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The longitudinal crease you're referring to is the seam of the underlying layer of leather. Like you said, they all seem to have it.
Oldfrump, That was an excellent post. Thank you. I also have a pair of the Art Carters and they keep getting better with age. Did you get yours with the French veal leather or something else? I'm now trying to decide on what to get for my second pair of Russells. I want boots but can't decide which ones. I wish I could visit the store/factory as you did but probably won't be able to.
Try calling them on the phone. I've gotten through to them every time that way.
I spoke with someone at RM about the virtues of the various leathers. He said the French veal was very durable. More so than most of their other leathers according to him. Lots of art Carters out there that are 15 years old and still going strong. He said there are some landscapers in Texas who wear the art carter chukkas every day and even with all the dirt and repeated soakings they still last for many years. So, I'm sending off my order tomorrow. Supposedly "only" a 14...
I'm about to order a pair of chukkas - either the Art Carter or the Country chukka - but I'm not sure which leather I should go with. I know everyone seems to love chromexcel. I have a pair of Indy boots in chromexcel and my only gripe is how easily it scuffs although most of them will rub out if they're not too deep. I want a rugged leather for these chukkas as I'll be wearing them as an everyday shoe and they'll likely take a beating even though I'm generally pretty...
Thanks. Sounds like the have a similar fit.
No one?
I just discovered this thread. I was planning on ordering a pair of Rancourt Ranger Moccasins but now I'm thinking I might just order a pair of the Russell chukkas instead, even though I the 20 week wait gives me second thoughts. I'll probably end up getting both eventually but I need to decide which to get first. If I can find a pair of Russells on their over run/return list I might just go for that but I'm unsure of their sizing. I wear size 10C in the Alden Indy boot...
So what do you think of the Oak Street Trench Boot so far? I'm interested in a pair of those myself but haven't seen much feedback from those who own them.
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