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Nice pickup. I saw those in Blue Spinich last week but I'm a size 10 unfortunately.
Most peacoats are cut boxy. I had a similar issue about six months ago and had my peacoat tailored to suppress the waist. Assuming the coat fits you properly in the shoulders and chest, suppressing the waist can improve the fit considerably. Waist suppression in a peacoat involves taking the coat in along the back seams and the side seams. My coat has three back seams and the tailor took a little out of each to narrow the waist. He did not alter the side seams. Not...
Agreed, they look like a good fit.
Studio D'Artisan - SD 105
White is a good choice with dark denim but if you're wearing lighter coloured denim, then a navy poplin shirt always looks sharp.
Cross post from "I have a Jean..." thread: I just received a pair of APC Grey New Standards today which I purchased off the APC website. I have two other pairs - one black and one indigo. Normally I would size down two and get size 30. APC's website was sold out of 30 however, so I took a chance and ordered 31. Using the Blue in Green method the measurements are: Waist: 17 Front Rise: 10 1/2 Back Rise: 14 Thigh: 12 1/2 Knee: 9 1/8 Leg Opening: 8 Inseam:...
[quote] Quote: Originally Posted by Stylish Pilot Just to add some useful info to the thread. If any one is interested in getting the Grey New Standards and are worried about sizing. they NS sizing chart on context is pretty much spot on. i only sized down 1 because they aren't raw and i don't think they will stretch a whole ton. and they are a perfect fit. denim is nice, and actually pretty slubby. very soft and super lightweight. they come with a...
"I prefer something that is stylish but at the same time bold (color-wise)." I'd go for light blue or white as well but I'd probably opt for poplin. The cardigan alone is bold enough for any outfit.
If you are in Sydney and looking for better quality denim there are a few places you should check out: "Incu" in Paddington for Acne, APC and Corpus "Assin" in Paddington for Dior "That Store" in Paddington is also worth a look "Anther" in Darlinghurst for Imperial
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