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Am I correct in assuming that this is a hopsack or basket weave?  Thanks in advance homies.  
You are correct, it is I. I've got measurements and whatnot in my profile. PM me trade bait. Thanks for your detective skills @MJMcRibb
PSA, Mr Porters sale hit 80% off on some stuff. Drake's ties at $51.
I hate people.
^ I am not brave enough for most of that but this is how I learned to sew on a button : http://www.artofmanliness.com/2012/06/28/sewing-on-a-button/
I like your style.I LOVE your style.
I hate rude eBay buyers. Guy emails offer of $10 shipped on a D&G shirt listed at $40 plus shipping fixed price listing. I reply politely thanking him for his offer but declining. His reply: "let me offer you another way...... if I pay your asking price, can you have the sleeves shortened to 32/33 and shirt length shortened by 2 inches? thanks" Welcome to the block list.
Lol... Next level is the correct term
Why does everyone always try to pick fights with 38R? Let him be. We know his styles and tastes are quite different and may even be considered eccentric or "awful" to some... But we also know that he will fight tooth and nail with anyone that prods him. Not worth ANY of our time.
That's so cool. I'm headed to Italy in September and I'm soooo looking forward to doing the same thing. Any tips?
New Posts  All Forums: