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Stay draped up in karma loop
I'm sure that size chart will be up when it releases. Looks a couple inches longer.
Wish the SS villian had a hoodie 😫
Lol you said it.. It's elongated
sounds odd.. Wash with something? You leave anything in the washer?
Winning! I miss set my alarm on some of the Kith X JE escobars for the low on eBay ::
Leak it here first 🙏🙏
Early picture of the shadow collection please, thank you!
I wear XL in tees and XL in the villian. I would get the same size if you like the fit of your current tee's. The fit might be initially snug but the villian does break in very nicely. If you want a roomier fit or fit that will wear great out of the bag a large would do, but I think after a few wears you'll dislike the fit.
New Posts  All Forums: