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Dude's head is fucked. 9 years in the NFL and the ONLY reason anyone will remember him at all is for getting his ass kicked.
I liked it. I'm a big fan of Odenkirk but for some reason Saul is not a good lead character for me so far. I prefer him to be a reaction to the plot rather than a central element.
Can't wait for the sexy halloween versions!
What we do in the shadows is tremendously AWFUL.
Are they rebooting beverly hills cop with kevin hart and him as Brigitte Neilsen?
Insanity sized is more like it. They don't really give a fuck about consistency. There's a good chance you could be anything from a 27 to a 30 depending on which pair you put one
Tell him to file a report on www.suckit.com
Knuck knuck moose?
I wonder if it's from when he thugged on his mom
Keaton's performance was greatly enhanced by the cinematography but also greatly diminished by it. I haven't seen the other one yet but is he not speaking via a computer for 90% of it?
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