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Bulking season, large. I don't think I'll ever do medium in tops. During soccer season I'll be 175-180I've been fan of JE for a while. I love the direction the brand is going.
haha thanks manI went TTS. Sizing down would take away from how it was intended to fit imo
I found a mirror, Chick-fil-A is goat
Anti expo just became my favorite T.
When John Elliott has been around decades and made hundreds of millions of dollars, they would probably replace little hardware as well.. and when they open up there own retailer shops across the world.
Pretty clean
Natural and Charcoal are in their way 🙌🏽
anti expoooooooWhite Ts are worst 😭
JE overrated? 🤔 Still have my villain from 2012.. still going strong... no holes in my crew necks from 2012 either. *edit* Forgot to add my Merced tanks... all of those get warm washed and dried.
About to retail therapy some JE clothing after this cowboys L....
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