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Very nice C&A.
Yesterday I received these fantanstic balmoral Carmina boots, I can not be happier with them:
Thanks Leaves, email sent.Cheers.
Thanks for sharing the pictures, may I ask you the range of prices?Thanks for your help.
Hi, the second color of the fabric is blue,no? I got confused with the description Loro Piana Summer Green. Thanks, Javier
Thanks for your reply.I am sorry but this sartoria is called De Togni or Tongi? I thouhgt that was De Togni but you always say De Tongi.
I meant if you are aware of something that a potential De Togni's clients should know.
Yes, he means member Giona Granata. De Tongi will know. T4 and Giona introduced De Tongi on the various fora way back when and a/o brought him to the Benelux many times, way before Trompe le Monde started using them.[/quote] There is any history behind Giona Granata/ De Togni? It is jut to know if there is anything extrange or I didn't understand properly. I liked very much the garments that Sander and Braddock showed from De Togni.
I will post as many times as I consider so don't tell me what I have to do, ok? If you don't like my posts just don't read them and leave me alone. Thanks.
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