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 I like seiya japan. seiyajapan.com
  I agree, but then the list price probably wouldn't be 300 dollars.   Mineral crystal is fine for me. I'll only wear this watch to dressy events anyway.This wouldn't be a daily watch for me.
This is fantastic news... The gen 2 Orientt Bambino hacks and hand Winds!,, http://orientwatchusa.com/shop/mens-watches/fac00005w0/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=19a12ccce1-2nd+Gen.+Bambino+V1+Release&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_847c0901fc-19a12ccce1-90099937&mc_cid=19a12ccce1&mc_eid=ff8aa3b727
Your "neglect" is more than most people do though.    I like putting a mirror shine one one pair of shoes a week.... usually sunday night when my wife is at dinner at her grandparents with the kids.
I have a pair of wolverine 1000 mile boots. They are crap. Shitty leather (the worst chromexcel I've ever seen, all blobby and veiny and stretchy) Poor construction. I hate them and regret their purchase.     I have redwing beckman's. I only wear them for short projects around the house because the last is very narrow and I need something wider. But, they are MILES above the 1000 miles in terms of durability and the overall quality.    If I got a pair of 1000 miles...
I spent the whole week on vacation at the shore with my Seiko Monster.    I am a HUGE fan of drilled lugs and the seiko fat springbars.    I brought three straps with me: Rubber, Nylon Nato, and the OEM bracelet.    With drilled lugs and the fat springbars, strap changes take less than a minute, so I could have  different function and look depending on what our day's or evening's activities were.   This watch is a tank and a fantastic value.   Seiko kills it......
It is also the composition half sole. Which I don't have a picture of, but it's on my oxfords. Although this one doesn't mark floors...
Interesting.....   I travel to Australia several times a year, and my watch is dead on the whole week I'm there...   You know, come to  think of it, I spent a week in New Mexico a few months ago, and my watch was almost dead on the whole week I was there too....     Typically I'm in New York, where I gain 5 seconds a day. 
  That mirrors my experience with my 4r36 Monster and my 6r15 SARG007. Both have significant gain or loss when worn, but make that up depending on how they are positioned overnight.  So, like you say, my SARG loses 10 seconds a day, but gains it back overnight if left face up.  My ETA movement gains 5 seconds every day no matter what I do with it or how I store it overnight.  (except when I'm in the southern hemisphere... then it gains less than a second a day. I'm...
Except for your marine master, All of your watches are getting unbelievable accuracy, well beyond chronometer specifications.
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