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That makes me so excited to get myself a silk blend tee. Thanks for letting me know. Anticipating the arrival of my short-sleeve Villain crew!
Anyone have experience with the silk blend tees, specifically the charcoal Mercer tee? I want to order that, but the fact that I live in California means I'll have to pay tax.
I ordered the short-sleeve Villain crew in dark grey from the Shadow Capsule. Can't wait to get it! I already have an idea of how I want my outfits with it to look. It should be a versatile centerpiece all throughout the year. John Elliott + Co definitely has some great stuff for cozy wear during the colder months.
I've considered the Alma sweatpants, but I prefer the overall look of the Escobar ones. The price for the Alma sweatpants is too steep in my opinion. The pockets of the Escobar sweatpants are nylon, correct?
That's unfortunate. I hope JE changes this in the future, but I'm not sure if they would since I don't think it's a common topic of discussion. Maybe I'll use the hidden kangaroo pocket of my JE sweatshirt to keep my phone in instead and the sweatpants' pockets for my wallet and keys.
How are the pockets on the Escobar sweatpants? I've been wanting a pair, but I hope the pockets are deep enough. By the way, I was only kidding when I said you were kissing up to JE. It's all good. I understand the appeal, as I am myself a fan of this company and its clothing.
Someone's kissing up to JE, isn't he?
I have for sale a Reigning Champ black crewneck sweatshirt in size medium. It is brand new with tags. $85 is lower than retail price. Please let me know if you're interested. PayPal would be the method of payment.
That's great to know! Looks like I'll be getting the Midnight hooded Villain, then.
A Villain hoodie in the same shade of blue as the Escobar sweatpants from the Midnight Collection would be great.
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