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Weight lifting and HIIT. Also, making good food choices, I did not diet at all. Just made conscious choices.
I think I'm going to have to hot soak my nimbus jeans.. They are huge on me. I've lost like 45lbs since I initially bought them. Gl to meeeeeeee
Basically Fear of God Long T from second collection, made by the same people who cut and sew fear of God Fit & Supply in LA
I'm L in flintlock and XL in JE crew. U neck fits same IMO just shows more neck lol
I was 6' 225 wearing XL fine.. XXL should be good too.
Use the size charts and measure yourself.
Once my boy gets back to his computer he can see size and quantities if they have been preloaded to shopify.
Great episode, but video was blocked lol
I see LeBron is putting his teammates on!!
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