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 it´s from Caccioppoli (wool cashmere blend)the nr is 550141 
 SC: BnTailorShirt: My tailorTie: KitonPS: Rubinacci
working on the mustache for this week's Friday challenge  
after a bit of emailing we decided that he buys the fabric. we had some communication problems in the beginning due to his English and my even worse Italian  
 we have contact via email. so I ask him.Obvious but did not think about it 
 Thanks!  2.5m it is 
Thanks! Planning to try out a new tailor when I'm in Italy on vacation.The idea is to send a jacket + fabric in advance to save time and fittings 
How much fabric will I need for a jacket?  And does anyone know where I can buy Caccioppoli Navy hopsack?   Thanks
 you can perhaps have a couple of extra shirts / pants at work?And just change once you are there.
A few days ago.   
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