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Please restock the silk blend white Mercer tees in size medium. I'm looking forward to purchasing one.
Absolutely. Fingers crossed on both hands, not just one. I would definitely appreciate any sort of discount, to be honest. Even a 1% discount would be great for me because saving money is still saving money. In the great words of Dominic Toretto of The Fast and the Furious, "It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning's winning."
Not sure if that was meant to be a joke, but I doubt there would be such a large discount. JE was much less popular last year, and even then, there was never such a huge discount. I'm holding off on getting some JE gear in hopes that there will actually be some type of Black Friday discount for the official JE site. I have a few pieces in mind that I wouldn't hesitate getting. Then, I'll be settled until SS15 comes along.
Any plans for a Black Friday sale?
Nice, haha. I'm definitely glad I went for it. It was about time I started getting more dark grey into my wardrobe since I'm getting tired of wearing black so frequently. Looking forward to pairing black JE tops with these Escobar sweatpants. I also want some black Escobar sweatpants to wear white and grey tops with; I can just imagine wearing a nice white or grey Mercer tee with some black Escobar sweatpants. Thanks for the clarification. I had previously thought that the...
My Escobar sweatpants came in. They're so comfy. Tight at the calves, but not uncomfortable. I expect some stretching anyway. Also, the pockets are a lot deeper than I thought they'd be. Maybe JE did something about this. This is great because I now know I can store my phone and wallet in the pockets securely. So comfy. I'm glad I bought them. Looking forward to getting the black ones!
Any plans for a Black Friday sale?
I really wish they'd put out a promo code. I really want some more JE gear at the moment.
No more leather for me. Ethics.
Thanks for letting me know. Could you post fit pictures?
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