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The R1 sole in Brown is quite dark.
They actually changed both their St James (no peeked heel counter) and St James II (with peeked heel counter) for technical reasons in the production. I believe that it was the vamp area and U cap which needed to be adjusted but I think it changed to the better
See this picture for a comparison of the old St James II (pictured in Vintage Cherry) and the new St James II in Vintage Rioja. The differences are in the vamp and heel counter where this new model is based on an early bespoke shoe.
    It's my new summer shoes, @laufer. In the 888 last, I have to wear a F width but the 808 last is more generous and has a more smooth and rounded chiseled toe box than the 888 last which is more distinct and more elongated. For me, the 808 last fits more similar to the 202 last but not as generous as the 606. Hope this helps :)
We have not yet placed another restock for this model so I cannot specify a date (there is also a lead time of about 3 months) but it will absolutely be restocked in a UK 9.5. However, this restock will probably not arrive before the summer. Please e-mail us to be placed on the waiting list for the time being, sales@skoaktiebolaget.se
Yes, this model will be restocked again but not until the upcoming fall season. Please send us an e-mail and so that I can put you on the waiting list, which means that you will receive information directly when we have it in store again, sales@skoaktiebolaget.se
These lasts are all normal fitting last with some small difference in fit as well as the room provided in the toe box. Oscar has the widest to box and is quite generous compared to Robert which has a more almond shaped toe box. Forest is in between these two regarding the room in the toe box. Over the instep, I would say that Oscar and Forest are very similar and I do not feel any particular or noticeable difference between them, some of our customer feel that the instep...
I would go for your normal size since Carmina compensate with the fur lining and the fit is similar to the size you normally wear.
Soller is a wide fitting last with a rounded toe. It has a quite high instep and fits similar to Rain, which also is a wide fitting last from Carmina. I would go for the same size in Soller as in Rain.
Yes, delivery time is about 12 weeks when the ordered is placed and sent to Carmina
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