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How much bigger is the neck opening on the Mercer Tee vs. the Crew? Living in Japan, I can't show my chest tattoos so I can't do scoop/low necks.
Is the Pitch Black Villain the same as the black one only the zippers are matte black? Also, is there a styleforum discount? Just got a white and a grey Villain from a local retailer but they didn't have any black in stock.
What are the prices for Dior Homme denim now in the US? I bought mine a year ago in Vegas and forget how much I paid. I'm now located in Singapore where everything usually costs 30-40% more so I might have someone in the US buy them and ship them to me.
Was able to get a pair of Retro 88s on Nike.com. 2 for 2 so far going for Jordan's on Nike.com via Twitter Link Only, got the XI Breds on release day also. EastBay, Finish Line, etc. are impossible for me.
Thanks guys. cocostella, when you say size up for washed, do you mean size up 1 from my true waist or size up 1 from my size in the raws?
I have a size 32 in the raw 19cm MIJ but after a year they are way too big. They stretched out to be about 36" now. Thinking about getting another pair but sizing down this time. My waist measured is about 33", do you think I should get a size 30 or 31? Also interested in some of Dior washed denim, do people buy these true to size or do they stretch a lot also? Thanks.
Just bought a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 as my daily carry during Massachusetts tax-free weekend. I have a Smith & Wesson SW1911PD (Commander Size) as my range gun. Looking to get a Lewis Machine & Tool Company CQB MRP Defender Model 16 5.56 sometime in the near future.
tumi on ruelala.com right now
Quote: Originally Posted by rexthedestroyer Other than not getting in to a great college, how do you think your "mid-tier" prep school effected your life in general? The main thing you get when going to a prep school vs. an inner-city public school (those were my choices) is the whole culture is different. Stating the obvious here but prep schools are there to actually prep you to get into a decent college. The whole vibe was competitive, both...
I went to a prep school in the Northeast and my brother went to Milton Academy and then to Harvard. I also have a few friends who went to Phillips Exeter and then to Harvard. A few friends who went to top tier high schools and then went to Harvard. At the end of the day, to get into an Ivy or other really good schools, your daughter has to be well-rounded (grades, extra-curricular activities, sports) and excel in at least one of those. I met a lot of amazing people at...
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