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Isn't the 3DS still trucking along, especially in Japan? I haven't had the need for a handheld since I was a kid but this thing will be great for plane rides and the random times I want to play games. I'm not a huge fan of gaming on my phone or even my iPad. I think my PS4 has some available peripheral for gaming around the house but I can't be bothered with that. Switch seems more like a convenience thing than an attempt to expand handheld gaming. A system that will...
The problem I had with the Wii peripherals was the fragmentation of what was needed for what application. There was no universal solution.Then the Wii U comes along with the pro controller, the clunky Wii screen thing, and regular Wii remote compatibility.This looks more streamlined to me. It has a dedicated controller and if you want to use the screen you can pop the wings off and attach them and use it like a regular mobile device or a screen with controllers. Or...
Loved that one. I hope Dream On makes it at some point
I hope not, at least not for the console. Looking down at the touchpad to find options and shit during a game is terribly annoying, not to mention how cumbersome and uncomfortable the controller is because of it.I guess the Switch itself could be touchscreen but that wouldn't be very useful when it's docked or while using the removable remotes.Maybe some kind of trackpad thing would come along?
Looks great to me. Fuck a touch screen.
Mmmm dem bubble butts
a(ss)T(o)m(outh) is gonna get throttled next weekend.
Word, bitch. Phantoms like a motherfucker.
3 episodes into The Affair on showtime. Pretty good so far. Having McNulty and the hottie from Luther doesn't hurt.
Have you ever seen a movie with two Benedicts....on weeed, man?
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