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Holy balls! MOTHRA!!!!!! I thought someone else was in possession of her rights.
My wife and I pump ourselves full of HGH and set up stationary bikes in front of the TV. It's far from boring and I wink at everyone.
Is it weird that when I look at his chin I get the same funny feeling i get from looking at Kim kardashian's ass?
I still watch uncle buck and vouch for the Sandlot even though I may have been a bit older when that one came out. I have a standing list of cheesy childhood nostalgia that I regularly partake in, includingDirty rotten scoundrelsThe great outdoorsFunny farmDoc HollywoodThe vacation trilogyWhat about bob?MeatballsThe golden childComing to AmericaThe burbsDisorderliesPlanes trains and automobilesTo name a few. I loved these movies as a kid and can still watch them any time,...
And Brutus/littlefinger speech patterns are remarkably similar.
Watching Rome now. There are definitely some similarities, especially between Cercei and Caesar's niece.
Anybody having success with the music vault youtube channel and an Apple TV? I subscribed but nothing is showing up in the YouTube app subscriptions. Videos load in subscriptions on ipad and iphone, just not on Apple TV. I try to airplay vids and they won't load (error occurred message). Other subscriptions and airplay attempts are working fine. I'm baffled. It's version 3 and software is up to date.
Leo DiCaprio as bond Christian bale as villain Cue music Dada da da da dada (Wheeeeeeeeyyyyyyuuuummmmm)
They probably want some sort of GOT reaction out of people but nobody even really gives a fuck anymore. Killing these characters off at this point is doing everyone a favor.
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