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I'm not expecting the new season to be anything like the first. New city, new cops, new plot, etc. We shall see...
Roll tide shartykim
Watched Snowpiercer last night. Pretty good, if not a little long and cliché towards the end.
In your scenario that means miss st beats BAMA (2 losses) and auburn will lose iron bowl and have 2 losses. But if they somehow win then Miss St wins division on tiebreaker.If state loses the SECCG I don't see them getting in because the loss will be to a shitty east team and may end up shutting the SEC out of the playoffs entirely. It would possibly end up being FSU, ND, OREGON, and MICH ST. UGFFFFFFFFGFFGGGErrrrrrr then auburn would still only have one loss.....And if...
If Bama can make it through LSU, I am pretty confident they will take out Miss St at home and Kiffin is gonna jizzmop that shitty auburn D. Ole Miss is out of the tiebreaker scenario now so the tide is in control of their shit at this point. Then SECCG is potentially against Mizzou? LOLZ. I think auburn/GA is gonna be a good game. Not sure Dawgs D can hold up but then again with Chubb and Gurley being back, the boogers is gonna get worked, too. Don't know what to...
Whomp whommmmp
Well color me shocked by the initial poll. Looks good to me!
They shoulda just kept the BCS and used top 4 from that. I wonder which conference will get left out and have a meltdown...or possibly 2 conferences if they let Rudy in for the ratings.
I really hope they can actually recognize the four BEST without succumbing to the politics of conferences and ratings.
I'm gonna display my Homer here but IF Bama can survive LSU I don't see anyone else stopping them. MSU and Auburn at home are all that's left until the neutral field games. Iron Bowl will be a shootout but I don't see the booger D stopping the new offense much as long as we can stop fucking fumbling. MSU will put up a fight but they gonna get raped. Boogers win this weekend and State will win the egg bowl clearing the way to the SECCG then it's all gravy.
New Posts  All Forums: