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This model is being restocked this fall. Please e-mail us to be placed on our waiting list.
I have no yet decided, but something mid weight in worsted wool. Any recommendations from you at Kotaro's maybe? :)
Looks great! I start a new brown suit from him this fall but will probably go for a slightly heavier cloth. 
 It was not a particular last, like the 062. For this pair, they had to adjust the fitting of a UK 12.5 last they had in the factory.
 Thanks guys for your kind feedback. I am always glad to be of service to follow shoe enthusiasts. :)
A good recommendation would be to keep the same size, but the different shapes of the toe boxes could make some lasts feel roomier than the other (for example Sailor). 
Thank you for sharing, Roger. They look great!
The 363MOD. last is a generous fitting last with a high instep and overall roomy fit. Please e-mail sales@skoaktiebolaget.se for further sizing guidance.
 Thanks for sharing. I am glad you like them, they look fantastic!I sure will :-) Looking good. The Chestnut has a great depth and the patina is too good to state with words.
Thanks for sharing... 
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