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Very nice, one of the taylors is Corcos and the other one?Thanks!!
Thanks wurger, do you wear the same size than me in Carmina forest and Crockett 341?Thanks again for your help.
I am considering to buy my first pair of Edward Green so I wonder if anybody can give me some advice in relation to the size, I wear size 9 uk in the Carmina fortes last, 9 uk normal widht Crockett and Jones last 341 and 8,5 uk normal widht for the Crockett Cavendish model. Thanks in advance for your help.
I might be interested in the GMTO shell cordovan but in this last.By the way anybody knows which last is it?
Thanks Stephan 88, but in this visit is not possible to order his products,no?
I wonder if someone know if any of the japanese shoemakers visit Europe or are planning to do it in the near future. Thanks in advance.
Demian, one of the most beautiful tassels I have ever seen. Congratulations for these wonderful shoes, enjoy them.
Thank you very much for your replies Concordia and FrankCowperwood. I tired the 43 size normal widht in the F last and the lenght is fine but the right feet is narrow but not too much so I was thinking to go to G widht to get some extra comfort and because is not very narrow I would say that with a widhter size (G) should be fine. Again thank you for the the help.
Anybody can help me with the differents widhts in the F last? I am thinking to order G widht so wondering which is the difference between F and G widht in millmeters? Thanks for the help.
Great thanks for ypur help.
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