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I usually wear mine untucked but then most of my polos are rib knitted at the bottom.
+1 on going with a solid shirt. Red looks better - the look is too monochrome otherwise.
Acne is good for slim fit chinos.
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist Is the back of your neck getting sunburned? otherwise it stays down. +1 If you're out in sun with fair skin I'd give you a pass - it's serving a genuine purpose.
Quote: Originally Posted by wiru Loafer socks are douchey? No one even sees them. But yes they are very feminine and will probably make you gay. +1 Just get invisible sneaker socks. Try Falke:
My vote is for the last one.
I only use them for sunglasses.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester What do y'all think about this Raf quilted bomber at SW? I am giving it some thought. Looks great. It's a classic style of jacket well executed. You'll always be able to wear it. If you're happy with the price go for it.
This outfit wouldn't look good on anyone but this guy is trying way to hard for his age. Second guy looks good but I'd tame the pocketsquare.
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