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I have read a lot of people on different forums saying that their unbrandeds have various QC issues, but i have both the 201 and 221 and have had the 201 for almost 3 years and the 221 for a year. Both have absolutely no problems. I have been doing construction in the 221 since march so theres an inevitable crotch blow out coming on but theyre both perfectly holding together. The 221 have stretched an insane amount but are so damn comfortable. Anybody looking at these but...
How does this look? I feel like it fits perfectly, minus the sleeves being a touch too long but you can't see that in the picture. Edit: this is my sterlingwear authentic that came in the mail today
Pulled the trigger on a sterlingwear 44r yesterday from eBay. That's all I know about it. It's NWOT and was $75 so I figured even not knowing if it was the navigator or authentic it would be worth it. Hoping I didn't need a 42. Guess I'll find out.
Hey guys, looking at getting my first peacoat here in a couple weeks. I'm leaning towards the j crew bayswater even though I know the majority concensus is vintage is better. My question is sizing. Not sure If I should get a large or Xl. I'm a 44r in blazers generally. About 6' 225lbs, so I'm bigger than most of the people in here. I thought large would be good, but I went to the local j crew and tried on the only wool coat they had which was some Wallace and Barnes one...
Don't know if anyone knows about the unbranded Instagram but they posted about a collab with pronto for denim carnival. I did a little research and they are brown weft 18oz selvage. Anyone know anything about them? Edit: they also apparently have a denim jacket? Never seen anything about that except on their IG. any info would be appreciated
The waist will stretch. Just wear them. Only one that you shouldn't size down on is the skinny fit. The pockets will also stretch (mine did anyways) but I just got to a point where I can use them comfortably and I've worn them since January, but not a lot because I can't wear them to work.
Figured I'd contribute with a fit pic. Not a good picture, but that's basically how they fit. Size 36 221s.
I've read most of this thread and haven't seen much mention about this. My 221s seem to have fixed my issue with the pockets. The depth wasn't so much a problem to me, it was more that I couldn't get my hand in the pockets at all on my 201s. But my 221s pockets are very easy to get in even though I've only worn them one day. Also they're a lot looser even though they're the same size. Maybe this shipment has different measurements/some changes?
Just got some 221s in the mail today. Putting my 201s away for the fall/winter and going to start on these. They're going to be a real bitch to break in I can already tell.
Does anyone have fit pics of the 301 or 321? All my jeans are pretty slim and I'm thinking about trying them to wear with chunkier boots and stuff for the fall and winter.
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