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It has limited storage from what I could tell in the presentation. I think you can put some music on it and I'd imagine it retains all the health app info until you get back to your phone. Bluetooth headphones will be necessary, I guess.I really like the direction this thing can go. I won't be getting the first gen but after some design tweaks and advancements I'll probably get on board at some point. It's definitely a lot better than I was expecting.
Looks like the tumbler buttfucked the keatonmobile
I wish Rome would have gotten its planned treatment. Hopefully this one will end well.
Definitely could have used a recap... Oh well
He killed it in That Thing You Do and was pretty good in treme. Everything else, though....
I was really disappointed by this after how fluffed it was by some of my friends. The twitter shit was terribly annoying and, living in austin, I want to kill anyone who name drops fucking Franklin BBQ. So overplayed...Some good acting but it really just drives home how goddamned annoying social media and the food truck craze are.Anyways, revisited this one and forgot how awesome it is.Will need to track down Lords of Dogtown for next. It's been a while but I remember...
Badgers WTF. Okie light WTF. y'all coulda done it.
I just found out my wife hasn't seen Howard the Duck.... One can only imagine what else she's missed. I'm about to drop bombs on her.
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