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Have you considered using neatsfoot oil on the tongue to soften it up and speed break-in?   I wouldn't treat the whole boot, but some neatsfoot oil can soften the tongue up pretty nice, I imagine.
Yes, they don't need any initial conditioning. You don't need to do anything.
I would recommend not treating them at all until they need it. Probably at least six months from now if you bought the boots new and don't wear them in a wet environment regularly.
Damn, that's awful.   I would prefer my formless, wrinkly blobby flaccid bull penis wolverines to syphilis bull penis...
Thank you, everyone. I will try a 10E on the 5 last. That's exactly the advice I was seeking, I appreciate it.
 That is all true. I just think that the uninitiated should realize it is also very much a matter of perspective.
Interesting, thank you.
heh, as if on cue....
  I agree, most superficial scratches buff right out. However, my other boots that are NOT cxl don't get these superficial scratches at all. So how does that make cxl "awesome?"
Thank you. I checked out the page on lasts on the AE website, and this is the kind of info I'm looking to get before I go on a long quest via parcel post.
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