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Heh thanks for the compliment. However, I honestly feel like a douchebag with my current hair. It just goes wherever, a different look every day.Thanks for that link. Would have been better with pictures but I have a good imagination. I think I do need a blowdrier (as the article says) though because I don't want a gelled wet look. I just want it a little bit spiked in the front but not the wet look.
Hello, Can someone please give me hairstyle advice. At the moment my hair is like this... I want to get something like these guys: Basically short and cropped at the front. My hair tends to wave slightly. Should I always be using a blow dryer and gel/wax to achieve this look?
Okay, I'll add an extra tidbit here...I'm muslim and one of the big things in the muslim code is cleanliness/grooming.1) Cut nails.2) Pluck/shave hairs from armpit3) Brush teeth after every meal4) Shave pubes5) Let hair on face grow, but trim area between mouth and nose.I probably shave the pubes once every 5-6 days. It can really make you extra horny though, might be to do with heat because temperature of the testicles is meant to be less than the rest of the body. Not...
LOL! No I mean for the woman. But if the woman shaves her bits as well.
It's for cleanliness. I always find it amusing that society generally goes for clean shaven faces (aka baby face) but when someone mentions shaving of pubes you get comments like this. I'm not criticising you specifically it's just something I've noticed a lot. A beard is more a mark of manliness than the hair on your balls and of course because everyone can see the hair on your face but not on the balls.Also, it can heighten sexual sensations. Oral sex is more fun when...
The only areas I shave on my body is the pubes - on privates and around anus. Also arm pits. I dunno if it would be weird to shave the upper arms. My forearms are quite hairy but on the upper arms I have like 20 strands of hair. What do you guys do?
I was blown away by this book it is so very tragic and terrifying. Even though the book is almost 200 years old and it's been made into movies/parodies I'm surprised by how unique it is to read. Damn it sucks to be Victor Frankenstein in this story, he really lost everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by GSquared It's kind of bushy on the top. Do you have thick or thin hair? (I thought you were going to ask about the guy on the right.) Lol I think the guy on the right is a cool dude. I have slightly thick hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by bare bodkin Well, it works for Jamie Bamber. Do you look like Jamie Bamber? Kind of, I have a similar head shape. When I see the stylist I'll ask them if it will suit me or if they can think of anything better.
The one on the left. I'm going to go to a stylist soon to ask them to try this style on me.
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