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Um, potheads mainly.
The only Chinese suits I saw were the ones with the topstitched lapels. They looked terrible and to be honest I didn't bother looking any further. I assumed any stock with pick stitching was part of the remaining Japanese stock as was the case with the trousers I purchased. That was the impression I got from the sales assistant as well. If that's not the case I stand corrected. Herringbone have just come out of administration so moving production to China is clearly a...
I dropped in to Herringbone earlier today to pick up a spare pair of trousers for one of my suits. I got a real surprise when I looked at their latest offerings. Their made in Japan suits are now a thing of the past apparently - all new suits are to be made in China according to the sales assistant. The quality looks to be falling off a cliff. Fortunately they still have some made in Japan stuff left and I got the trousers I wanted. If any Aussie members are thinking of...
Nay. It's amateurish in my opinion - I don't think I've ever seen it done well. It ends up looking: (a) costumey in a Polo RL lookbook way or (b) like you cheaped out on getting proper knitwear to layer with. I'm not impressed with any of the photo examples posted either. If you're wearing a tee then by all means layer a hoodie over it. If you're wearing an OCBD wear a proper knit - a jumper, a sleeveless pullover, cardigan etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by genericman Any thoughts on LL Bean Engineer Boots or Bed Stu Deputy (http://www.shoebuy.com/bed-stu-deputy/208348) I have the Deputy in teak. It's a nice looking boot in real life and works pretty well for casual fits. The quality is very ordinary though - it's lined with an orange foam material!?!?! I got mine on sale so I'm happy enough with price v quality. I definitely wouldn't pay full price for these. I'd...
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast This is very interesting. I'm having to think about which is better, before or after. +1 Apart from the collar I don't see much improvement. With every guy on the street wearing short jackets casually these days it's actually refreshing to see something a bit longer. I'd take an inch off it at most. The sleeves are clearly too long and I don't have a problem with them being shortened. That said they don't...
Ebay for sure
This is streetwear so a lot of the rules bandied around for mixing and matching dress clothes don't apply. "Don't match black and brown" being a case in point. Brown boots and blue denim is a pretty classic streetwear look if you ask me. Brown boots and black jeans can work too - probably best with mid browns so you get some contrast. Burgundy boots are a better option with black jeans in my opinion though.
Even though you say you're not into boots I'd definitely reconsider. There are far more boot options available for achieving a good casual look than there are shoes. Loafers & driving moccs can look ok but generally only work for summer: Paul Smith
Quote: Originally Posted by Schnurretiger That particular jacket is available from Magnoli Clothiers. Nice jacket, nice price. I'm pretty sure the jacket in the movie is by Y-3. $350 is exhorbitant for a straight out rip-off copy. I don't think the original retail was this high. I'd be wary about the fit unless they do MTM.
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