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Thanks for the info.
Very nice but I would prefer the thread in a similar color than the calf, not sure the color in the RTW model.Thanks for the picture.
Hi Erikged,When do you expect to receive your spilt toes from Antonio? I would like to see how they look like in action...Thanks.
Caliendo 2.100 euros for a jacket and 2.500 for a suit, both prices including fabric and prices if you go to Napoli beacuse trunkshows prices are higher.I visited him and like vey much what I saw.
Do you know the last for the rtw?
Great silks pictures 2 and 3 of the ancient madder section, also hear the quality is vey good.
New picture
New price 375 euros.Regards,
Look really nice those garments,congratulations.
I was quoted by Robin with same prices mentioned two posts ago. In the suit case 1590 GBP, including fabric.
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