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Can you guys pleaseee stop talking about the Utah Galway already? I'm dying here!!!  
Do I need Utah calf Galway?? At Leatherfoot's new location, they have 3 pairs left and one in my size...    
It's amazing that they ignored all these web issues for this long... maybe they're holding it off for a completely new website.
 Yes I went to Harry Rosen the next day and ordered a Samuelsohn MTM 3p. Should be another 2-3 weeks to go.
 Can't stack that 40% off one item coupon...
BB have full canvas, made in China suits that are not 1818.   You'll be easily looking at $5k for a Loro Piana Cashmere 3p suit.
 Do you have any idea how much markup BB has on their products? They make money off you with 40% off one item.
 Problem with BB non-iron shirts is they wear very quickly as the fabric is brittle due to the enzymes they put in the fabric. I used to wear a dive watch with a count down bezel, it wore off the left shirt cuff after just a few wears.
 Here is my first & last attempt at BB MTM, made in USA clothing.http://www.styleforum.net/t/520524/crappy-fit-from-bb-mtm-gf-3p-suit
 BB send out 40% coupons for customers who haven't shopped for a long period to bring them back in the store. It only applies to one item only and some items are excluded such as EG, cordovans, MTM, etc. I've been a loyal BB customer for a while but after my MTM fiasco with them I'm more open to shopping at other stores. Prices have gone through the roof as you say and there are alternatives out there at those prices even with 30% off CIS.
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