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None lol. Forgot to take mine out of the wash and it made the drier load multiple times
πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œnah Ronnie picks colors and materials lol, JE making it!
RF can be a cry baby.. A couple friends of mine have gotten the inbox treatment and text message from him.. I think it's funny, you will always have haters no matter what you do. It's just form of love.
Yeah still dope piece. No clue end of March, April maybe? Teaser for now
Rebel hoodie
Shouldn't be.. Initial pop up then a week or 2 later NY/online
JE x kith part 2 πŸ‘€
I had mine for over 2 years, still going strong. Zero dethreading, just stretch out a bit.
same, I'm already eyeing 5-7 pieces.
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