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Hi everyone, I am in the midst of exchanging rmails with Kyle and Brandon at Baker's. Just paid them for a pair of retro oxfords, and am waiting for two pairs to try for fit before finalizing my order. I am thinking navy chromexcel. However, never having owned navy blue shoes, can someone help me out with what they can be worn? Black trousers? Khaki trousers? Blue jeans? All or none of the above? Thank you very much in advance.
I was in Maryland for business, and I took an hour drive into D.C. just to get these Kudu Longwings on double waterlock sole. My first pair of Alden's  
Ok, the size 8s were just too tight across the base of my toes.   Here's a few pictures showing where my toe is and where the ball of my foot is. I am thinking these might be the proper fit, but I can't really tell, they still just appear too big.   Any advice is greatly appreciated. They either will stay or go back by monday.        
 Gloves that have a ton of empty space between the end of your fingers and the end of the glove though. So, not really like a glove, haha. What is the point of all this extra room in the toe? Someone fit me into a pair of red wing Beckman's with that same philosophy, and I hate it and am going probably sell the boots, after 7 months of wearing them.
The rest of the 9 feels... well, ok. I have them under my desk in their box at work, I'll take some photos tomorrow and draw on them where my toe ends, and perhaps you kind folks can give me some advice. I'll also show where the ball of my foot falls on the shoe as well.   I LOVE these shoes, I"m hooked. HOOKED. I am about to blow a thousand dollars on these two pairs.... I really want to get it right and not walk around for the next 10 years wondering if my shoes fit...
They didn't really feel like they were going to fall off, but they did feel like I would be tripping over the toe in my usual stride.   Well, to be honest with you, I kept the 9s. The 9 1/2 were just ridiculous, and the 9's were slightly less so. So, if the 8's are too tight/small, I'll try to find an 8 1/2.   Such a pain, but after examining these shoes, I think it is worth the hassle. I have a pair of cheap-o dress shoes that say size 10 1/2 in them that fit me very...
Hello everyone,   This week I purchased my first two pairs of Alden's... A pair of Epaulet Alt Wiens, and Jcrew LWBs.   Unfortuantely, neither fit me and are going back, and I'm hoping some of you can help me out.   I'm a 10 on a Brannock device. So I ordered a 9 and a 9 1/2. Both were HUGE on me.   Or were they? Where is the end of your toe supposed to fall in these shoes? in the 9 1/2, I had a thumb and a half between the end of my big toe and the inside of the...
wait, what 25% discount?
Hamiltons are, in my opinion, the sweet spot between cheap and expensive.   My Khaki Scuba was 500.   For a new Hamilton automatic, expect to pay between 400 and 1000, depending on the model.
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