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Fake?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/251765005240?_trksid=p2055359.m2763.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
 Personally, I like these combinations... http://www.voxsartoria.com/  
I have bought both new and second-hand Kiton shirts on Ebay and it has worked fine ... as long as you know what size you have, I see no problem with Ebay
The M59 bring back memories... I have to get one
it is currently at my tailor for some smaller alterations... So  let me see how I feel about it when I get it back.  the jacket is slightly shorter than this one, so I guess it works well for a 44r
I'm a 42-44L but I have not decided if I'm going to keep it yet.  There are some differences, including a more built up shoulder and no patch pockets
Thanks!  got hold of one more in gray sharkskin made for the same client...  I think, the label with the name was removed on that one.
Yes, this is a bespoke Suit (for someone else)
Although hesitant to play with the Big Dogs  RUBINACCI Cotton Blue Navy Suit The gentleman who commissioned the suit apparently never picked it up, and I got it for about $ 400(the suit deserves a better pic)  no alterations     [[SPOILER]]
Thanks!Kojak is great I plan to buy a SC and a few shirts to begin with...Never tried bespoke shirts before, so it will be fun to see the difference.
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