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Patience is a virtue, as corny as that may sound. It's not worth being impatient, my brother. You can wait. There's a lot out there for you to enjoy, not just clothing.
John Elliott + Co onesies. Coming to us in FW15? After all, JE + Co has some great cozy sweats. Might as well step it up another notch and go for the onesies. Our boy, Chris, looks great in one. Thoughts?  
Are you Lucifer?
You take life too seriously, brother.
Of course being seen as a confident individual would be best, but sometimes people would still mistake your confidence for conceit, which results in their disliking you. I've been wondering this for a while. Being insecure, shy, and awkward may have looked upon as adorable when we were younger, but I've noticed that it would hurt you if you don't get out of this bubble once you get older. People might even feel afraid of approaching you or being in your presence. In this...
John Elliott tees are in probably more than half of these.
Bumping this thread in hopes of more Loopwheeler discussion. I want to get some Loopwheeler sweatshirts, but I want a slim fit. Too bad the slim fit ones are lightweight.
Is it much warmer and thicker than regular terry?
Bad posture, too. I see you've been influenced by me.
Not necessarily. You can just look like teenage Jesse McCartney for a while.
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