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Nope. There's a 25% F&F coming this month.   I did the survey as well. Sounds like they're going to try to pull an Amazon Prime. Not thrilled with the "benefits" they're tossing around if it involves an annual fee.
 Exactly, I was eyeing them before but I'm going to have to pass. I guess BB realized they priced them too low in comparison to RL Marlows. EG Galways went from $1600 to $1720.Peal Cordovan boots went from $999 to $1099.Thankfully I already own them.  
Did anybody else notice the price increase on Peal & Co and EG shoes?
Price for those Peal Brogues just went up to $1k on BB site!!! Jesus!!!
AFAIK discontinued & out of season/out of size items go to the 346 outlets.
MTM is typically 6-8 weeks wait. However, I requested for a fitting which they don't normally do. The MTM specialist at RBC was quite knowledgeable and took his time to explain everything in detail. When I got measured, they took photos of me wearing OTR suit jackets and pants to use them as reference. Fabric selection was extensive but I only wanted a classic navy suit.   I only took a picture of the GF pricing.  
 I'm in the process of getting my first BB MTM suit and I just got measured few weeks ago. What do you want to know?
 I went to SuitSupply and asked about their MTM service. SA there was busying doing OTA suits (there was another customer waiting for him) and didn't know much about MTM service at all. He didn't show me any fabrics either. So I went to BB MTM instead.
It looks like the right jacket length IMO. That fabric color/pattern makes it a fall/winter sports jacket.
 I don't think you'll like cordovan in warm climate since it's fairly dense compare to calf.
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