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Knuck knuck moose?
I wonder if it's from when he thugged on his mom
Keaton's performance was greatly enhanced by the cinematography but also greatly diminished by it. I haven't seen the other one yet but is he not speaking via a computer for 90% of it?
LOL birdman is just a character he played before his career took a nosedive (a la MK and batman). There are no superpowers. He was having a mental breakdown and the birdman activity was nothing more than his imagination acting out.
Is it is, this miniature shield of Captain Thailand, which is to be on this jeans?
Sooooo....leotards and tube tops. Revolutionary fo sho. Looks like extras from Minority Report.
You take yer standard 10 fold tie and go a step further. You wanna be careful to stop at one because if you end up with a 12 fold tie the market shrinks to NBA players.
Mall Cinnabon managers.
Here's the Barton after 4 days. I sized down from 32 to 31. Per their advice a 30 would be "normal" and this is "looser" but I think that's a little too snug.Ignore the shirt...
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