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@capnwes Congrats on the healthy lifestyle. @impuntura Nice Zegna. I'd wipe with that
The biggest deciding factor in my case was the jacket length. Check the measurements out and see if they work for you. IIRC, the slim was 1/2" shorter than the already short contemporary.
I'm a 38R in Fitz and only have the waist nipped a bit. The S&M Contemporary fit is shorter than the Fitz. The armholes are higher and smaller and the waist fits perfectly without tailoring. Overall I'm happy but the Armholes are a little tighter than I'd prefer
I know the feeling. Same story as this guy but with the green check eidos sportcoat in 48.
That's definitely not Brioni's hang tag
Unless it's NWT, there aren't heavy consequences to enjoying thrifted items for awhile and selling later on. Or if you really need the money I guess
Synergy 3-way
Hot damn. Can we get a price tag?
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