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Hooded Army Clash looks awesome!
No worries. Yea, they are nothing groundbreaking, but they aren't quite as dark as most navy clothes. Maybe it's the lighting in my house, but from certain angles they look greyish. As if someone combined royal blue and charcoal to get this shade.
You won't regret it. It's a really interesting shade of blue, not your "run-of-the-mill" navy.
It doesn't contain any RiRi zippers right?
Same boat. I'm not going to publicly post my information. Drew needs to respond and make it private.
My reasoning at the time was more like, why not? It was a daft move then and an even worse one now.
 Yes, I am quite cross. I already PM'd @reallypeacedoff with this amount. Just wanted to make all of you feel better.
I nominate myself Lord of Shit. I'm out $4,727 USD.
Thanks @ter1413 and @dieworkwear for your efforts in different avenues. Please no more bickering and arguing with each other.
Where is the spreadsheet? I'm in.
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