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Lillyhammer is pretty awesome as far as originals go.
It's not about hurting feelings in this case. It's about being a fucking asshole. Are you familiar with Meyer pre-OSU? Are you familiar with the criminal-ridden Florida program he ran away from because it got too crazy for him to control? It's this kind of shit that's gonna end up poisoning OSU locker room, too.
He's taking his talents to Ohio State?
Stopping them from scoring (or needing to score because you can't run the clock out) is one thing but running in a TD with 20 seconds left when you're up by 2 scores, have gotten the first down, and they obviously CAN'T stop you is a bit like shoving a retard on the playground just because you can. It was a dick move.
Had it not been a last second Hail Mary lateral fartfest I would agree.
Had they scored normally I'd say yes, go for it. But that last second Hail Mary lateral fest used up all their mojo for the moment. Take a breather and win the game. You just scored like 5 TDs in a row and stomped the shit out of the other team for the entire half.
That shit was insane. Greedy bitches should have gone to OT.
Take a well-known and revered book around 300 pages, write another 2000 pages yourself, map out 9 hours of film, and make sure the source material accounts for about 30 mins of it?
I love hell on wheels. It's really well made.
Not surprising the QB of the team with the most ridiculous assortment of shit-ugly-video game-looking eye bleach needed uniforms in history doesn't have any fashion sense.
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