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There is also Black and Blue Peccary available in small amounts.
Please see this picture, showing Light Brown (left) and Brandy Peccary (right):
Thanks and wear them in good health :)
No, but I think Kotaro adjusted it slightly. What an eye! Correct.The cloth is a heavy wool, which Kotaro had a limited amount left in his showroom in Florence 
Some finished and new projects from Kotaro:        
  Classic, Riva and Chiseled should be more or less the same fit, the main difference being the shape of the toe boxes. 
They offer both. The difference is that the texture is slightly different.
Please do not flatter him. His ego is big enough as it is.   Agreed, most tailors master a certain style. I would rather, as @Sander is hinting towards, find a tailor that has the house cut you personally like. 
This model is being restocked this fall. Please e-mail us to be placed on our waiting list.
I have no yet decided, but something mid weight in worsted wool. Any recommendations from you at Kotaro's maybe? :)
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