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I can vouch for the 10. It's definitely the most versatile and the only one with a flat mode, which apparently is great for pedals and even bass.
You're fat, You already have diabetes. Son, you are die.
I've had success with a regular old pencil eraser on leather.
He's fucking 12.
He also originally wanted to call Yoda "Buffy"
Mine arrived Monday, I like it for the most part. The remote is cool and playing quick and fun games is a nice addition. Voice control is convenient and I feel more inclined to use it in this application rather than something like Kinect or even Siri on my phone.I don't like the fact the remote app doesn't work with it yet and I really don't like the layout of the new Netflix app. On that note, they should have preinstalled Netflix and a few others rather than having...
I have an older airport time capsule and never had any issues running the 360 with it. What are you worried about?
My eyes wear out much more quickly when reading an iPad compared to a kindle.
Got my Apple TV order in today. Hopefully it will deliver next week as expected.
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