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Previously on LOST....
BenJen is a terrible TMZ name. I'm fucking sick of Danys. Wanted some Marjorie boobs, too.
Ugh the more I think about it the more I realize this is like starting to look like LOST buttfucked LoTR and had a pinhead baby.
Seriously...she's dragging him into the snow with the lords of snow a football field behind them, at most, with the snow king's GPS burned into his arm. This is just sloppy plot development.Launch fireballs, wait for snow King because he's obviously stupid af, stab with dragonglass spear. The end.This is getting as silly as not flying the eagles into Mordor
What the fuck kind of time-space continuum shenanigan fuckery was that? BOLLOCKS.
That's not a Barry nice thing to say
The mother of BONERZ
Don't wanna do the time warp, again? Nice cans, though.
Helloooooooo ladies.Breach of contract?
The Ned Stark scene was cosplay level. I felt like I was watching Monty Python.
New Posts  All Forums: