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"Getting ready for a change in the new year.." I assume the change is a hiatus from posting.
Price 150 shipped conus
Tried on, realized they were not my correct size. Willing to let go for $150 Shipped CONUS. Paypal please Size 30
Price bump... $185 shipped CONUS
It's in excellent condition. Works without a problem and is fast. Screen has no cracks or gouges. Battery life is consistent with use and lasts me throughout the workday. Purchased April 2010 and has been kept for most of its life in an air jacket case or speck silicone skin case and sometimes both (to demonstrate how careful I have been with it). The phone does have very minor superficial wear and tear that does not affect performance at all. I figure this is an excellent...
Price bump 185 + shipping costs
It's tearing at one of the edges. But the speck cases are like 9.99 on amazon tops.
Price bump $195
price bump
Price bump $225 shipped CONUS
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