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Looking forward to half-zips, quilting, that strapped bomber jacket, and the new Kakes!  
So stoked to see half-zips again! Hopefully these mark the return of the Riga.   Also digging the return to slimmer silhouettes.
Have you guys measured your calves at the widest point? I am 5'10", 170 lbs. my calves are about 14.5"-14.75" and I have no problem with a size L Kito. Oh and I don't fold the cuff in half.
Are there any non-washed Olive restocks (Villain, Kito, Flash, etc.) coming?
I went with the same size as my Villain (size L). For reference I am 5'10", 170 lbs and I could fit a medium Villain very uncomfortably. If you are going to size up, I would only go with 1.
Please let us know what color your diarrhea is at the end.
Definitely looks like the loopwheel fabric. My guess is that the guy who sold them to you lost or mixed up the original tags and got some other ones off a main line product.
If only you were an L. I would take em both.
Any Olive terry restocks coming?
I have one olive terry piece and I really love it, so I'm waiting for restocks on the Kitos and the Escobars. They're pretty versatile bottoms that go with grays, black, and white. I love sage on the Kake, but for the classic pieces I am partial to olive.
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