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At the end of the day, it's really just clothing.
It's from an Urban Outfitters brand called Your Neighbors. Here's the link:http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=33254632&parentid=BRANDS#/
Thoughts on this leather bomber jacket?
Any more recommendations? I don't want any tees that were meant to be underwear or athletic wear.
I have a John Elliott Villain crewneck sweatshirt listed on eBay. It's a great sweatshirt with great quality and a great fit. However, I'm selling it because I'm looking forward to buying a new hoodie from John Elliott instead.   Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/John-Elliott-Co-Black-Villain-Side-Zip-Crewneck-Sweatshirt-Size-M-Medium-/221521620033?pt=US_Mens_Sweats_Hoodies&hash=item3393b7ac41
Crewneck sweatshirts or pullover hoodies? Which is your preference?
Would you size down on a tee or a jacket made to look boxy because you want a slim fit? I don't like doing that because it doesn't feel right.
Some people jump to conclusion way too easily. I'm a college student, and college classes during the summertime often are faster paced, meaning I'm left with barely much time for anything other than schoolwork. My schedule is jam-packed, and shipping internationally is something I'm not used to. I honestly tried my best to ship out the shorts, but the package was returned to me since it was incorrectly labeled. The next time I tried to send the package out, it was returned...
It's just the lighting. No green tint here:http://instagram.com/p/ptoU4VFlt7
As it is, we already live in a shallow, superficial society that emphasizes way too much on what people can't change. Too much credit is given to some for things they can't control, while others are criticized for things they can't control. What's with the double standard here? Hard work isn't even valued that much anymore because people are too busy drooling over birth-given aspects of a person. I'm just saying, man. I'm tired of all this superficiality.
New Posts  All Forums: