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Are they usually longer though? I wear size 10 in Converse and I tried on Red Wing Iron Ranger in size 9 and it was noticeably longer than the size 10 in Converse.
  I always use an insole (an orthopedic insert). This was used when I was trying the boots on and I wear all my sneakers with it in as well.   Another thing is that I don't want the shoes to be too long because then it looks strange (my legs are very thin).
I tried them on in the store today and I felt the same except no half size. I felt the 8 was a bit small and 9 was a bit big, but I'm not sure where. In terms of length, they were a bit longer than my Vans though.     The 8 I tried was mainly tight in the toe area and by that I mean narrow and cramping my toes from the sides. This is strange because I have narrow feet and actually wear narrow-width running shoes. You mentioned 'breaking in' and 'stretching'. Would that...
What would a perfect fit in these feel like? I'm not used to rigid boots like this so it's kind of hard for me to tell...  
Are the length of your boots usually longer than the length of your sneakers?  
I tried Red Wing Iron Ranger on in a store today. The store is the only one that I can drive to that has this boot. They did not have half-sizes. I tried on size 9 and size 8. I wasn't sure about either of them. Size 9 felt sort of loose (but I'm not sure) and size 8, which I tried on on my right foot, felt cramped on the right side of my foot (the little toes). I guess I should order online? I think my size is probably 8.5 but it could be 9. The thing is, in...
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