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Thank you for your reply. I appreciate the shrinkage info. If the 700s are roomier than what I would like, what would you reccomend?
Hey guys, I am looking for a Momotaro series that is a skinny fit similar to Naked and Famous Skinny Guys. Would that be the 702? And how much can I expect these to shrink? It seems like the general consensus is "not a lot", but I want to know how much that is in inches. Thank you very much!
I have a DQM Pistol Trucker Jacket in Bronze Brown for sale. I bought it off a forum member who purchased it brand new for $118 in store, wore it a few times, and decided it wasn't for him. I purchased it and wore it once before realizing it was slightly too small for me. I would like to sell this jacket for $65 shipped, or trade it for a size medium in a similar style jacket. This is a really cool jacket, nice and lightweight, yet heavy enough to keep you warm in a strong...
Does anybody know of some skinny wool pants? I'm thinking something of a more "rough" looking gray wool. Or navy blue is alright. It would most likely be paired with a nice bright blue shirt and a sport coat. I would like them to be pretty skinny as well, not just slim. Near Levi's 511 fit. Is there anything like this out there?
[[SPOILER]] What pants are these? The whole "right click and search on google" advice up there^^^ does not work on my computer.
I'm pretty sure you can't just "ditch" plugs, correct me if I am wrong but isn't it a very long, drawn-out process to slowly gauge them back down to a small size before you can just let it close up, if it ever will?
Been happening to me as well. Every now and then I will take a damp rag and blot the surface until the stain is clean. Sometimes if it is a really good salt stain I will lightly rub, but I try not to too much as I don't want to take more dye out in one spot then the rest of the jean. Paranoid, maybe, but that's how I roll.
Wow, super sick. Definitely one of my favorite fits I have seen in a while. BTW, how do I get that 'spoiler' tag thing?
What does everybody think of the quality of "Wilson Leather" jackets? Found one I really like on eBay, looks pretty nice to me. Tell me what you guys think-
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