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The new season of Hell on Wheels just started. You can stream the old ones, which I did for the first 3. This show is really damn good.
I looked. I fappened.
I think it's a red herring. Probably wrong but that dude looks far from ginger, himself. The kid is fat because he sits around stuffing his face with pizza and watching friends all day.
And I think the fat fuck child's father is Vince's boy that Farrell has been tailing.
And only 2 episodes left. What in the fuck was the point?
The one man party scene made this entire shitshow of a season worth it.
Every time I see Affleck as Batman I can't help but think of Lennie from Of Mice and Men..
Pics of thousand titties monster?
I had one of those and sold it to get the Wildwood. They're nice. There were a few other 60th anny models so if you go hunting make sure it's for the right one.
New Posts  All Forums: