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Price includes shipping within US. WTAPS 2015 Baja Hooded Medium / Mike Length 67.5, Width 56, Shoulder 48 (cm) Brand New w/ tags, bag Black 100% Cotton ● Beautiful striped woven fabric ● V-neck with drawstrings ● Drop shoulder, kangaroo pocket, side slits ● WTAPS patch and red tab
 used this one.
 priced so low because they're fakes.
 Yeah the tax is from the seller (which must've been a store account). It doesn't get factored into Charge 1 when you're buying from yahoo auctions. Just glancing over Zen's site, you're paying 100 more per item, but save slightly as they charge 2.9% on all payments rather than FJ's 5%. Not really a big deal. FJ's campaigns and shipping discount still makes it the better deal for me.
Everything above looks correct to me?   FJ does take 5% on all payments made via PayPal or CC, and you were charged tax from the store you purchased from which is why Charge 2 may seem a bit high.   Even though they applied system usage fee twice, you only paid what? $1.50 more? Seems reasonable.   (They do run 5% off campaigns every two weeks or so which cancels out the Charge 1 usage fee)   Been using FJ for many years. Their real time bidding is invaluable. The...
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