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$120 was the price online on release day
Ya $70 isn't bad. I paid almost $140 with tax and shipping. Took them right back to store local since my gaps here do not get collabs.
Selvedge was flawed and legs were like straight fit not slim at all.
Sent my gap is ones back. I have season 1 that I'm trying to wear more and more, want some sick fades like I've seen Mike post.
I've been steadily looking at my inbox waiting for this email
😂😂 all depends. Sold a few extra double pairs of shoes that I havnt even wore the first set. So depending on the kith release and this one ~1K
Ready for steals 🙌
Ya someone got it
My tanks and crews are wash with all my other colors now. Normal cycle and hang dry, no difference on washing cold separate. I wear them too much to do separate wash for them..
Honestly you could achieve the same fit by sizing down. The leg they tapered a lot better than the first run of bleekers. But I'm not trying cause that's not the fit I'm achieving. I even sized up on my escobars to avoid the long john look.
New Posts  All Forums: