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Has anyone heard anything about when they plan to visit Stockholm?
what I wore yesterday
 looks black to me, M's funeral perhaps?  i think this is the watch... t
think i will do that
 thanks  it's by far my favorite suit at the moment...  The only reason I wear these socks are AAS Friday challenge  Sleeves are perhaps a touch too short, but still ok I think.Don´t know if I dare to leave it to my tailor for alterations
Rubinacci Cotton Suit and Claghorns old tie  The gentleman who commissioned the suit apparently never picked it up, and I got it for about $ 400no alterations are made, but think the fit is pretty good     [[SPOILER]]
Better late than never NOBD 😃 Congrats AAS!
Gents, How do I make a summary post?
Poll is up! http://www.styleforum.net/t/453521/the-doubling-up-friday-challenge
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