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Steve Trevor is such a visor name.
I never read the books so my opinion of what's going on is....unsullied.... It entertains me and I'm glad to be free of what appears to be terrible frustration about what's happening. It's sillier and not as engaging as it used to be but I'll still watch. I'm sure if I read the books I'd be done, as well.
Topher Grace.... Bahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaa
Well that's why they took the whole "fuck you entertain me" approach to the story I guess.
I think the show was abosuletly more about the destination than the journey. What was the point? To show how the "greatest ad man" ended up creating the "greatest ad." The journey was a side effect but that show had to have an end result. The journey argument should be saved for shit like the LOST ending.
Or just slice re fucking whip in half. What a cosplay shitshow.
Leto is the world's hottest lesbian.
I wonder if they would have cast Adebisi if they made it further into workplace integration.
I wish he would have thought up "have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up!" He found his enlightenment I guess.
Well then.
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