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  I don't wear loafers, but I would not hesitate for one second to wear McAllisters or Strands with a pair of jeans to the mall. Not for a second. I don't own either, but I wear my Alden longwing bluchers to the mall all the time.  The closed lacing on the AEs does make them a little dressy, but they are brogued and should be fine.  Besides, the rest of the world generally dress the slobs and will be wearing beat up sneakers, or neglected leather bicycle toe shoes
  I agree. But in my circle of coworkers and family/friends, they think that dive watches are dress watches because they associate that style with Rolex, which is expensive. And they think that "expensive watch" = "dress watch."  
I just went to a wedding where most of the men attending were wearing jacket and tie with G-shocks or timex iron man type watches.    The vast majority of people today are not even aware that there is such a thing as a dress watch.   Most people also think that a dive watch equates to Rolex and therefore is expensive and suitable for dressy events anyway.
Bought this Seiko monster months ago on the bracelet, which is a fantastic combo, especially for the money. Just received this Seiko rubber from seiya Japan. I think this combo will be my vacation / summer weekend casual watch.
I've been following along with this thread for a little while now, and I think I have something to contribute.   I am not lucky enough to get to wear a suit every day, or even every week, but I've purchased two suits from SS in the past year.   I bought a Washington fit in a heavy intense blue wool for a company holiday paryt. Only the pants required tailoring for a moderately conservative but modern fit. I received quite a few compliments on the suit at the...
Anyone with Water Buffalo leather, how does it take a shine?   I know it comes shiny, but the samples I have seem to be coated with a plasticy finish.. is this true?    And what products do you use on the Water Buffalo leather? Can it achieve the same glassy shine you can get with calf?
Thank you for the compliments, much appreciated.
 Yes, in fact, it is! Thank you for that, I had completely forgotten the make and model, it's been so long. It is probably  my favorite possession, and I likely spend more time with it on than any other outerwear that I own...
 The whole jacket is a dark brown. The tops of the sleeves and the shoulders are showing the most wear, probably because they are always directly in the wind and weather. In the colder months I wear a vest over the jacket, which likely protects the chest and back from suffering the wind and weather as much as the shoulders and bicep area. The forearms are likely darker because they aren't hit with the drying wind as much in the position in which I ride.  The sleeve forearm...
This is my riding jacket. Worn all spring, summer, and fall since 2008 (or maybe 2009?)   I don't remember who makes it, but it says "British Motorcycle Gear" on the only label that's left.     That's actual patina on the snaps. It is in need of a cleaning and conditioning, but this year I've been occupied with other things. It will be properly cleaned up soon though.    
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