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Can we stop spewing bullshit and get back to talking about boots?
Winner! They are 10d. Pm me your address, and I'll send them out as soon as I can. Itbegins got in first.
Pictured are my Red Wing Beckman boots. A few years old. Not worn regularly, because they just don't fit me. They have been to Japan and several continents. I propose that the first person to respond to this thread, claiming a Red Wing boot size hat matches what my Beckmans are, will be offered the boots free of charge. If you agree: Receive the boots, inspect them, wear them, and send me an item that you think is approximate to the value that you place on the boots....
Heading out on another cross country business trip....
And happy holidays everyone!!!
Mine in the pic above are 18 months old, but have been worn pretty hardand probably 3 or 4 days a week, in the desert, rain, snow, and on several continents.I'll take more pics if requested.Maintenance has been brushing every few days and a proper whine once or twice a month.Once you get a good layer of wax in the toe and heel, brushing alone brings back a bit of the mirror.
My Brit tan does scuff easily, but Not as easily as my color 8 cxl. I can also get a mirror shine on my BT, but not on my brown kudu or color 8 cxl. I'm pretty thrilled with the BT.
I don't think you will ever keep a real leather heel stack from separating, unless you don't wear the boots. My heels are TERRIBLY uneven, and white's offered to fix them for free, but I didn't want to be without my new boots for months, so I live with it. As far as "cheap" shoes go, I have 4 kids and I make a modest living. But I believe in owning fewer things, of greater quality, made responsibly and ethically. If that means only having 3 pairs of shoes and saving for...
Aside from Alden, who else makes dress shoes in the USA? I won't buy an Allen Edmond shoe not made in the USA. EVER.
I bought his schott peacoat almost a year ago, after much debate. My only regret is that I waited so long. It is fantastic and warm with just a shirt underneath down to the low 40's.
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