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 RF pants are for guys with no balls.
 News to me that the Flatiron shop closed. Oh well. The RF stuff is always overpriced let alone for school kids and kids are so fat now they can't fit in the RF's Extra-Slim Fit anyway.
Blundstone makes crap shoes now. The sole is just glued on and becomes unglued quickly with some abuse. Check the online reviews.   My winter SHTF leather boots are my Danners Arcadia with Goretex lining. They've been resoled once already but can still take winter beating no problem.
FYI, winter coat shipment came in at HR Outlet @ Vaughn Mills. There was a made in Italy D&G chesterfield coat I think 95/5 wool/cashmere that's very nice... but $1500... best to wait for a sale.   Also found a RLBL suit in my size/colour. Waiting for a sale on that as well.
 Look at the way people dress in the city. You'll stick out like a sore thumb if you show up in a tux. This is Toronto not Milan.
 Personally I blame RogerP.
Nope totally normal especially since the exchange is cheaper now?
You are not supposed to walk long distance with them... hence why they're called driving shoes.
Just to update on the RLBL Navy Blazer in 40T at HR Outlet, they called me few weeks back saying there was a promo at $499+tax. I thought it could go a bit lower so today I got the email for additional 20% off. Was able to score it for $400+tax which is a fantastic price. I have gained a bit in size due to weight training so the jacket actually fits better than last time I tried it on. Shoulders are perfect as well as sleeve length which is very usual for me. Thanks again...
 Just personal preference.
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