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Edit thread name to "John Elliott" time to drop the + Co 🤗🤗
Order the same size as my shirts. Short sleeve hoodie works best imo. I don't like the feeling of long sleeve on long sleeve. You can make it work cause the zippers on the sleeves.
30 fit me in the waist. I wanted little more room in the thighs. My waist is 32 my hips and thighs are bigger. Got that soccer lower body.
I had size 30 and swapped for 31.
Kith Brooklyn had everything lol
That rider
Canyon Denim, Uneck, SLP. Threw on my rider, waiting on my wife to send me pics
About to go wayyyy up since adidas jigged everyone didn't release.. So people will be scrambling
Can't wait to rock my canyon denim with moonrock yeezys
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