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 Plumas look nice here. We definitely need a restock.
Riga (all color variations) - cleaner than the half-zip imoNimbus - look at that contrast!Burgundy Escobar - So clean with grey and black Honorable mentions for Sage Kake, Alpine/Maroon Anti-Expo tees, Lima sweatpants, and first Grey Dual Flash (not Dark Grey or Mix Grey).
Thanks my dude. Already picked up Natural and Charcoal earlier in the week. Alpine and Maroon only available in larger sizes though :(.
Appreciate it, man. I'll be on the lookout. Got the natural and charcoal so far.
Anyone know where to get Anti-Expo tees in Slate/Black, Maroon, or Alpine? Just getting back into JE again.
Amen. Oh what I would give for a slice of Sage Kake.
Nice. What shirt are you wearing underneath the (Sage?) Kake?
Definitely XL. You have too much ass for the L.
So you sized up for the Parachute Jacket? Did you get to try a size M as well?
@MIKE_JE Will you guys be restocking the Parachute Jacket in Slate? And what does the SRD stand for? Thanks!
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