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Thanks for sharing... 
Thanks for sharing, Roger. The boots looks amazing :-)
  We are receiving a restock of this boot in late May or early June (if everything goes as planned). Please e-mail us at sales@skoaktiebolaget.se to be placed on our waiting list for the time being.
Most of the pairs in this order has been lasted and will most likely be delivered to us within a couple of weeks or a month. Please remember that the lead times for Button boots are often slightly longer because of the many high critical phases in production (buttons, button holes etc.). We will let all participants know when this order has arrived.
    Thank you, @RogerP :-) 
We hope that the EG Shanklin chukka will be available in late March or early April, but we do not have a specific delivery date at this point.
Yes, for me, the Rain and 946 lasts fits very similar with a similar high instep. However, I would say that the 946 is maybe a hair higher over the instep and also over the ball width, not wider just slightly higher. Nevertheless, I would recommend the same size for these two lasts, as I personally also take.
Yes, all Bonafè lasts have a high instep. This Jodhpur model will also feel slightly more generous over that part of the foot because of it's lack of lacing or buckles. A good recommendation would be to size down half a size from Forest to this 804 last, which is more elongated than Forest and EG 202.
The EG Galway in Dark Oak will hopefully start coming in to the store within a couple of weeks. We will let all participants know as soon as the delivery is confirmed. Hi,  Yes, please e-mail us for fitting advice or further questions at sales@skoaktiebolaget.se
Thanks, they are really inspirational, the whole Bonafè family
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