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Looks really nice. Congrats!
The Tobacco suede from Bonafè is really a great color and this wholecut style is very nice!
Really?? That is good to know if I ever need help storing away some seasonal shoes during winter/summer 
Some pictures from the latest fittings during Pitti Uomo 89 in Florence the past week (thanks to @Dannefalk and @gusvs): 1. Liverano&Liverano - Navy three piece worsted wool (first fitting)         2. Various projects from Sartoria Corcos (Kotaro Miyahira):  Double breasted mid grey suit  Glencheck three piece suit    Wool/Cashmere double breasted coat
Suede colors from StC similar to Polo or Fox would be JAN Maraca or the BCK 076BCK 076 JAN Maraca
There is also Black and Blue Peccary available in small amounts.
Please see this picture, showing Light Brown (left) and Brandy Peccary (right):
Thanks and wear them in good health :)
No, but I think Kotaro adjusted it slightly. What an eye! Correct.The cloth is a heavy wool, which Kotaro had a limited amount left in his showroom in Florence 
Some finished and new projects from Kotaro:        
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