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Honestly, I'd pass up on a piece of clothing if none of the sizes fit me well. I'm a true medium for the most part, and it just feels weird sizing up or down. Some pieces simply aren't meant to be for certain people, and we just have to deal with it. There are tons of alternatives out there for us. Maybe it's better to just go for the original JE one of look for one from a different brand.
JE, please come out with a second run of the loopwheel stuff.
Opinions on Uniqlo sweatshirts?
Now that most of the loopwheel stuff is out of stock, could we know if this was a limited release or if the pieces will be restocked?
Haha, "loophole terry."
For those missing out, relax. If you didn't get to have them, someone else did. Be happy for that person. We need more love and compassion in the world instead of this every-man-for-himself mindset. That's how I see it. It's really just an article of clothing at the end of the day. You have tons of clothing yourself already. It's really just a luxury to get more. I honestly believe that a lot of us on here can go too crazy over this stuff. We need to chill and enjoy life a...
It's almost overwhelming to see how much money people are dropping on JE stuff. They're willing to shell out thousands at a time for JE. It's kind of motivating, but at the same time, being so into style in general is distracting for me. I'm a college student, by the way.
I'm keeping my tags, too. Always great. On a side note, I feel like we're all thinking way too much about clothing. As much as I love clothing and style, I also dislike having to think so much about what to purchase next. All this speculation about the pricing of the upcoming loopwheel stuff is kind of stressful itself. Not cool at all. It makes me just want to start shopping at Uniqlo instead. I think this obsession with John Elliott + Co is a real addiction.
Would the loopwheeled gear be a limited release?
Calm down. Start being a little more tolerant, man. If you can't stand seeing images and "giant posts," I don't know how you'd deal with real challenges.
New Posts  All Forums: