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Tag me in the size charts for safari's when that dude find it, thanks
Just show shopify is, everyone adding product to cart. If nobody checks out its released. So when someone doesn't check out with in the time frame it's release back out. Typically if you still can add the size to cart their is still available inventory, it will be marked sold out once inventory is 0
I'm kidding, I ain't got time for that.
I'm buying multiples for resell on Grail 🙃
Nah probably for FW16 since loop wheel would be heavier and you want heavier for fall/winter not spring summer
Still have no holes in my OG crew from 2012, no holes in my villian from 2012.. 😴
I like it
Cargos, I'll take another pair... Black or navy 🤔🤔
lazy pic
You have everything lol
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