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Blue tuxes just scream "bad lounge act" to me.
So what's the consensus on Levi's Capital E in terms of quality? I found some at the Levi's discount outlet for about $50 and I'm probably going to buy them, but I was wondering how they stack up to the other Levi's lines. This outlet generally sells a lot of factory seconds, and that's what these appear to be, but there's not anything noticeably wrong with them. My thought is that I wouldn't pay full retail but at that price they're a steal.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel What distinguishes the $95 John Varvatos Chuck Taylors from the regular Chucks that sell for $35 at Nordstrom? Looked about the same to me! About $60, I'll warrant.
Off to the great gun range in the sky.
I like the suit, bit iffy on the shirt, hate the tie, and am very confused and dismayed by his sneakers. That said, on him, the whole thing works together... somehow.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda In my opinion, what I think happens a lot is that guys buy suits with only one pair of pants, and the pants wear out much quicker than the jacket does. So the pants get a hole in the seat or something, and the wife just trashes them but donates the suit jacket. I don't think Goodwill ever purposely separates the jacket from the matching pants - they'll keep suits together. But a lot of odd suit jackets make it...
All that being said, the weather has been pretty inconsistent this season, with heat one day and rain the next. I'd say medium weight clothes and don't forget to bring something a little heavier on the off chance we catch freak weather.
Why are there so many orphaned suit jackets at Goodwill? Do people seriously donate just the coat? Or does Goodwill split them up? And if they do, why do they do that? Today I found a really nice Hart Schaffner Marx for Dior suit jacket for ten dollars that was more or less NWOT. I'd have bought it in a second if it had the trousers, but alas, they were nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, the ugly as shit mens warehouse suit right next to it was complete and was priced...
The only thing I can really tell you is that you should probably have someone who speaks better English copy edit the site. Some of the item descriptions are a little engrish-y. The site design is pretty nice though, overall.
Quote: Originally Posted by noVA99 bunch of fucking retards there. That's why privatizing the post office would be good...instead of having some lazy ass employee show up to work just for a paycheck, their pay will be based on their performance rather than time in grade...if they fuck up, they get fired... I don't really think privatizing the postal service would solve anything. I mean, the service is as bad and probably worse at most of the...
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