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Congrats CruzAzul! 
 That looks great! how much did you pay for the jacket? (if you do not mind me asking)
I suspect that I will be disqualified :)   [[SPOILER]]  but I saw "The Man With The Golden Gun" yesterday, and the 70s Roger Moore is the coolest dressed Bond     
Happy Friday folks!    [[SPOILER]]
I'm a little curious about how the suit turned out, so feel free to post pictures when it´s finished 
wow, that's a great challenge 
   Thanks! It is a cotton suit so I think it works quite well with a polo shirt or pop-over. I'm also not a fan of having sneakers with a suit, but think I have seen Gerry Nelson (and others) do it and he always looks good, so i might be giving it a try  The only alteration i have done is lengthening the trousers by 2 cm :) 
"Respoke" Rubinacci suit and Sunspel polo shirt    
"Respoke" Rubinacci suit and Sunspel polo shirt     [[SPOILER]]
 I like it alot, can't wait for it to be finished I'm pretty sure it´s this one from Caccioppoli  (wool cashmere blend)   [[SPOILER]]
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