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Picked up the spring 2013 NSW Pinnacle Made In Italy zipped windrunner today. Retail was $650 and I copped for $100.  
Size up 1.5 Also, picked up the Gyakusou FW 2011 convertible jacket for $30 at a Nike Outlet. Best Nike steal to date.
Does anyone own an Arcteryx Epsilon SV jacket? I'm thinking about buying one in black
 What size is your destroyer? How much do you weigh? I'm 5'9", slim, and am wondering if I should get a small or an xs in the destroyer
Have you worn this a lot? Message me if you still have it.
Does anyone own the Isaora Digital Sky Shell?  I've never owned one of their products before and am wondering if the quality is on par with brands like Aether and Arc'Teryx
I'm 5'9" 130lbs, would a TOJ1 2011 in a size 48 with 0.5 extra in the sleeves and body be too big on me? I'm unsure if I should go for a 46. I know that they run a little tight/small.
Quote on Mora 2.0 Bourbon Calf 7.D/8D and Neumok Brown Leather 8D?
If the Isaora is still available, I'll give you $200 shipped since I missed out on gilt at that price  
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