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It's hard to grab stuff during mid-week drops for many of us who are already working at the time.
Can you please elaborate?
I second this notion. I'm still thinking of you, Midnight Capsule Collection.
The air is really getting thin in here.   I just want my jackets.  
You are making me want a Dark Grey hoodie now. I wear a Large in the Grey also 5'10", but 168lbs., 43" chest and it's still a little tight. More room might be a good thing.
I received my Shadow Limas a few weeks ago and I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality. The ribbing on the waistband and cuffs is very hefty and this pair feels even more substantial than the several Escobars I own. The cuff detailing really pops in many outfits based around other JE pieces.   Are there plans for Shadow Limas in black? I think they would be just as versatile as the dark grey. Thanks again for this awesome product.
Instant cop for me if they did. I wouldn't mind something in Navy with silver Riri's either.
If anyone has a Midnight Blue Escobar that they don't want anymore, I'm looking .
Yes :(
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