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Then I think you've answered your own question. Sorry, didn't look closely enough at the photo on my phone. I might overlook the blue lapels but the two buttons crosses the line for me.
Is that so different from flipping a $5 thrift shop purchase for $50 on eBay?
Unlikely that guests at the wedding will notice that the jacket has two buttons and a notch lapel. The main questions are whether these are issues for you personally and how important the brand name is to you. Plenty of classically styled tuxedos to be had from "lesser" makers.
No problem. You will initially see small gaps in the weave where the thread was; they will disappear with a wash.
Great, thanks @luxire! Do you think you will be able to offer the Minnis flannel closeouts? I have the budget for the flannels or the thanksgiving sale but likely not both.
Check this post out:http://www.styleforum.net/t/380371/proper-cloth-official-affiliate-thread/870#post_8110650I believe it addresses your issue.
I have never worked with them either. I'd suggest emailing them with photos rather than trying to work with their online forms.
Not a tailor but my 2 cents on your jacket: - shoulders actually look OK to me. I wouldn't narrow them myself. If you narrow too much then you will look pear-shaped, even though you are not - would not slim the arms--see above - neck circle is too big. This can be tightened/reduced with a remake. Take pictures with your top shirt button done up. - do NOT raise the buttoning point. If anything it is a touch high for my taste but I know this is the current look. I'd...
There is no way to give a definitive recommendation based solely on cloth weight because there are so many other factors to consider: - climate (both outdoor and indoor)- personal preference: whether you run 'warm' or 'cool' yourself- fabric weave (open weave fabrics like hopsack or fresco wear cooler than more tightly woven fabrics for the same weight)- material (e.g. silk and cashmere will be warmer than wool for the same cloth weight and weave)- presence or absence of...
As I wrote before, learn at least how to tell if a jacket is fully canvassed. It's very simple. A fake Brioni will not be fully canvassed--it just wouldn't be worth doing. There are other construction details to look for, but that's probably the easiest until you get more experienced.
New Posts  All Forums: