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 I agree--In addition to the hips/seat being too tight, the narrowness in the legs draws too much attention to your seat. I would keep some taper but widen everything from hip on down. It would look better for the pants to hang in a straighter line along the back of your leg than they currently do. 
Plaids are generally informal and wouldn't be my first choice for a wedding, but of course it's not up to you. Might be helpful to ask the grooms for more specific instructions. What exactly does he have in mind--does he have any examples of this combination (monochrome plaid + tie) that he likes? By monochrome do you mean specifically black/grey and white or is a different color (e.g. blue) okay as well? Are you going to wear a jacket?What scale plaid are you considering...
Follow the instructions on Luxire's website.
 I find the Capital last (which is what the Pimlico uses) to be slightly roomy in length and width. I can't tell from your profile whether you are in the US, but for what it's worth, I am usually a US 8.5D and wear the UK 7.5F Pimlico. 
I think you might be misunderstanding me. I don't mean the difference between your chest and waist body measurements. Of course that varies enormously from person to person. I mean the difference between the shirt's chest circumference (in the OP's case, 40") and his actual chest body measurement (37") which is 3". Did you follow the link that I posted?
Your shirt is only 3" larger in the chest and waist than your body measurement--this is very snug.
+1Have used it myself a number of times to buy.I think you have to be a paid member to sell items, but worth it to sell the bodies.
Most people of average build don't need darts to get a shirt to fit well at the lower back. However the OP seems to have quite a hollow back, and in this case I think darts are at least worth considering if he wants a slim-fitting shirt. I suggest that the OP take the shirt to his tailor and try it out. If he doesn't like how they look, they can be taken out very easily and after a wash the stitching holes will not be visible.
I think this shirt fits better in the chest than your Luxire shirts. Not sure from the photo whether I'd make the chest much smaller than that. Agree that the waist should be slimmed down. The armholes and sleeves can be slimmed as well. I'd consider narrowing the yoke slightly but not much. Would you be able to share your chest and waist (body) size and the chest/waist measurements from the shirts you've posted?Darts can really help shape the lower back by adding...
Either should be fine but do not mix different light temperatures/types--it's nearly impossible to fix in post-processing.
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