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 I noticed the same on my BB Alden. I bought it because of the cordovan and I was able to use BB 40% off discount with my SA.
 I second that. I love mine so much I almost want to get a second pair.
Very few people fit in the Milano fit. That and the jacket is way too short for comfort anyway.
 Yep they should really just be blunt and call them Texan, New Yorker, European, South African
 In this day and age we should be thankful that the other person on the phone don't speak English with an accent. No one takes pride in their work these days anymore...
 But really Red Fleece pants are super tight... I tried on my size and my balls couldn't breath.
Surprised to find this on sale (half off) at my local Flatiron Shop. Still pricey given it's still made in China but the wool fabric seem to be of good quality.  
Usually when it's discounted that much, it's highly likely that there are only limited sizes/quantities left.
 Unless they have gortex lining no boots are truly waterproof.
Or wear thicker socks.
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