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Price includes shipping within US. WTAPS 2015 Baja Hooded Medium / Mike Length 67.5, Width 56, Shoulder 48 (cm) Brand New w/ tags, bag Black 100% Cotton ● Beautiful striped woven fabric ● V-neck with drawstrings ● Drop shoulder, kangaroo pocket, side slits ● WTAPS patch and red tab
 used this one.
 priced so low because they're fakes.
 Yeah the tax is from the seller (which must've been a store account). It doesn't get factored into Charge 1 when you're buying from yahoo auctions. Just glancing over Zen's site, you're paying 100 more per item, but save slightly as they charge 2.9% on all payments rather than FJ's 5%. Not really a big deal. FJ's campaigns and shipping discount still makes it the better deal for me.
Everything above looks correct to me?   FJ does take 5% on all payments made via PayPal or CC, and you were charged tax from the store you purchased from which is why Charge 2 may seem a bit high.   Even though they applied system usage fee twice, you only paid what? $1.50 more? Seems reasonable.   (They do run 5% off campaigns every two weeks or so which cancels out the Charge 1 usage fee)   Been using FJ for many years. Their real time bidding is invaluable. The...
Regarding the MA-1 from earlier this year, I have it and don't think it's terrible quality. It was overpriced for paper thin nylon but it looks good when layered and the fit is spot on.     uniqlo.jp says it's not dropping in-store until late September. Not sure if they're in US stores yet.   I may just proxy this since my size is sold out online.         There's also a (faux?) leather mouton bomber coming this season.  
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