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I would go to London if the final prices are similar than the prices they are offering at the moment. Many thanks for your help Claghorn.
Indeed, thank you.
Hi T4phage,Dou you know if the silk number six is in stock as I can not find it in the cappelli's web site?Many thanks,
Very nice lapels and fabrics, congratulations for the garment.
Really smart Braddock, wonderfull the whole look.
Fantastic Gianni, I like a lot the jacket.Thank you very much for the pictures.
One of the best jacket I have seen so far in this forum, I would like to see a whole picture of the jacket.Congratulations!!
Brilliant Gianni, love the jacket!!!!
Really nice, very smart. Congratulations.Regards,
Dear All, My first post in 2014 so happy New Year to all of you. Now the pictures with a DB flannel suit and a 7 fold Passaggio Cravatte tie: Regards,
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