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Can we hope for restocks on the midnight collection, or is that it?
Will the Nimbus wash be restocked or is it now out of production?
How do you care for the shirts? Do you machine wash and hang dry or flat dry?
 I really like your jeans. Are those the Nimbus wash?
Prussian Blue sounds so much more badass. 
I'm in for a suede Harrington. Dark color preferred.
What is the best way to get the wrinkles out of the shirts? It says don't iron. Help would be appreciated!
It's definitely supposed to run a little long because of the stacking fades. I have seen models wearing it who are actually too tall and the stacking fades are don't work for them as well. Their model is 5'11" for reference.
Thanks for the sizing advice guys! I will be going with a large. 
Question about the villain hoodie:   I am 5'10", 168 lbs. 42-43" chest, 14.5"+ biceps, and 18" shoulders.   Would the medium fit me after stretching, or should I opt for the large?
New Posts  All Forums: