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Yeah just do them individually not all together cause you don't want different colors to mix.
I have Larges in Mercers tanks it was my first piece I got, I order U neck in Large and ended up not liking the fit. I then got XL crew neck. Love the crew, the u neck looked awkward on me, I like like V necks more.My recommendation would get the same size if you like the fit, uneck is slightly long long and opening is bigger.
6' here!
Looks awesome to me... 👍
A way to tell is in the product number look for 13 for older and 14 for newer. I'm sure 15 is dropping soon!
FOG is way more elongated... If you're going to start comparing all that bring up Rick Owens hahah
Stay draped up in karma loop
I'm sure that size chart will be up when it releases. Looks a couple inches longer.
Wish the SS villian had a hoodie 😫
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