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 Can't justify buying anything with their prices ever slightly creeping up every year.
Double breasted and longer length will make it warmer. Look for 100% wool as poly doesn't keep warmth. 100% cashmere is warmer than 100% wool but it will wear a lot quicker.
Bespoke shoemaker in Vienna. Price starts at 5k EUR.  
 Last year around this time. I might have gotten lucky when I ran into Reszo (sp) and he gave me the old price even though the new price was already in effect.
I'm going to pass on picking up a pair. Their prices have gone up steadily due to their popularity.
From today.        
From today. (They're actually closed on Mondays so I couldn't go inside.)                
From today.      
I'm going to Budapest do I need another pair of Vass?!?!
 And what car does one have to drive? Rolls?
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