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Thank you very much. Isham and Vintage Rioja will be a great combo.  Many thanks. Go Team Green! It is going to be a great surprise and a fantastic pair of shoes. :-) Thank you for sharing and for your support. Three months will pass sooner than you think. It is downhill from now on to the summer, at least here in Sweden. 
The most similar boot in fit compared to Simpson last would probably be Robert. The Simpson is a narrow fit and Carmina seldom produces those kind of lasts for their boots. However, the Simpson last is available for some chukka models, like the 905.
Oscar fits quite similar in width as the Robert last but has a more generous tow box. However, the two lasts has a similar instep and ball width. A good general recommendation would be to keep the same size for both of these lasts.
Thank you for sharing.  
Sorry about the delay. We are waiting for some pictures from G&G's supplier.
Looks great! Thank you for sharing.
I would say that the UK 10.5 for these Austerity boots most likely will fit you well. The main difference between Carmina and Bonafè lasts is that Bonafè's lasts has a higher instep and a more generous ball width. Most people size down at least half a size from their US sizes to Bonafè's UK sizes if they have wider feet. The 363 MOD. last is generous in its fit and will feel more roomy than Soller or Queens from Carmina.
Yes, there is a surcharge to have a none Deco style made on the Deco last. These MTO's will also have the standard fiddle waist from G&G Benchmade, not the hand set Deco waist. This is because not to dilute the Deco collection
Thank you all for the kind words but I must apologize for the bad communication on my side. The pre-order for the EG Galway in Dark Oak and Walnut CC will be the last pre-order we will post before the price increase in March. I am very sorry.We cannot offer price locks on models we do not have in store yet. The EG Galway will be the last pre-order.  However, the Dover in Dark Oak will be restocked in March
Thanks guys :)
New Posts  All Forums: