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Dog eat dog world homie.
Any WvG fans a 44R and want a smoking deal on a fully canvassed brand new suit?   http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/collections/suits-and-blazers/products/nailhead-suit   A little fashion forward but damn.
Throwing it out there... Need 38R sport coats with interesting patterns or tweed.  Also need a navy blazer (button color not important).  Need shoulders width <17.5".  Much obliged.
Saks fifth Ave?
 In my experience, if you have an email in your Gmail account with the tracking number, it'll take it and give you tracking info. My .02
Such an awesome pattern. I wish I had the funds. Someone pop already.
Am I correct in assuming that this is a hopsack or basket weave?  Thanks in advance homies.  
You are correct, it is I. I've got measurements and whatnot in my profile. PM me trade bait. Thanks for your detective skills @MJMcRibb
PSA, Mr Porters sale hit 80% off on some stuff. Drake's ties at $51.
I hate people.
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