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Ah, thanks 
how long the next challenge run?
 I think so (if I remember correctly) and as a first jacket the hopsack would be a better choice. 
 I stand a little weird, but my right shoulder is definitely lower... thanks it´s hopsack... as the SF n00b I am i wanted to go for the Minnis 520, which she very politely talked me out of  
My first jacket from NSM only one fitting, so will send it back for some tweaking       i'm a noob, so what would you pros do?
found this flannel suit from Attolini on Ebay last week Shirt (Barba) and Tie (E. Marinella) also from the bay  
why is @catdogs post removed? I disagree with him, but such posts gives discussions and help new customers to not make the same mistake
 it´s from Caccioppoli (wool cashmere blend)the nr is 550141 
 SC: BnTailorShirt: My tailorTie: KitonPS: Rubinacci
working on the mustache for this week's Friday challenge  
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