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Sorry last track of time and didn't get much up but this going live in a few
Preach brother
Thank you for the detailed lesson.Yes already opened the return.
Thanks dude.
Need some assistance. Bought these alleged Edward Greens off eBay. There are no nail patterns although the heel may have been replaced, the insole looks wonky (heel pad looks like it was taken out of legit EGs and sloppily glued down into these), and the size markings are printed instead of hand written. Fugazi?
You have a pic of the uppers?
No pleat argument is complete without mentioning this guy
Thanks bud, just e-thrifted these Eddie Greens http://www.ebay.com/itm/182182766548Hopefully they fit
Awesome, I'm in. Thanks for heading this up Spoo.
@DerekS great jacket man.I'm not typically into exotics but those shoes
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