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Yes you could apply DWR to uncoated nylon and not get wet in a light rain. However, it does not make a fabric waterproof, and it does wear off. DWR is very important, though, for any waterproof-breathable fabric like Gore-Tex, eVent, Ventile, etc because it slows down the rate at which the face fabric becomes saturated with water ('wets out') in the rain. Once the face fabric wets out, water vapor from your body will not escape and you will get wet from your own sweat,...
Ventile is definitely treated with DWR. http://www.ventile.co.uk/about.php   If your factory seam taping fails, always worth a call to the manufacturer. Most of the high-end outdoor clothing manufacturers will repair items, sometimes at no charge. I sent in an Arc'teryx Gore-Tex shell a few years ago because of failing seam tape. To my surprise, they called me to tell me that they would replace the jacket free of charge because the Gore-Tex fabric was also delaminating....
excess fabric in the armpits when your arms are down by your sides (which is most of the time)?
since you are in Canada I'd check out Samuelson suits; excellent quality and made in Canada. Harry Rosen also sells them under their own brand (J.P. Tilford).
If you only roll your sleeves up to the end of the sleeve gauntlet, then lengthening the gauntlet will help. But if you are rolling above the gauntlet (above your elbow, for example) then the sleeve width makes more of a difference than the gauntlet length.
Thanks--would be very interested in the outcome of your next jacket. 
Thanks, @Gabru ! Thanks, @Spandexter . I can see what you mean. It is lower than many of my jackets but not all of them. I wonder whether too much of the pocket would be hidden if I moved it up, though, as the lapels are a bit wider than those of most of my jackets.  hi @OzWino , good eye. The shoulders are not exactly symmetric if you look closely. I do think it's partially my body--I have a dropped right shoulder--but it may be the jacket too, as I haven't seen this with...
I have a blazer in the Madison cut and really like it. I would not call the arm holes low at all. I did have the waist taken in a bit.
There have been some questions in this thread about whether Luxire can make a structured jacket with natural shoulders, so I thought I'd share my own experience. This is the jacket from the second suit that Luxire has made for me. The jacket is modified slightly from an Attolini jacket that I had sent in for replication; the body has been lengthened,  the button point lowered, and the quarters opened a bit. The back has also been taken in slightly. The sleeves look long in...
My two cents: - biggest issue is that it is too tight in the body. All of the lines across the lower back are because the fabric is not hanging properly off your body. This probably also explains why the shirt does not stay tucked in; because there is not enough extra fabric to accommodate movement, the shirt gets pulled out of your trousers when you move. - yoke is a bit narrow
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