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L or XL depending on your build. I'm 6'0 190 been wearing XL in JE since I was 220+. I think I might try my next villian in large tho. I'm trying to get back to 180.
If you want the JE look, order same size. If you want the kith look order a size up.
Doubtful, just buy the correct size and resell the wrong one.
It's crazy that grey escobars are selling out before the navy..
Best piece
Should read slim, not small imo
Appreciate it!
I sizes down from XL and this is large, fit is more snug feels great. (Sorry for crappy selfies, wife is deployed she usually takes my pictures for me.)
Tru, I'm only copping if I get them discounted. Can't be buying sweats for spring summer
Kitos in FW >
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