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I love hell on wheels. It's really well made.
Not surprising the QB of the team with the most ridiculous assortment of shit-ugly-video game-looking eye bleach needed uniforms in history doesn't have any fashion sense.
Trying to find a breakdown of #70-80 for you but no luck so far.
Big12 fucked them out of it by the co-champion snowflake shit. Here's an interesting graphic for you..
Lane fucking Kiffin. LOLLLZ. SMD
Roll tide, fartnuggets.
LOL you sure are angry at the end of the season after your Georgia team (tech, souhern, state?) spent another couple of months sucking it up again.Don't worry, it will be over in a day and you can calm back down and pump yourself up for more mediocrity next season.Theft is a malicious crime... Being arrested for it reiterates that. NCAA violations are not criminal. Using underage drinking by a college student as an argument (and are you really comparing them?) is sad and...
Both are raging douchebags. Winston is just more low brow and prone to criminal behavior. JFF is TMZ and Jameis is COPS.
I'm not expecting the new season to be anything like the first. New city, new cops, new plot, etc. We shall see...
Roll tide shartykim
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