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I will be contacting PayPal after work about this. It's our only common denominator and I would urge any that haven't yet to do the same.
Is the Rebel Tank in Grey ever going to be restocked? Looking for a medium.
Heck yea. I would be interested too. Same size.
After waiting almost a year, the Midnight Blue Escobars are finally on their way to me. Thanks for bringing the Midnight Collection back, John Elliott.
Man, the Riga was so sweet. Would love to have it back as well. And did you mean the quilting fiasco with Kith?
Midnight Blue Escobars, I'm coming for you. Maybe you too, Moon Mercer. I should note that I already have the Charcoal Villain or else it would be on the list too.
I am going to lose my shit. Will this collection be online as well?
Oh shit, that's so soon. Hopefully it's nothing like the Xhibition collaboration.
Are the Baseline sweatpants the same concept? Like a regular length Kito without RiRi zippers?
Midnight Blue would be so sick with silver RiRis.
New Posts  All Forums: