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There's some stuff on there I've liked...Freaks and geeksBattlestar galacticaHell on wheelsLongmireDr whoRockford filesSOABreaking badSherlockThat detective shit with idris elba i can't remember the name of right nowProbably some other shit I'm forgettingIt's slim pickings especially once you've watched all of them but there are some good optionsAlways good for popping on an episode of Frasier or some random 70s show, etc....
Started 11.22.63 last night and it's entertaining enough after the first episode. Watching teletubbies on the noggin app with my daughter right now and, man, this shit really sucks without drugs.
Considering a turtlefrog can lift an x-wing with his mind, I'd assume anything is possible.
Liked S1 a lot and we lost interest and gave up after S2. May have to give it another shot after Donovan if it gets good again.
Just finished S3 of Ray Donovan. Jon Voight is awesome in this one.
Wasn't uncle Ben his dad's older brother by like 15-20 years?
I know that. I'm talking about the Wiis in that respect.
That's my point. You can on the Wiis. So either N thinks they can make more money selling the individual downloads on other systems, sees it as an incentive to get people to keep buying Wiis, or really just doesn't give a shit and picked 30 games to load and still make a buttload of cash selling the minis anyways.That and adding more games and/or Internet ability would add to the cost of the system...
Probably so they can keep charging people $5 for the 62 other games
Wife gone Watched Deadpool Entertained More than expected Single malt Golden goat
New Posts  All Forums: