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The Barney's boots are passable. The rubber commando sole pretty much means casual shirt only. They're not really suitable to wear with a "dress" shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by spudeey Where can I buy Fjällräven ?
Rokin Superga Varvatos Paul Smith
If you find a polo that fits in the chest and shoulders just take it to a tailor and have it shortened to exactly the length you want.
Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell +1 These are bloody fantastic. 100% invisible! They even have rubber ribbing on the inside of the heel to prevent slipping.
If you wear a suit then you have the option of wearing french cuffs if you prefer. Most of the guys I see wearing French cuffs in Sydney do it without a suit. It looks try-hard and flashy most of the time. The same guys are often sporting three or four rings, a bling watch and a neckchain. French cuffs with business casual doesn't fly in my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Any suggestions for straight cuts that are very slim through the top block & hips? Acne Mics and Studio d'Artisan SD-103s are the best jeans with a slim top block that work for me personally. Both have a low to mid rise (back and front) and slim leg. You need to figure out what works best for you based on your body measurements however. I'd advise you to take measurements of any jeans that fit you well in the...
Sydney and Melbourne won't be as warm as you imagine during winter. I'd definitely pack a lightweight jacket, preferably wind proof, and add a few sweaters to the mix. Melbourne weather can be very unpredicable. Be prepared for wet and windy.
* How did you go about figuring out what kind of fits work for you? Fit takes a while to get a handle on. It can be time consuming and expensive to work it out especially if your weight isn't reasonably static. As other posters have mentioned your personal style of clothing has a lot to do with it - generally classic preppy stuff looks good when fitted slim, workwear often looks better loose. I wear a lot of classic preppy stuff and like to wear it fairly slim fitted....
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