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I don't think this forum as anything to do with setting prices... Vendors place their orders in advance. Retail price is probably already set based on other formulas.
Just came in after I got home from the gym, showered and immediately put them on! Softer than what I was expecting!
Wish my nimbus wash still fit me. They were so soft and stretched out, taken to the tailors 3 times between raw stretching out and me losing tons of weight
cast 2 hasn't stretch much πŸ˜• I want them to be broken in already. Need to hire a bum to wear them a month straight!
should just have JE do it right there since you pick it up πŸ€—
It's about to go down in your DM 😭😭😭Snapchat me fit pic bro!
Me 2
Go to size charts and pick your actual waist size. Best option take a pair of jeans that fit you and measure it out. Then make your decision based on your measurements.
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