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Yesterday these were priced at $995, now they're $820. Also the varsity jacket is usually around $2350, it's being shown at $1760.
Is it me or SSENSE just lowered the price on all SLP products on their site?
Thinking about getting the Rue Hoodie and the Kito Sweatpants in black and grey, but already have the Villain in grey and white. Need advice on how different the grey on the Villain and the mix grey on the Rue are.
The automated shirt pressing machines at most dry cleaners will shatter more delicate buttons like mother of pearl buttons. Always ask your dry cleaner to watch out for that, they will cover them to protect them. You can ask to have shirts hand pressed. My parents used to own a chain of dry cleaners.
still available?
Is my Villain hoodie grey or dark grey?
Any sites or stores have the 41 over shirts in a 3/L? Slept on them.
How much bigger is the neck opening on the Mercer Tee vs. the Crew? Living in Japan, I can't show my chest tattoos so I can't do scoop/low necks.
Is the Pitch Black Villain the same as the black one only the zippers are matte black? Also, is there a styleforum discount? Just got a white and a grey Villain from a local retailer but they didn't have any black in stock.
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