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I have not but will tonight, thank you.Edit: another excuse to use my wonderful Kent garment brush.
I found this particular "deal" on said thread. No disrespect to razl though. Just a risk you take.No ideas on whether the wool can be revived or not?
That sounds about right. This seller is definitely of the latter group. I suppose I let my excitement overrule the lack of details and crappy pictures.
The reasoning behind that may be crummy sellers. Granted not generalizing the whole lot but man I've had a couple poor experiences in my limited B&S purchases.Some related advice requested. A recent B&S purchased suit has some undisclosed stains and iron shine to the wool. Is there any way to remove this shine or is the suit spent? TIA
I am in need of 2 pairs of trousers. Flat front or possibly single pleat, mid and light gray, wool or wool/linen blend, 31 - 33" Waist, and 30ish" inseam. My current pairs need to be retired. Thanks.
 Bought the Golden Fleece suit, thank you for mentioning. 
I also may be interested.
Keywords : lotus feet
Dalton man.... COT. TAM.
One stop today.. Love me some cheap pink      Pretty minty, French Cuff, 15.5x33... I wear 15.5x34 
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