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Are any Grey Rebel Hoodies coming?
I hate how personal this has gotten. I don't care for the drama surrounding the personalities, just the product. If I like what I see I will buy it and if not, no harm done.
I was talking about last year's Kith X JE collaboration. It was basically a lot of quilting and mesh, but the quilting didn't work out unfortunately. The only thing I have seen of this year's collaboration was the cryptic picture posted earlier in this thread with the brand names with what looks to be a Japanese theme in the background. That picture was originally posted on JE's Instagram, but was removed because too many people were talking shit in the comments. I even...
Which project? What are you referring to?
Very informative. Thank you. It's interesting that these Limas used 19 oz.French terry. The Escobars use 16.5 oz. French Terry as far as I can remember. The article also talks about a Quilted Villain Crewneck though I'm sure they meant Hooded Villain.
Thanks. Do you remember if it was LS or SS?
I wonder what we will be getting in the new Kith collaboration.   As far as I can remember the last one had:   -Black Quilted Hooded Villain -Black Quilted Lima Sweatpant -Black Mesh Rebel Tank (?)   I'm not sure if there was a fourth piece. Does anyone know for sure?   Although the pieces sold out very quickly, the quilting proved troublesome on both the Villain and Lima and came undone rather easily. This would be the case on later SS14 JE items which had much...
How are they measuring? The measurements I am looking at use the back length, not the front length like ToJ uses.
Thanks for the reply. Do you have any more details about the next SS15 delivery? I really liked those product grids you guys used to do. I think the last one was for the Shadow Capsule Collection.
And again charcoal tees are missing and now the Midnight Blue Hooded Villain is also gone :(.   Please tell me these are coming back @JohnElliottCo .
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