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Nor Wolverine. 
My experience with Iron Rangers would indicate that they aren't narrow at the ball or heel, just very narrow at the narrow part of your foot, the instep. This only makes getting the fit right more crucial, as if the wide part of your foot doesn't line up right with the wide part of the boot, you have much, much less room for error than with most other boots.
Respectfully, i completely disagree, even though it has become part of the Styleforum lore.   Nobody has ever shown me any benefit to this premature treating, and I have used leather gear for years with 2x annual treatment, including boots and jacket, with no ill effects.     However, I think you should do whatever you want with your boots. I just think that there should be a voice for other people to hear that contradicts what I think is the styleforum.net...
 Nothing wrong with neatsfoot oil per se, the mistake was treating them at all. Before I knew any better, some people on this forum encouraged the rest of the forum to treat boots when you get them. Which probably made the already "loose" fiber boots even mushier. There was absolutely no need to treat them. At all. And I likely made the issue worse.
email and photos sent to wolverine. We'll see if anything comes of it.
I do keep them in shoe trees, I am going to contact wolverine right now.
can you post a picture? I'm curious to see if they resemble mine.   Here are mine, worn 4-6 times a week since October. Treated one time with neatsfoot oil (that was a huge mistake)  
Ordered a standard utility belt the first week on March 7, paid via PayPal   Heard nothing for 4 weeks.   Emailed the guy, heard nothing. I opened a PayPal dispute, which was never addressed.   Emailed again five days later, and got a brief response that the materials had just come in for the belt and would be made shipped in a few days.   The belt was shipped on April 18th.
I find that with steel toed boots, I have to get the size PERFECT, otherwise the knuckle of my big toe rubs the steel toe.   Would you think this would be the same with a single celastic toe, or is the celastic forgiving enough for it to not be as critical?   Is the toe structure on wolverine 1K miles similar to white's single celastic?
How so? What's wrong with the Red Wing Heritage line? 
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