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Whaaaat? Say it ain't so!
Well how will you know if you can't hear it?!
Look around his site. The strat building tour thing is awesome and I borderline want to rub one out to it: http://ronkirn.com/tutorial/index.htm.If I end up liking the tele as much as I think I may sell my fender and get one of his barnbusters, too.
Just put in an order on one of these sex kittens: http://ronkirn.com/blackie.htm Pretty excited about this one. He's a super nice guy and frequent poster on tdpri and the gear page.
No. I usually compulsively search things in safari or click linked vids in forums and then they fuck up because of the content blocker.
As awesome as crystal is, it has completely incapacitated YouTube. Anybody else having the same experience?
I love my tele. I find that since I got it I'm starting to use the board less and less. It's already been downsized quite a bit.
I'd try the fuzz first. You can get that balls out live tone and roll the knob back for his less aggressive stuff. Or you could stack it with the OD and go crazy. For Harvest sounds an OD would probably work. For live rust etc. the fuzz will be better. I haven't played a Muff style fuzz in a long time but my old Germanium fuzz could get close.
Depends on what tone you want.Durham Crazy Horse is fucking awesome, though. Maybe a wampler Tweed '57.A lot of it is in the right hand, too. You need to whack that motherfucking guitar and use a lot of upstrokes.
A muddy twin? Now I've heard it all. Check out some Jim Campilongo if you wanna see a Princeton in action.
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