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How did you manage that? I thought they had hidden that item for the 40% off sale.
What is your height/weight and what size do you wear in the Villain hoodies?
If you are still looking for a spot, I am thinking of letting one or two go. Please PM me if interested.   I only have full leathers available.
Is the white LS Rebel hoodie still coming?
Thanks for the heads up. No worries. Is there any particular reason you sent it back?
If anyone has a Large charcoal hoodie from the Midnight Collection that they don't want anymore, let me know. 
When I called they had 2 XL or XXL's left.
Can we hope for restocks on the midnight collection, or is that it?
Will the Nimbus wash be restocked or is it now out of production?
How do you care for the shirts? Do you machine wash and hang dry or flat dry?
New Posts  All Forums: