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Need to go for non-iron to get that color.   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Non-Iron-Extra-Slim-Fit-Button-Down-Collar-Dress-Shirt/612Q,default,pd.html?dwvar_612Q_Color=BLUE&contentpos=7&cgid=0203
Nope. Just out of season clearance with very limited selections and sizing.
Everyday wear + no shoe trees = they're ruined. As you can see there's no structure left on the shoes.
Where can I find boot trees like these??? 
 Don't quote me but I asked a SA few weeks back and he said likely late Sept or Oct.
 I'm in Canada and AFAIK they don't that anymore in order to maximize profit. What you see on sale in store is what you get. They can get an item that's in stock elsewhere in Canada but won't bring in stuff from the warehouse in the US.
 Thanks! It's not too far from Budapester which carries C&J, Alden, etc.
 Can anyone please confirm if they still carry Vass? It's not listed on their website and this post is fairly old. Thanks.http://www.dsq206.com/
They're on the same street as the 2 Vass stores and it's a small store with not a lot of shoes on the window display. I remembered walking by the store but I was not too crazy about their traditional lasts. Hungary has a history of shoe making it just took a bit of time for people to discover this. Even the person I know in Hungary do not know this.
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