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Travis barker joker looks terrible. It also makes me think he will be half-naked for most of the movie. Outlook not so good.
I guess but generally it is either so kitschy that it works or the budget is high enough to make it look good enough to suspend disbelief. This one falls in a weird grey area for me.
He has some chops. Damn good in Hell on Wheels.
Maybe I need to watch it again but my initial impression was that it looked like a patent leather cosplay getup.
I actually laughed when daredevil's suit was shown. It is, as stated above, derpy. The only saving grace is that the dude who made it for him said it wasn't a finished product so hopefully the show will take advantage of that.
Betty is a repressed child and has always wanted the Weiner kid inside her. LOL her reasoning this time was simply "i'm married" and nothing more.
The downside is that this is all we are gonna hear about for the next year unless manziel fucks up again.
I think he will be fine as long as he stays in the suit. I'm not very optimistic about the Bruce Wayne aspect. Ben Affleck is Batman. Say that out loud. It just sounds ridiculous. I would have less of a problem with Michael Cera playing Wonder Woman. Gigli.
Does she want a gorilla mask?
Who wants to look at an ugly broad?
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