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I am selling this new C&J lonsdale size 8,5 uk, dug bags inluded, no box available. Shipping cost not included in the price, if you need more information please contact by PM. Thanks,
Thanks for the info.
Very nice but I would prefer the thread in a similar color than the calf, not sure the color in the RTW model.Thanks for the picture.
Hi Erikged,When do you expect to receive your spilt toes from Antonio? I would like to see how they look like in action...Thanks.
Caliendo 2.100 euros for a jacket and 2.500 for a suit, both prices including fabric and prices if you go to Napoli beacuse trunkshows prices are higher.I visited him and like vey much what I saw.
Do you know the last for the rtw?
Great silks pictures 2 and 3 of the ancient madder section, also hear the quality is vey good.
New picture
New price 375 euros.Regards,
Look really nice those garments,congratulations.
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