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Front-quarter horse hide?
+1 on the Riga. It's a classic JE piece.
They came in the Classic Crew, Mercer, Curve U-Neck, and Expo tees.
I believe if you have enough mutual friends/connections it will go through like a normal message.
Except the Riga. 
The picture is a little unclear, but it looks like they have replaced the gold RiRi zippers with silver. Also hoping for an Escobar restock. JE's burgundy is really nice and understated.
Wondering this as well.
  Charly plz.
I was also looking at Riga pics from 2013 today. It's really overdue for a come back, in any form. I do prefer the original though since it goes well with the Curve U Necks. There was a really nice one that had a burgundy body and grey sleeves, but that never made it into production. Unfortunately I didn't quite "get" them until they were long sold out.   Edit: Now featured as my avatar.
@JohnElliottCo Is a restock on olive Escobars coming any time soon?
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