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not from Austin but was there for business last month. Check out Service Menswear (near Stag) as well.
If you are wearing a shirt with French cuffs then you really should be wearing a jacket, which then obviates the need for a shirt pocket. I haven't seen a RTW shirt with French cuffs and a pocket.
Completely understand that you don't have much room to make many changes this close to production. I'm just providing another data point for future projects.
I agree with this, though I know shorter jackets are currently in style, so maybe it doesn't make good business sense to lengthen the jacket. I wear a 36R jacket and 29" is about an inch too short for me as well, though this is currently a fairly typical length for this size. 
I am not 100% certain but I think they actually make a pattern using your shirt. IMO it's very important to send in garments that don't need a lot of adjustments unless you know what you're doing. 
While I have usually had relatively quick responses from Luxire in the past (within 1-2 days), the past week has also been frustrating for me. Luxire emailed me last week to notify me that one of the fabrics that I'd ordered was out of stock. I requested a substitute but have not heard any confirmation. I have sent three emails in the past week with no response, which is not typical for them based on past experience. I hope/expect that they will turn this around. 
ah, I understand. I have asked Luxire in the past not to ship orders during periods when I was out of town. That being said, they did once ship an order while I was away. I called the FedEx Office, explained the situation, and asked them to hold it for me beyond their usual 5 business day window. They didn't seem to have a problem with that request. 
Thank you! I appreciate it.
Hem width and trouser leg taper are very subjective preferences. I would say that there is no platonic "ideal". Personally I think it has to work with your leg diameter. If you have larger thighs and calves, an overly narrow hem either forces you to have an exaggerated taper (carrot) or the trousers are too tight in the leg and don't drape properly.
Has anyone tried out the Dugdale Mocklino hopsack fabric? Sounds like it might be a good choice for a summer sportcoat but I am wondering if the high mohair content makes it shiny. Other suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance for your help!
New Posts  All Forums: