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Thought I worded it clearly but out of a dozen or so sport coats I've purchased I have had to return zero. Even the ones that I've had to ask for measurements.
Gotcha. Yea that's the worst.
I regularly have to ask for measurements like shoulder width and/or sleeve length when buying sportcoats on eBay and I have not had to return any of these purchases so far (a dozen or so instances in the past couple years). Crucial measurements missing is what kills me.
Mctavish? I've been lusting after those for a year now. Available? Size?
Black, 100% cotton, fully lined, made in Japan. "Burbon Street Great Life" by Big John. That engrish is pretty funny. Legit? Any objections to calling this a chore coat? 26.5" p2p.
In the field, help! I know big John is a thing for SW&D right? Made in Japan?
Awesome stuff lately.  Here's a couple things found recently, all true thrift:   100% Cashmere RLPL XL Made in Italy Crewneck sweater   NWT J Crew Vintage Cords 36x32   RRL Tan Distressed Selvedge Jeans 32x34   RRL OCBD L 16.5x34   RRL Popover w/ cool details L   Rag & Bone Henley - raglan shoulders L   I hope all of you have a fun and SAFE new year's eve.  CALL A CAB, it's not worth driving.
Thanks bromeo
Sup dudes. Grenadine fina?
You sir are amazing
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