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Are the Baseline sweatpants the same concept? Like a regular length Kito without RiRi zippers?
Midnight Blue would be so sick with silver RiRis.
Thanks for the heads up. Just a note though, that's a Flash, not a Villain.
I'm going to have to go with their sweats. Tees are definitely nice though.
I got a Wool MA-1 today. Missed the carrier yesterday (3/28/2015). I paid 1/2/2014.   It's my first ToJ. I really like the beefy zipper, bi-swing back, and suiting wool pattern.   That said, my previously ordered leathers some going back to 8/2013 have not yet arrived.
No, I passed. The speckled navy didn't really do it for me.
Haha I know you guys are sick of me talking about them. I recently got the Midnight Blue Rue and it was such a sexy shade of blue. It just reactivated the thirst.
I think I'm going to pass on the speckled navy JExKith Escobars actually. I feel like I just like the regular Midnight Blue more. If that's the same terry that they used in the Kith Indigo collection it's also rougher and not as comfortable. The only thing I really like about it is that it uses the silver RiRi zips rather than the matte black on JE's normal pair. I'll just hold out for the Midnight Blue Escobars to come back (if they do).
Oh yea I got my eye on those. I just wanted something without the stacks for a different look.
I'm loving the re-releases of these limited items (Reverse French Terry Jacket, Charcoal Clash). It gives me hope that we may again see some items from the Midnight Collection :).   That leaves me in a conondrum. Do I want to get the JExKith speckled navy Escobars this weekend or should I just wait for the Midnight Blue?
New Posts  All Forums: