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Digging this one:
 I decided to postpone buying a bag as I currently don't have enough money to buy a nice one that I will really like. And I don't want to get something cheap that I won't really like.I am going to buy this: so I can carry all the things I need for the moment (laptop, few sheets of paper, pen) and when I have enough money I can buy a nice bag and I will still be able to use this as a sleeve to protect...
The safest option is to just print the picture and show it to your hairdresser ;)
Recommendations for a bag to carry my stuff to school? It shouldn't be too big because most of the time I will just cary my laptop (13" vaio pro) and a few papers. I don't really like the look of a messenger bag and a briefcase will look stupid because I'm still a student. I quiet liked the look of this but it's rather expensive and noone else in my family liked it so I'm not sure about...
There's also a Stephan Schneider sale at those dates. It was posted in the Stephan Schneider thread:
Sorry, but don't really know what you mean. Are you refering to all threads in streetstyle / classic menswear subforums? Or to specific threads? Yeah I'm already following that thread but it's way more text than pictures :p
Awesome topic! Is there a topic like this but with pictures of men? (like just full of pics of really cool & different men styles)
Maybe interesting for people from Belgium:
Anyone who knows which shoes the guy on the right is wearing?  
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