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Quote: Originally Posted by jsqfunk There is more good stuff in a Men's Ex or Leon before the masthead, than in an entire GQ, etc. QFT Once you buy a couple of Japanese mags you won't go back to Details & GQ. It's like comparing Converse with Crockett & Jones. You don't need to speak Japanese - the photos and illustrations are all you require.
Never at all.
I think they fit very well. I'd prefer to have the back pockets set closer together though.
The McQueen boots you posted are dress boots similar to these Grenson boots but without the back lacing: or these from the Rider Boot Company: The Stacy Adams boots in your OP have open lacing so even though they have a similar shape they are not technically a dress boot. You should do a forum and google search using the terms "dress boots", "oxford boots" and "balmoral boots" if you are looking for alternatives to the McQueens. Try these threads for...
Mismatching black and brown is not something I'd do personally. I can't see how the combination you mention above wouldn't look better with brown shoes and brown belt. I only wear black shoes or belt with white jeans when I go monochrome. Mismatching shoes and belt might look ok with colours eg navy shoes & burgundy surcingle belt but you'd have to try it out at home first..
John Smedley
Any light coloured wallet thats in your pocket all the time mixing with keys and coins is going to look absolutely flogged within a couple of months. I've learned this from personal experience. Unless it's only for occasional use I'd recommend against it.
30 approximately
Most navy blazer combos can be done with a navy cardigan instead. White jeans, white shirt, navy drivers. Grey trousers, blue ocbd, blue & red rep tie. Khaki trousers, red striped shirt, navy drivers.
I've been looking for something similar:
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