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@capnwes  152... I gotchooo homie
Right? I wish it fit.
Some recent finds: Summertime Corneliani SC 42R, dual exhaust, silk, linen, cotton blend [[SPOILER]] Polo Made in USA vintage SC 40R, double breasted, dual exhaust, ticket pocket, blue herringbone   [[SPOILER]]   Gangsta Polo x Corneliani double breasted suit 40R dual exhaust, peak lapel ridiculousness  [[SPOILER]]  Cool blackwatch Viyella shirt Large  [[SPOILER]]
Thank you, I definitely agree with the structured shoulders. Even my suits have soft shoulders so it's not really my thing. Failed experiment but not a big deal. I'll sell it on eBay. Thank you to all who weighed in.
It does thank you. Beautiful coat.
I hate you lol
Thank you for your input. I may try with a couple different colors of trouser and make a decision afterward. I think you are right that it does lean toward suit but I may wear it anyway (just not around these parts lol).
Cheesy eggs with onion
@EFV thank you for the suggestion. I will try that. Would charcoal trousers be too far off?
 Here is a closeup of the fabric. Does it look less likely to pull off as a sport coat? I appreciate your assistance and would love to hear your opinion.
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