out the mill's name for the fabric from the URL. For example from  http://luxire.com/products/albini-plain-fine-white-albini_np_st_james_fl34766_1_310 you can tell that it's the St. James, which leads you to http://www.albinigroup.com/en/brands/thomas-mason/product-families/st-james   In general with white fabrics you're going to have to compromise between opacity and wearing cool. Which is...
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