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Would a dark brown or burgundy semi-brogue oxford like the AE Strand or Loake 1880 Strand work with a nice dark pair of jeans and a shirt? What is the most casual outfit I could wear with shoes like that? Would a polo still work? What about a plain t-shirt?   Here is what I am thinking of buying:     The goal is to be able to wear it with my charcoal suit as well as a smart casual outfit.
Hi Guys,   Due to the need to suit up I have started rebuilding my wardrobe and style. In the past few months I have purchased a very nice suit and high quality black cap toe oxfords (Cheaney Lime). Now I am looking to improve my non work wardrobe too and think I should start with shoes. To give you some background I am 26 years old and would like to avoid looking too old-fashioned.   If you want to skip all the details and background info, my questions are all the way...
My Cheaney Lime black cap toe oxfords should arrive from England in the next few days. Do you guys have any recommendations where I can get good, reasonably priced shoecare stuff in Sydney? As far as I can see I need a horsehair brush, mink oil renovateur and black cream polish.   Any suggestions where I could get that stuff and what exactly to look out for?   For the shoetrees I found that meyer currently sells floresheim cedar trees for 27$. Would these be good?
Thanks guys. When you say I can only wear them with a suit, does that mean the full outfit or would it be ok to wear suit pants and just a shirt without tie and jacket?   This probably also means I need another new pair of shoes, which is more versatile. What would go well with a dark grey suit, but also with Jeans or Chinos for more of a smart casual outfit? I am 25 btw and rather young looking.
Hi guys, I apologise if this has been answered before, but I haven't found anything.   I have just ordered my first real, proper shoes (Cheaney Lime), which is a very plain cap toe oxford in black.   Is there anythign else I can wear it with, except my suit? Can I buy some chinos and wear it with a nice shirt. I already realised jeans are a total no-go, but I am wondering if there is any other way to where them in more casual settings.   Greetings, Kim
Thanks guys, I couldn't be happier with the suit and HIGHLY recommend Peter Lee. Sorry for the reply, I didn't get any notifications and thought the thread didn't get posted.   Yup, I had the ticket pocket removed and it looks great now. Very happy with the fit and Peter Lee is a great guy, who was incredibly helpful and answered all of my stupid questions and helped me make good choices.
 Thanks I really appreciate your advice. I really wanted to get them earlier, but I'll probably just get them in London. Hopefully it won't be more expensive than pediwear.
I went to Henry Bucks and the service was fantastic. If you ever consider buying from a local store and support the local economy I highly recommend Henry Bucks and Herringbone. Joseph's on the other hand I would avoid.   They had the Aldwych and Buckingham, but unfortunately not in my size. The smallest size they had is 7, which is way too big. We measured my foot and it was between 5 and 6 and an f width would likely fit.   I'll measure my foot up some more and then...
 I am not sure my shoe size is 5 1/2. I have never bought proper shoes before and whenever I have been buying sports shoes or sneakers I got something around 39 and 40, which are usually a little lose, but I get by. Size 39 in English is apparently 6. I have tried the C&J Belgrave in 6 E, but it was too wide and I was able to slide my foot left and right inside of the shoe. It wasn't hugging my foot at all. When I tried the 5 1/2 E, it was much better, it was quite snug...
 Thank you so much for you reply, it is fantastic and very helpful. It gives me a little hope now :) The idea of trying the capital last sounds great, but please tell me if I am getting it right:Shoes made on the same last have exactly the same shape and fit, but can still differ in looks due to brogueing and other decorations. By trying on the Buckingham, I will be able to tell what size I need for the Aldwych and how it would approximately look like (shape wise). Is that...
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