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No shit.
I'm so happy Zelda will be on the U. Fuck them for holding it for the next console. Now I can play the only game I really want to and wait and see if this fucker flops.
Hell on Wheels was fucking awesome and it's a fucking shame how unappreciated it is.
Well it wasn't 1 that led them to consciousness. It was the memories and ultimately suffering because of them, as Ford explained, that allowed the hosts to finally understand what consciousness is. Dolores, for instance, finally started hearing the internal voice as her own rather than that of Arnold or a creator (the bicameral mind). Killing Ford was just her true "self" acting out in a manner of revenge. That act didn't unlock consciousness as that had already...
I was thrown by his handshake with Bernard. His hand was really weird and lifeless when they zoomed in with intent.I think the host he was working on in the basement was himself. He's chilling somewhere, Maeve was the perfect distraction, and the board is likely gone for good. The ultimate narrative.
I think that's how it is...Arnold sent her on the maze, she develops consciousness, and she comes back to him after experiencing pain and suffering.she ends up killing arnold and probably massacres the other original hosts and gets put in a narrative...She then goes on the maze and starts to develop consciousness again with William...where some shit is gonna go down that we haven't seen yet...She's painted that scene 10,000 times or something so it's pretty clear she has...
Not sure there's a wrong way but I'm loving the chance to geek out again like when watching the first few seasons of Lost. There's a lot going on in this show and some crazy theories are out there.
We're watching 3 Dolori....1 at the beginning of WW who has the talks with Arnold witnessed through the flashback/dreamsNext Dolores is a few years later with WilliamCurrent Dolores who is following her path she was on with William and flashing back to being with him via "deja vu" type shit.She changes from the dress to the pants in the same town she did with William.She's following the exact same maze path she went on with William...with him the church town was buried. ...
What do you mean what happened to it?
Gonna need to be 10MM a year for anyone to want to put up with their bullshit along with all the LHN requirements/distractions.
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