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Sad to say, but I can help. Boil some water. Dip the crown of the cap in the boiling water. Be sure to keep the bill dry, or it will warp on you. Press that fucker down on your head in the shape you want it to adopt. Yes, it's going to be hot, suck it up, you're the one with a hat what doesn't fit. Repeat as necessary. Place the cap on a baking sheet in an oven preheated to 350. Bake the fucker for 20 or so minutes. I am very deeply ashamed for possessing this...
He looks like the minister for a white supremacist arranged wedding between a couple of 7 year olds.
Here you will find all the answers you seek.Just imagine you are the little lamb and enjoy the cuddle.jeromestyle, nominated for weakest poster of 2011.
So funny. Well, almost. Way back when, times were tough, and Americans held it against the poor Irish pouring into New York. Then the Irish assimilated, in fact became a major component of the power structure, times were tough, and Americans held it against the poor Italians pouring into New York. Now the Italians have followed in the footsteps of the Irish, have fully assimilated. Times are tough, and Californians hold it against the poor Mexican immigrants. A...
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus 951 is a known troll and/or retard; feel free to ignore him. Yes.
Charliegh shirts are the worst quality. My Charliegh graphic t-shirt fell apart after the first wash. The fit of a Charliegh t-shirt is very poor. Do not buy from Charliegh shirts unless you dislike money and like ill-fitting, ugly shirts. Otherwise, you're in better hands if you give konadog's daughter a white tee and some finger paints. She'll do a much better job than Charliegh.
Quote: Originally Posted by threeLegDog Maybe they are spinners. If so, 4K is reasonable. Yeah. And maybe they give blowjobs, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by index1489 Theres a big difference between a 50k car and 25k one. Besides $25,000?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackmaged Has anyone read the Comments section yet? Tons of people either bragging about their $20 jeans or ranting about politics/government Wow. People who read WSJ online and take the time to comment are some angry mofos. I could feel my blood pressure rising just reading their anger.
Virtually all jeans are overpriced. But, hahahah, jeans with swarovski crystals or some crazy shit sewn into them, that I consider a tax on being dumb.
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