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After owning several boots of various brands in both lined and unlined, I'll always choose lined if I have the choice.   It's just nicer sliding your sock into a smooth lining, rather than the rough unlined boot, IMO.   I also haven't seem that much difference in how warm it makes the boot, but I haven't really made a conscious effort to track that.
Fine then. The point somewhere is that "Henry blake" is a character from a wildly successful tv show and it sounds like a made up name for a watch company. Is someone at your company named Henry Blake?Good luck with the watches. I hear the market for boutique brands is still hot.
Does anyone remember M+A+S+H?   One of my favorite characters, Colonel Henry Blake  
I completely understand wanting White's boots for their durability and style.   However, if you have to try all different kinds of socks and insoles to make them comfortable, I suggest trying other brands. There must be a durable and ethically made boot that is a better fit as far as comfort goes.   For instance, I simply cannot wear red wings. I've had a few pairs, and sold all of them except one, which I never wear. Same with Chippewah. They simply won't agree with...
  I guess that makes sense. 
I don't understand why you would put non-prescription orthotics or insoles into whites.
 I like seiya japan. seiyajapan.com
  I agree, but then the list price probably wouldn't be 300 dollars.   Mineral crystal is fine for me. I'll only wear this watch to dressy events anyway.This wouldn't be a daily watch for me.
This is fantastic news... The gen 2 Orientt Bambino hacks and hand Winds!,, http://orientwatchusa.com/shop/mens-watches/fac00005w0/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_campaign=19a12ccce1-2nd+Gen.+Bambino+V1+Release&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_847c0901fc-19a12ccce1-90099937&mc_cid=19a12ccce1&mc_eid=ff8aa3b727
Your "neglect" is more than most people do though.    I like putting a mirror shine one one pair of shoes a week.... usually sunday night when my wife is at dinner at her grandparents with the kids.
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