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I just found out my wife hasn't seen Howard the Duck.... One can only imagine what else she's missed. I'm about to drop bombs on her.
Fitting for one of the worst shows in history.
Did you grow up with the original versions? It's a pretty drastic difference for those of us who did. I'm past getting excited about this but I'd rather watch the original cut and would rather my kids have the same experience.
Would be better than what's going to happen...
Damn close last night. What a waste of a penultimate episode. This show is setting up to be not only one of the worst ever but also have the worst ending ever. It pains me to think this shit has gone 7 seasons and so many other awesome shows have been canceled for no good reason.
Spoiler that shit!
I couldn't remember why she is the antidote. I guess she chugged it during the raid or whatever.
Still no nekkid Jessica. Wtf is up with blondie's blood? I guess I've blocked out most of last season.
Anybody think the texans will win a game this season?
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