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I do. They're work boots. I dress them up on occasion but 98% of the time I wear them it's with jeans.
Bahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa http://www.thterrortime.com/new-ghostbusters-trailer-makes-youtube-history-as-most-disliked-trailer-ever/?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link
Having a little baby, we rarely get out to movies. This is the most recent viewing. It was ok. I think the Dazed and Confused marketing angle ruined it for me because that's one of my favorite movies ever and this one falls well short of it. It lacks all the nostalgic and emotional connections to the time period that made Dazed so special and most of the characters are completely unrelateable, which is entirely opposite of its "spiritual predecessor." In fact, it...
Nice. He was fucking awesome in that role.
The only Dorn worth watching on the screen is this one. They're all terrible actors and Roger would be ashamed.
Word is he was treated for an overdose last week, not the flu.
Who let that Honky in the shell?
Finally got to order my belt, yo!
Looks like they took a wrong turn on the way to a Renaissance Faire
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