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Thank you, duly noted.   I will give it a try ASAP.
Thank you for the advice.   My feeling is that I don't want to have to reapply gold bond powder just to make a squeek go away. Isn't that going to me messy anyway?   I've worn them for maybe ten 8 hour days, and the squeak appears around 11:30 consistently. How much longer do I have to put up with this or use gold bond powder?   I'm just returning them. If they won't take them back, I'm ripping all the insole out and having a cobbler put a leather insole in for me. 
  I am struggling with a pair of Brooks Brother's captoes right now. they have not one, but TWO layered spongy rubber insoles, which are AWFUL. For one, they feel like walking on goop. Some people might like the spongy feeling, but I find it disconcerting, as i like a hard leather and cork insole. Second, they cause a horrible and very noticeable squeek when my socks get damp from perspiration. They compress so much on every step, that my sock rubs against the heel...
I'm resurrecting this thread to say that I just bought, online, two pair of jeans from Jcrew:   a pair of wallace and barnes slim selvedge jean in white oak cone denim for 70 dollars, and pair of jcrew something or other bootcut jeans for 25 dollars. So, two pairs for under 100 dollars, one of which is made in the US. So, we'll see how they fit and whether or not I keep them. But, 25 dollars for jeans... had to take that risk. And 70 dollars for US made jeans... I also...
[IMG] Almost a month in, every other day wear
  I think you want a Red Wing Beckman in black.
Received this orient producer for Father's Day. At first I felt lukewarm about it, but it quickly grew on me.
I have an Orient Producer (bought on massdrop earlier this month) arriving tomorrow. I'm excited.
Today the arch on my retro oxfords seems to have moved more to fill the space that my arch creates in the shoe. The first week the arch support seemed too far forward and to the outside. However, it was never as far forward as some recent forum posters have indicated.   These are my first pair of white's. I'm hoping that the intention is for the arch to mold over time and move to where it should be for my specific anatomy, and that this continues.
Begging your pardon, but I did read carefully. The celastic toe IS the toe structure. And if it is cutting into the small toes on your left foot, I suggest that you don't have the right fit, or the correct last for your foot.    However, if you feel that you have the right fit, even with your toe being injured by the celastic toe, then that is your reality.     Other people reading this forum for advice should have another perspective, however.
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