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You are making me want a Dark Grey hoodie now. I wear a Large in the Grey also 5'10", but 168lbs., 43" chest and it's still a little tight. More room might be a good thing.
I received my Shadow Limas a few weeks ago and I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality. The ribbing on the waistband and cuffs is very hefty and this pair feels even more substantial than the several Escobars I own. The cuff detailing really pops in many outfits based around other JE pieces.   Are there plans for Shadow Limas in black? I think they would be just as versatile as the dark grey. Thanks again for this awesome product.
Instant cop for me if they did. I wouldn't mind something in Navy with silver Riri's either.
If anyone has a Midnight Blue Escobar that they don't want anymore, I'm looking .
Yes :(
Awesome. Any Midnight Blue sweatpants coming?
Are there any plans for navy terry in the near future?
Does anyone know the sizing on the Kith Quilted Limas compared to the current Escobar/Lima run?
How did you manage that? I thought they had hidden that item for the 40% off sale.
What is your height/weight and what size do you wear in the Villain hoodies?
New Posts  All Forums: