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hi all!   have any of you gone trekking with your C&J's - I am going to South America for 8 weeks and thinking of bringing my Conistons. Is this just a terrible idea or a great look for adventure?
Took on New York city rain with my Conistons - they did pretty good!
Is more Violet. This image looks sorta blue since they use a flash.
What last is this on? Could you tell me what size you wear in English shoes? Say C&J and Tricker's
Yes I agree, I usually stick to Tricker's when it comes to boots but found they were too rugged for dressing up.Coniston's are a winner all the way! I also own a pair of Pembroke on the 325 last and I find the vamp area to be really uncomfortable.
New Conistons!   I really don't want to sound dramatic but the 325 'BOOT' last is probably the most comfortable ever on any shoe that I've owned.   My only complain is that this boot is not a Tan but more close to a mid brown, I took some Saphir mink oil and wiped off the excess polish and applied a "cognac" creme.   Does anyone here use Saphir Cognac for this boot, I am leaning towards using a Mahogany.      
Oh Iris Cordovan why do you look so good! Just saying.  
Agreed 100%The London store has better prices and incredible customer service in comparison to the NY store.cheers.
Recently got some Pembrokes, they do well on bikes, rain and what not. Just ordered a pair of Coniston boots, hopefully the instep is roomier on the boots.  
Good evening gentlemen. We are looking for 1 more individual to complete this Burgundy Stow MTO bulk order.   This boot will be based on the Brooklyn Circus stow shown below, there are some modifications made to our MTO such as color and eyelets.   Here are the specifications:   Model: Stow (Kelmscott) Last: 4444 / Fitting 5 Colour: * Burgundy scotch grain on Toe Cap, Facings, Quarters and Heel Counter. * Burgundy calf on Vamp and Tongue. * Burgundy burnished calf...
New Posts  All Forums: