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That's my point. You can on the Wiis. So either N thinks they can make more money selling the individual downloads on other systems, sees it as an incentive to get people to keep buying Wiis, or really just doesn't give a shit and picked 30 games to load and still make a buttload of cash selling the minis anyways.That and adding more games and/or Internet ability would add to the cost of the system...
Probably so they can keep charging people $5 for the 62 other games
Wife gone Watched Deadpool Entertained More than expected Single malt Golden goat
What is that? Boobie Patrol?
Willie Wonka wasn't great but it sold itself much better. Previews made it look really fucking weird and it had the "truer to the book" angle people fell for, not to mention Tim Burton,Remaking Ghostbusters is just pointless in every capacity and it has looked fucking terrible from the get-go...the promo shots, the trailers....everything about it pointed to crap. People want to tie gender to it as a scapegoat but IMO anyone put into those would have looked just as bad.
Who in the fuck has any emotional investment in Robocop? Put a dude in a robot suit and blow shit up....who cares? Reboot it 35 times. Ghostbusters looks like a really shitty SNL skit and probably goes way over its 2 minute entertainment expiration as well. They could have used Andy Samburg and Keenen Thompson, the drunk uncle dude, and whoever the hell else and it would still look like shit only nobody would get butthurt about if because Lena Dunham wouldn't...
He would have liked it if it had a male cast
Meh anybody who calls it out for being bad is gonna get called a sexist. It's a lose/lose situation.
I can hear Lena Dunham's head exploding from here.
Uhhhh....if that's part of the deal....I guess so? *smirk*
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