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Twins had mad soul. It's his masterpiece.
Should ofCould ofWould of
I wonder if they'll cut off his Johnson.
Maybe they just blasted him with a dildo cannon?
What books?
I need to figure out if I want to go xbox or PS4. Nintendo can SMD right now.
And they all had the corniest first meeting of any characters I can recall.Vaughn is mob guy trying to go straight. Needed city manager alive.Pretty sure that McAdams wanted to toss the salad or something.Kitsch my be some sort of crash survivor on a guilt trip. He has flappy cheeks and I will never take the character seriously after that.
Yeah his chops are there but I hope he doesn't have to act his way out of the shit they write for him. If episode 1 was any indication, it's gonna be a rough ride for him (or anyone having to play that part).
Took me back to when I was at dinner with my parents and ordered 2 glasses unbeknownst to them. Pops had a WTF moment when they got the bill but my argument was that, since he had stopped drinking for a while at the time, he was actually coming out ahead even with $70 for 2 glasses.Tim Riggins is gonna be a tough sell in this one. Every scene he was in was cheesetown. The wind in the face bike scene had me in guffaw mode.
New Posts  All Forums: