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I bought a hood (the kind with the tartan lining) for my Ashby jacket, and I am having problems attaching it to my jacket for the first time.   If you are looking at the outside of the hood, the 1st and 3rd snaps/studs attach securely to my jacket without any difficulty. However, I cannot get the 2nd and 4th to securely snap into place. I can get the male end to go in partially, but the ends pop apart if you move the hood at all.    Is my hood defective or is there...
I just bought a navy Ashby on sale from John Lewis. It was marked down by £80. So far I am very happy with the jacket. I bought a large, and while I have not worn it with a thicker sweater yet, it seems to be the perfect size for me.   Not that this will change my opinion of the jacket, but where is the tag which says where it was made? I found the tag in the pocket but it does not say there. I haven't been able to find any other hidden tags.
For the benefit of the Americans here, it is still semi-common in the UK for men of a certain age to button the top button of all shirts, despite how stupid it looks, in an poor attempt to look like one of the Gallagher brothers from 20 years ago.    However,even Noel and Liam no longer dress like that.      
 Mimo's religion comment was a joke. Think about it... 
Nobody is going to be able to tell you the exact model from that tiny picture. Try finding a larger picture. 
  Thanks, I was afraid the oxford pair may not be dark enough. I wasn't intending to wear them to very formal occasions. I am just looking for a pair to occasionally wear to the office with navy suits and also with khakis on casual Fridays. A pair of black Loake 1880s are my main shoes for work.   According to Herring's site, the oxford pair is calf leather, and I can get them for £100 after the 20% off code, which seems like a good price. I'm debating if I want to get...
Are either of these ok to wear with navy suits or should I be looking for something slightly darker?   
I am looking to get a not that expensive pair of brown brogues to wear with navy suits and on casual fridays. Are the two below shoes an ok shade of brown or should I be looking for something slightly darker?    Herring Haslemere Edinburgh
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