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Today's fit  
And a green apple 
The Son of Man by René Magritte    
And now vacation :)    
I miss your fun ties     [[SPOILER]]
Does anyone know if the quality has changed since PPR took over?   /Calypso
With Vincent Enyeama, Joseph Yobo and John Obi Mikel in your team, I am sure (and hope) that Nigeria is advancing from the group.
[[SPOILER]] I usually bring  a pair of galoshes in my briefcase... takes no space and are great to have if it rains. Springyard Overshoes [[SPOILER]]
Rudals have you considered Zegna su misura... would not that be an option? And it´s not that much more expensive. (I think)
Thanks for all the thumbs up on last week's outfit :)This week I'm heading to Gothenburg Sweden, and was tempted to trysouthernstyles "glenning."   [[SPOILER]]
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