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Plenty of wool ties in standard widths from a wide variety of makers. There are a number of online stores/tie makers that are popular on this forum and carry wool ties in standard widths, including Sam Hober, Vanda Fine Clothing, Exquisite Trimmings, No Man Walks Alone, H.N. White, and Kent Wang (in no particular order, and apologies to any whom I've inadvertently left out).
 Yes, Parcelforce is Royal Mail. Also, since it was delivered by Canada Post, it would not have been a courier. 
so if you ordered on Friday, it's been 2 business days or so? I'd be patient. Pediwear has come through for me on four previous orders, though I agree that they weren't fast as Herring. Don't know 100% for sure but I would guess that they have had a large number of orders before the Feb 1 restriction of shipments to the US and Canada. 
 Not sure why you can't tell how the package was shipped. There must be a shipping label of some sort.  If the package was not delivered by courier (DHL/UPS/FedEx) then it was sent by Royal Mail. I have ordered from Pediwear in the past and shipping has always been by Royal Mail to the US. 
   Google for matching shirts and ties on Styleforum. This also works for cufflinks. 
 I requested swatches a couple of years ago and they were free (including postage). Looks like this is still the case.  https://shop.hfwltd.com/swatch_request
Fortunately SuitSupply offers free shipping and free returns, so you have little to lose by trying it on. Do not get it tailored, however, unless you and your tailor think it is worth altering.   Specifically: 1. agree with Testudo_Aubreii that you should be careful about the shoulders. It's not just about the shoulder width but also whether the size of the armhole will be large enough for your shoulder/upper arm. Shoulders in particular are difficult to alter well and...
 These are called "unfinished" or "basted" sleeves. There should be a bag of sleeve buttons in one of the pockets.  If you have the buttons and you don't want/need working sleeve buttonholes, it'll cost somewhere around $20-40. More if you need the sleeve length changed, less if you don't.  If you want working sleeve buttons, it'll cost approximately $10 per buttonhole, assuming that you can actually find somebody who can do this. 
 I have a pair of olive moleskin trousers and I like the color. Not all shiny. They are fairly casual, however. Perhaps cavalry twill in olive if you need something more dressy? 
I'd recommend 11F UK in the Pimlico. I am 8.5 D US on Brannock and 7.5 F UK works for me on the Pimlico. If anything I find them ever so slightly large after breaking them in, but on the other hand I don't think I could have sized down to 7 UK.
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