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I bet you the majority of JE's sales still come from the Villain and the Escobar.
@JohnElliottCo Will the Burgundy Escobars be restocked?
Why not skip the whole temple thing and call it Charly the God? CTG.
Would be on board with the return of the Riga as well.
IIRC, they stopped using flat-locked stitch on the Escobars in mid-2014.
Black co-mix would be an excellent addition.
I have both and though I wouldn't call the black rough or anything, the Dark Grey is softer. I have some Mix Grey clothing as well, which seems to have a rougher weave. In my opinion, the differences are so small that you wouldn't feel uncomfortable in either. Just get the color that you like.
I don't think that colorway ever made it into production. I have only seen Grey, Black, and Grey/Black Rigas.
Hooded Army Clash looks awesome!
No worries. Yea, they are nothing groundbreaking, but they aren't quite as dark as most navy clothes. Maybe it's the lighting in my house, but from certain angles they look greyish. As if someone combined royal blue and charcoal to get this shade.
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