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Yeah, CR is nothing special but it is still probably the best of the Australian chains when it comes to footwear. You can pick up some ok stuff from time to time. Desert boots this season for instance. Last winter they carried a straight up rip-off of Paul Smith's Ricard boots. Italian manufactured and absolutely identical - probably made in the same factory. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't pick them up for about $75 on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dangydang the fit is perfect...BUY!!! Shirts look good. Fit is far from perfect though. You need to size up - you're about to pop a button on the chest.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong Yeah, they're the same soles, but even the fakes use those soles, so it's not saying much. The uppers on those GAs are obviously inferior to CPs, though, even from those bad pics... the leather is really thin and has that cheap-looking sheen, and the construction looks like crap. I wouldn't be so quick to make snap appraisals of quality based on crappy internet photos if I were you. I dont own CPs or the GAs...
I say buttoned on a correctly fitting jacket. Some sportscoats can look good unbuttoned. If they do though they're probably too tight to button up without pulling anyway.
They look good from the front but there seems to be a lot of break in the leg. You might consider getting the legs shortened a little as well. I wouldn't worry about the seam - it looks better as is in my opinion. Without seeing the back it's hard to say what's causing the sag. Reducing the back rise cures a lot of sagging issues but they look pretty low rise from the front . I'd suggest going to a good alterations tailor and just asking them to reduce the sagging in...
+1 on not doing up the lower button. I think the suit looks good. It's hard to tell with both buttons done up but the jacket is close to the borderline of being too tight. You definitely don't want it any more fitted. The temptation with bespoke is push the envelope of fit to the limit. This is fine if if your weight stays constant. Should you put on just a couple of kilos however you run the risk of having a jacket that is too small. I have done this with bespoke shirts...
Treat your knitwear the same as you would a woolen suit. I would not wash woolens no matter what the manufacturer recommends. They never look the same afterwards even if you follow the instructions exactly. Light soiling should just be brushed off or spot cleaned. I have a large knitwear rotation so my knits get plenty of rest between wearings. Body odour should not be a problem if you wear a shirt underneath but you should give the garment an airing before you store it. ...
Looks perfect to me.
5 buttoned is fine.
Washing woolens is the best way to ruin them. It's best to just spot clean. Can't vouch for the quality but Glenmuir are UK based: http://www.glenmuir.com
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