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Nope totally normal especially since the exchange is cheaper now?
You are not supposed to walk long distance with them... hence why they're called driving shoes.
Just to update on the RLBL Navy Blazer in 40T at HR Outlet, they called me few weeks back saying there was a promo at $499+tax. I thought it could go a bit lower so today I got the email for additional 20% off. Was able to score it for $400+tax which is a fantastic price. I have gained a bit in size due to weight training so the jacket actually fits better than last time I tried it on. Shoulders are perfect as well as sleeve length which is very usual for me. Thanks again...
 Just personal preference.
 To be honest my experience at HR Yorkdale wasn't that great either. I had to go back twice because when they told me the suit would be ready by June 1st, well turned out it wasn't. I find a lot of these reps just care about commissions and hurry you out the door once they get your money. But again, if majority of their customers won't give a fuss about tossing $5k for a zenga OTR suit then maybe I am just in the minority...
I went to HR at Vaughan Mills today and found a RLBL navy blazer in 40T for $799. There was no sale on the item but the rep had put it aside for me and will let me know when the next promo will be.
 Same here.
Not to mention the goulash and the women.... oh the women...
 I was a loyal BB customer until my MTM GF suit order. Yes I am aware of the CIS event every 3-4 months. http://www.styleforum.net/forum/newestpost/520524
I was looking for a new blazer and wanted something better than the fused/half-canvas type.   I tried the Samuelsohn at HR and even though 40T fit me pretty well the armholes are just too big for my build (6'2" slim/european), the rep suggested I try on a Canali 40T which does have higher armholes and are slimmer fit but still need to be taken in slightly. However, at $1400 it's way above my budget. I asked if there's a sale and the rep just said "there's no sale on navy...
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