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 It wasn't my SA's fault. He said it was company policy and he later told me he personally did not agree with it either.
 To be fair I had an incident with them few months ago when they could not order a pair of Peal & Co Cordovan Boots which showed they were in stock at a US store (I'm from Canada). I called the US store directly and had them shipped to my drop box at the border and picked them up myself. I made sure I wore them when I visited my SA and told him and his manager that I really wanted them so I ordered them myself.
 I didn't have to bribe mine.
Yes for what they're asking for you can buy a pair of 100% handmade Vass. C&J is simply increasing their prices to meet demand. However they're still family owned, they have a history and labour is not cheap in England compare to Budapest.
I've been to the store as well and they have lots of interesting outerwears. The staff there are great and always offered to help. You certainly won't find anything made in the 3rd world there!
 Wow! I'd like to hear your review on this coat. Must be perfect for polar vortex part deux!
Haven't taken a close look at the Gatsby jackets but that was unlined except for the sleeves and the yoke area.
 Worked for me but as always YMMV.
http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?111181-Brooks-Brothers-Cordovan-Straight-Tip-Blucher-Black-10DAccording to this link it says they're on Hampton last.
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