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I saw this while traveling on business. Made in Japan model for a good price, and I could not resist.
In my opinion, Hamilton and the non-grand Seiko automatics are the perfect "poor man's" watches. They are the best bang for the buck. I think a 500 dollar Hamilton IS 10 times the watch a 50 dollar timex is. But I do not think a 5000 dollar omega is really necessarily 10 times the watch the Hamilton is. I think after 1000 dollars or so, you start paying on a scale of diminishing returns. Don't get me wrong, I would love an omega or even a Tudor. I don't consider myself a...
I have been considering an intra-mastic for some time. I likely will buy one after the holidays, but the lack of a second hand has me a little apprehensive.
I dig timex watches, for the most part. I started out with one.   I had a weekender for around six months. My first watch in years, after simply using my phone as a timekeeper.   It was the gateway to automatics, though, as it's premature death lead me down the road to Seiko.
THank you, I'm about to try something like that. Much appreciated. I'm not really looking forward to sending my shoes away for weeks.
Interesting to hear the whole bit about the tightness in the metatarsal region.   My retro oxfords fit PERFECTLY, except for the tightness over the metatarsal area. It's really starting to bother me. They said I could send them back to Baker's to be stretched, and I probably will, but have not been able to get up the motivation thus far.
Well, I can't fool myself any longer. My retro oxfords are simply too tight. I should have gone to an E width.    Bakers offered to stretch them for me. I will likely send them in next week, after things at work calm down a little.    However, the sole itself is even not wide enough, in my opinion.    Before I send them in, is anyone interested in a size 9D british tan retro oxford?
If I had 1000 dollars for a watch today, I would buy the Hamilton Pan Europ.   I'm a huge fan of Seiko, Orient, and Hamilton. I don't think you can go wrong with any of those.   I'm wearing my Hamilton Khaki Scuba King right now, in fact.
Thank you, duly noted.   I will give it a try ASAP.
Thank you for the advice.   My feeling is that I don't want to have to reapply gold bond powder just to make a squeek go away. Isn't that going to me messy anyway?   I've worn them for maybe ten 8 hour days, and the squeak appears around 11:30 consistently. How much longer do I have to put up with this or use gold bond powder?   I'm just returning them. If they won't take them back, I'm ripping all the insole out and having a cobbler put a leather insole in for me. 
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