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Good taste.I'll have to try your method, these need a refurb.
^I think made by nervesa right?
I think the chisel toe may be en vogue ATM but the rounder toe is definitely more classic and my choice.
So much for the good natured advice. Lol
Many thanks for the feature razl. I'll echo the 10% discount for mentioning that you saw it here.
Lindsey and Milburn are both diffusion but still nice for the price. Burgundy lettering/logo on white background. The mainline stuff is white lettering on burgundy background.Fit pics NOW
For sale is a gorgeous custom made single breast, notch lapel, single vent isaia suit. It does not have a tagged size as it is a bespoke item, but measures to approximately 40/41S. The fabric is a unique bluish gray birdseye wool with a full blue signature coral lining. The pants are flat front.    Please note that there is a monogram above the left inside breast pocket (ABW). Also, the sleeves are functional which will affect how much they can be altered.    PayPal...
Haven't some folks here had leather or other contrasting fabric sewn on to lengthen sleeves? Probably not worth it on this particular piece unless you've got a raging hardon for it.
I've had pretty good luck with B&S the past 2 years. Bought a couple pairs of awesome shoes at great prices but also burned on one suit purchase. But seller resolved that one. I've also gotten fair prices on a couple isaia suits and a pair of Churchs shoes. It's definitely time consuming though trying to sift through all of the pro sellers. They seem to bump listing daily while small timers only get one per week.
 Love em dude. You look stocked up for winter 
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