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Interesting.....   I travel to Australia several times a year, and my watch is dead on the whole week I'm there...   You know, come to  think of it, I spent a week in New Mexico a few months ago, and my watch was almost dead on the whole week I was there too....     Typically I'm in New York, where I gain 5 seconds a day. 
  That mirrors my experience with my 4r36 Monster and my 6r15 SARG007. Both have significant gain or loss when worn, but make that up depending on how they are positioned overnight.  So, like you say, my SARG loses 10 seconds a day, but gains it back overnight if left face up.  My ETA movement gains 5 seconds every day no matter what I do with it or how I store it overnight.  (except when I'm in the southern hemisphere... then it gains less than a second a day. I'm...
Except for your marine master, All of your watches are getting unbelievable accuracy, well beyond chronometer specifications.
I ride a Harley Davidson sportster, and I was able to just replace the peg. I replaced the stock rubber peg with this: http://www.harley-davidson.com/store/nostalgic-shifter-peg
Generally, watch folks consider ETA a superior movement, then Seiko and selita, and lastly Miyota. I really can't say if there is any justification for this at all. My ETA movement is more stable than both my Seiko movements. I don't have a Miyota.
argh! that sucks! My bike had a really soft rubber shifter peg that was always filthy because it had lots of deep ridges in it. I changed it out for one that is chrome on top and one smooth piece of rubber on the bottom. It still leaves a mark, but I brush it after every wear and clean it every few weeks, and it hasn't been that bad... The last pair of boots I retired were put to pasture because after 7 years, I wore a hole through the leather at that spot and the twill...
Interesting, I did not know that.
Six weeks of daily motorcycle commute. I think these were a good purchase.
 Suit yourself. I've got the blue ones on mine. 
Seiko makes several LEGENDARY automatics, iconic, really. Seiko makes their own automatic movements, which is a big deal in a world of automatics where almost everyone else (except Rolex, notably) uses an ETA or ETA inspired movement like Selita, as far as I know.   I'm not aware of anything citizen makes with that heritage behind it.   Citizen seems to primarily make eco drive and solar movements, which many watch aficionados do not not care for.
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