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  I have been saying that for as long as I've been visiting this forum. Less is absolutely more. You have to really think about your motivation. Are you HONESTLY trying to take the best care of your boots, or are you playing with your new toys? The overwhelmingly vast majority of the nice folks posting about their boots on this forum are just playing. And there's not necessarily anything wrong with that, they are your boots, after all. But personally, I have boots that are...
No need to treat them.
I don't bother with shoe trees in my boots. (Beckman's and a pair of Affliction branded chinese made junky boots that have been my motorcycle boots for years now).   I think that for boots of workboot type leather and construction, it's pointless.   I use them in higher quality dress shoes, though.
Agree about the CXL. In fact, the more I think about it, I would not buy anything made of CXL ever again. At least not anything I wanted to look good for a long time. But right now, watch bands are a booming "cottage" industry, regardless of leather. I just had one custom made by a guy in Croatia, of all places, that I met on another forum.  I would buy a custom American made watch band if the pricing was anywhere near comparable.
Hand made watch straps are pretty popular. I would probably buy one, in fact, to add to my collection.    
I'm happy to have learned about Lawless denim. I have been looking for US made jeans that aren't priced obscenely. Good to see that it's possible to make a good product in the US without overcharging folks.
I, too, have had a pair of motorcycle boots with a half sole and exposed leather under the instep for around 7 years. Resoled twice, all kinds of wear in all kinds of weather, and no problems with the exposed leather.   Here's my Beckmans. Daily wear since August. Just gave them a quick shine.  
My Beckmans from august 9 photo a few pages back. Daily wear, lately through western NY snow and salt. No obe-enough or any treatment whatsoever except 30 seconds of brushing once a week or so and some Kiwi brow polish 3x since August.
Thank you for your response. My business is actually at the AFB!   Second, your screen name is  fantastic.   Third, are any of these shopping districts within an hour's train ride or so? And if so, any idea where I can get some nice boots?
Hello!   I am fortunate enough to be heading to Fussa, Japan, in April. I understand Fussa is close to Tokyo.   I would love to bring back a pair of boots from Japan (ironically, made in the USA).    I've seen some pretty interesting configurations the Japanese have been doing with White's and Red Wings, etc.   Does anyone have a suggestion on anyplace to buy a pair of boots near there? Or anything else I might check out or bring back from Japan?
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