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I bought an Orlebar Brown v-neck on sale (http://www.orlebarbrown.com/bobby-v/chicane) in yellow. It's essentially designed for summer/beachwear. I'm asking is this the only appropriate situation for this shirt? I ask because the shirt is a little see-through especially in the nipple area.. and is this even appropriate in that setting?
Guys I'm looking for an alternative to the Money 2 (Auburn Tortoise) by Selima Optique. They're $385 new when they're available which is just... a lot.    I've been searching for a similar style.. essentially the same color gradient and frame, but also the same size (57-58mm) as anything larger is just too big for my face. Or if anyone has these used I'd be interested.  
Going to do my measurements and report back. Love these.
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