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Looks like you need to ask them to adjust for sloping shoulders. I'd also widen the yoke.
@DonRaphael   One trick with the Luxire website is that you can often figure out the mill's name for the fabric from the URL. For example from  http://luxire.com/products/albini-plain-fine-white-albini_np_st_james_fl34766_1_310 you can tell that it's the St. James, which leads you to http://www.albinigroup.com/en/brands/thomas-mason/product-families/st-james   In general with white fabrics you're going to have to compromise between opacity and wearing cool. Which is...
Thanks! 8 more orders in Fawn, folks, and we can make this happen.
@luxire  could you please update us on the status of the Minnis flannel preorders? How many orders do you have and for which colors?
I see nothing wrong with a MTM navy suit for interviews. No personal experience with Mr. Ned, though. Keep the styling classic (notch lapel, single-breasted, 2-button) and the fabric a true navy worsted or maybe a nailhead if you really want a little texture. I like the first tie and I think it would also be fine for interviews.  I personally would not wear a pocket square to an interview. Good luck!
The SuSu tuxedo is cut like the Napoli; relatively wide shoulders and slim trousers. Construction wise it is fine for the price. Haven't seen the JAB tuxedo in person but it seems like a reasonable choice as well; the styling is certainly classic. Also check out the Benjamin tuxedo from eHaberdasher. The Benjamin suits seem to be well liked around here. I haven't seen one in person.
The Dugdale 14 oz flannels on the Luxire website are not woolen, they are worsted. They are nice but not what you are looking for. In any case, unless you already have a pair of trousers that fit you very well that you can send in, I would recommend dialing in your pattern in a trial fabric first.
Also really excited to hear about the ongoing improvements in your jackets. I actually have a sport coat on order; I'm really looking forward to seeing the refinements in construction.
Thank you! Ordered the "fawn" Minnis 510038. I could be convinced to take the "light fawn" 510037 instead. I'm not a fan of the "light tan" 510040 just based on the swatch photo--might look a little too bright and yellow for a winter weight trouser.
According to the Huddersfield Fine Worsteds websitehttps://shop.hfwltd.com/collection/47Top is light fawnMiddle is fawnBottom is light tan
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