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No prob. Perhaps they don't have a high end line any longer. Ive seen a few of those and they were all fused. Cool that some of it is at least half canvassed
@double00 not mainline. Lubiam is mainline. LBM 1911 is the softer constructed and Luigi Bianchi Mantova is fused junk (at least in my experience). Nice fabrics though.
Glad the tie worked out.Those are disgusting. That's super sweet of you though.
Pure linen would thrill me. Unlined of course.
Agreed. Which is why I already stole one.
Work for me too
Smoking deal thank you. I picked up the 38R and LOVE it. One thing of note though. The armholes are very high and small. The sleeves are equally narrow. These will not work for gentlemen with guns IMHO.
 Tilt camera 
Nice, mine are tortoise. Also love them.
@AlexJ1100 is the man. Such a cool dude. Took him up on the proxy for these Oak Streets. Thank you bro. Wore them to the Birch Aquarium this past weekend. J Crew shirt - thrifted Persol 649 - ethrifted Rota Trou - b&s
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