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Dope piece!
Looks fine where it's sitting on your shoulders. You'll be able to layer with it the more you break it in.
I've been customer with JE since I was 200.. Blew up to 225, down to ~178
27 should be good
Look at model number and you can see what season they are from. Revolve has some of the older fits. My recommendation would be get tighter for because they will stretch.
Thighs will stretch se too. I've been wearing JE since I was XXL in escobars, and 36 in the denim. I have Mediums and now down to 33 and those were huge after they stretch. Just got my 33s taken in.
Get 31 then lol. It will stretchhhhhh
Could it be your u-necks have more miles on them and are broken-in? My 2012 crew is still in amazing condition and is even more soft than day 1.
Hahaha, I do like how my biceps are growing
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