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 That brings up a question - does Vass do resoling?
Was at BB today picking up my jacket and saw they have topcoats in black or charcoal for $1200 (CAD) but it's made in China. Quite ridiculous if you ask me. I paid $700 2 years ago for a similar BB coat (also made in China) and I thought that was expensive.
 Only the latter is true, and it's not even a good promo at that. There's going to be a 5-day sale soon around black friday.
I have Alden/AE/Vass/C&J... Vass is definitely a grade up in quality since they're hand welt and requireu no break-in. However I still love my Peal & Co Cordovan Boot with their storm welt and dannite sole. Trouble with Vass as well is they have size variations so it's best to buy in person in Budapest which was what I did.
Without knowing what your budget is, perhaps you just need to stop by at Banana Republic and J Crew.
 Milano fit is for someone who has no meat on their legs, and no testicles.
 Get your corporate card here: http://corporateshopping.com/discounts/brooks-brothers-corporate-membership
 Juan is a great guy. Highly recommended to order from him.
 Speaks volumes on how much markup there is on clothing in general!
Take a drive to O'Connells at Buffalo and take a look at their overcoat offerings. I can guarantee you will not find those coats anywhere in TO. BB has some nice cashmere ones that are pretty thick/heavy, and they do MTM overcoat as well.
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