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 Code won't work on EG. lol.
Short trench coats are for women, not men.
Was able to score a pair of the navy cord pants from Natural Craftmanship collection that's made in Italy for $80 (original price $399). I put the order in on Saturday and it still hasn't been shipped? I called BB twice and all they said was it's in progress. They did agree to remove the shipping charge however.   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Plain-Front-Blue-Corduroy-Trousers/MJ00100_____BLUE_32___RG__,default,pd.html
 Cordovans are excluded.
Yes CIS is no longer the time to get "Everyday Value" items like the 3 shirt deals, but there's still the Boxing Day Sale which I think you get 30% off 4 or more shirts as a bundle.   What I don't agree is BB has been slowly jacking up prices for everything... a thin made in china wool sweater is now $199 here in Canada which is ridiculous.
No taper on traditional pea coats. In fact traditional pea coats are not even supposed to be slim fit.
 Their pea coat is made in China and is way overpriced even with discount. You can get made in USA Sterlingwear or Schott for way less.
 You can actually get an officer's coat like that at your local army surplus store. I picked one up that is very similar to the BB one in mint condition for $150. It's melton wool instead of cashmere but it's much much more durable.
 RF pants are for guys with no balls.
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