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Look really nice those garments,congratulations.
I was quoted by Robin with same prices mentioned two posts ago. In the suit case 1590 GBP, including fabric.
I might be interested in the Bntailor London "trunkshow" depending on the price...
Thanks a lot Mark for sharing your experience with us, very generous from your side. Looking forward the next parts!!!
Very interesting post, may I ask you range of prices of these tailors?Thanks,
Very nice garments, the green jacket collar seems that needs to be adjusted to embrace your neck better...The back of the first picture looks very nice, can you give us more details about the tailor?Thanks!!
Completly new balmoral boots from Carmina, forest last size 9,5 uk. Mix calf and grain in brown color, full ruber sole. Shipping cost not included in the price. More pictures if it is necessary, the shoes are in the original box and bags.
I am 1,82 cm and 75 kg and I was considering M size so not sure if take L size better seing your pictures....
Very nice, I want to buy the same knit collar in blue but just trying to figure out the right size. Which size did you buy and what are your measurements?? Thanks!!
Anybody can help me to find a light weight ( no more than 300 gr) worsted flannel in a camel/ beige color? So far the best options are the following: Thanks for the help.
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