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Look at my booooooobs Lookie lookie loooooo Now look away from my boooooobs Do I still matter to you? Nose ring nose ring Cartoon cartoon cartoon Let's all bounce with the Boobs boobs booooooobs!
I don't see ant-man there. Edit: Oh, he's in the 3rd pic. Captain America's team is definitely going to be the most annoying.
Just a cabinet in the living room. There's a wine cellar but unfortunately all the fun stuff was left out here.
Hey scotch guys, My old lady's grandpa's liquor cabinet has a bottle of Glenlivet 25 yr Special Jubilee Reserve. It has to be like 40 years old at this point. Here's this issue: it is unopened and about 1/3 of it has evaporated. I opened it and the cork is black and about half rotted away. It still smells like scotch and not funky. Drink it?
Underboob. Yaissssszzzzzzsz
Jeff Beck is incredible. He's continued to push forward his entire career when his peers have been resting on their laurels for 30 years. The fusion stuff is my jam but even the industrial electronic shredfest shit is awesome. I'm not sure anyone else has as much command over the instrument as he does. Sure, other people know more about theory and whatnot, but he can make that bitch bend to whatever he wants out of it and with minimal assistance from gadgets. His...
I've always heard complaints but I've never had any really troubling issues with it. But now it's completely shit the bed. I hope ios9 fixes the shitty music apps too, because it was fine the way it was.
I want to know what in the FUCK is going on with the new music app and iTunes. Shit is all jacked up. It's creating weird playlists on its own when synced and the functionality when plugged into the USB of my truck is all fucky.
Wait a minute. Luke Skywalker is a Jedi?! Get the fuck out. Thanks for ruining everything.
If a show takes a shit in the forest and everyone is there to see it, does it make another season?
New Posts  All Forums: