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 Last year before Christmas they had 40% off all leather accessories sale. I think a BB SA already posted in few pages back the complete schedule of sales for the year which does not have this sale listed but it can still happen.
Unfortunately the current fashion/trend now is short coat length. Look at O'Connell's for more traditional coats in traditional full length.
 Also it's worth to mention that BB pulls some items off their website day after Christmas so not every item will be included in the sale.
 I don't believe there's a better promo until the day after Christmas which by that time lots of items will be either OOS or out of popular sizes.
 No the corporate card is not the same as the BB CC.
Marathon Diver's Automatic Medium.  
They are backed by investors who spends a ton of money on marketing. They're not remotely American made... just assembled in America.
^J&M claims their $225 shoes are GYW... I highly doubt they are 360 welt and they appear to be only single sole.
The back side of a few of the speedhooks on my Vass boots also dug into the tongue marking the leather, but nobody else will notice it but me. They're still VERY good value compare to other makes like EG, GG, St.C, etc.   FYI, I have bought every single pair of Vass in person in Budapest.
@TurboTropic at that price I'd simply skip over AE and go for Peal & Co (C&J) instead.
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