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I'm surprised that Singular hasn't made it into this thread already: Some more Get Smart: A few others of note:
KVA Jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by robin What ever happened to that line they were going to do with Dries Van Noten? The Dries Van Noten "Correct Line" is now available but not in large quantities. I have seen one small rack stocked at their Sydney store. The line is definitely cleaner than normal G-Star stuff but most pieces do still generally carry a G-star logo somewhere. Think small pony as opposed to large pony PRL. The stuff is very slim fit....
Ralph Lauren is doing some pretty cool equestrian style boots at the moment. The quality looks quite decent by ladies footwear standards too. They are a bit over budget though - good ladies shoes are $$$.
Their denim cuts are some of the best I've tried. They're even more outrageously overpriced in Australia than US - $350 AUD for a pair of mics in the Sydney Acne store. There are good deals online though. Zoovillage sells mic and max for 88Euros. That works out $200 AUD less than Sydney prices at current exchange rates. WTF?
It's a good fit - I'd keep it. Diesel leathers are actually quite decent. I've got two - both well constructed with nice quality leather.
Blogs worth a mention: Online stores:
Merino wool for winter - cashmere looses shape too easily. Good quality fine cotton for summer. Pima is usually pretty good.
Creased jeans? Don't do it!
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