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I'm in search of a plain black beanie, preferably with a cuff, that wouldn't be too tight on my head. I have the popular Carhartt beanie, which does its job well, but it's too tight for my liking. The problem is that tight-fitting beanies have the tendency to leave me with hat hair, which I wouldn't like. Plus, I find them to be uncomfortable.   I know about Neff beanies as well, but I'm not that much of a fan of them anymore. Please let me know!
How's the comfort on those? Are they pretty warm?
I'm a young adult, and I'm interested in trying out those jogger pants that have been all the hype lately. What are you thoughts on those?
I'm a tad disappointed. The Weird Guy fit isn't tapered enough for me. I'd like them to be even more tapered.
Tell what you think of my latest pickup!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dDhN5HXsRw
For instance, look at how Barneys models the jeans. Barneys makes these jeans look like slacks. If I saw those jeans for the first time, I wouldn't buy them based on first glance. I want jeans, not slacks.   Don't get me wrong. If it's your style to wear jeans like they're slacks, go for it. It's fine with me. I just think it's not a good idea for these brands to model these jeans as though they're slacks.
Although we like to think that our workplaces and educational institutions look deeper for one's skills and inner qualities, it's unfortunately not always the case. We are often treated better if we happen to look better. I know this may be considered common sense or common knowledge by now, but what are your thoughts on this?
I really want a nice pair of black raw denim!
I'm in search of a pair of raw black denim in a tapered cut. Would you recommend the UB201 raw black jeans?
I plan on getting a pair of tapered black raw selvage denim. Any recommendations?
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