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Definitely XL. You have too much ass for the L.
So you sized up for the Parachute Jacket? Did you get to try a size M as well?
@MIKE_JE Will you guys be restocking the Parachute Jacket in Slate? And what does the SRD stand for? Thanks!
Did you think that way about the Escobars too? They even mentioned the unlucky Colombian soccer player.
Damn. I guess I missed the live chat. Any other good stuff that came out of there?
What does the SRD stand for?
Looks like Alpine to me. JE's standard  Olive seems to have more green in it. Could be the lighting though.
Hopefully maroon/burgundy Escobars are on their way.
Is the Oak Kake going to be restocking in M?
Damn, I love the silver RiRis on the Dark Navy. Going to have to get back into this.
New Posts  All Forums: