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Hi, the second color of the fabric is blue,no? I got confused with the description Loro Piana Summer Green. Thanks, Javier
Thanks for your reply.I am sorry but this sartoria is called De Togni or Tongi? I thouhgt that was De Togni but you always say De Tongi.
I meant if you are aware of something that a potential De Togni's clients should know.
Yes, he means member Giona Granata. De Tongi will know. T4 and Giona introduced De Tongi on the various fora way back when and a/o brought him to the Benelux many times, way before Trompe le Monde started using them.[/quote] There is any history behind Giona Granata/ De Togni? It is jut to know if there is anything extrange or I didn't understand properly. I liked very much the garments that Sander and Braddock showed from De Togni.
I will post as many times as I consider so don't tell me what I have to do, ok? If you don't like my posts just don't read them and leave me alone. Thanks.
Don't read my posts.
I sent to Luxire measurements from my body took by my tailor, measurements from a shirt that I owned, 3 pictures for the collar, one picture for the cuffs, one picture for the shirring sleeve in your opinion terrible I don' think the same, four pictures of myself showing the same problem of my shoulders.I think that this is a very completed and CLEAR information so don' t say what you don't know.This is my last post in this regard.
I do not care if you can not draw a conclusion, I have showed many pictures so if they are not enough for you I do not care either.I haven't changed my point of view since the begginig, the biggest issue is the sloping shoulders and after that at practically the same level the shirring and collar issues.But as I told you before I don't have any interest in convince you about nothing.
Thanks for your email, I liked the way you talked to me and not like others are doing.I understand that I have a very complicated and unasual shoulder but I sent four pictures showing the problem and even though is in their policy I can not understand why I have to pay the shipment cost if the shirt was made incorrectly, but this was my fault because I didn't read the policy return but it is someting that the people in this post should know.
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