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Quote: .   If you dont want to spend any money to get it shortened, simply do what a friend of mine who works at Saks does.  He puts the thin end of the tie in his dress shirt.  Just puts it in there, and no one knows its there. almost forgot..this is what i do most often
> 100 but not certain because if i ever counted i might decide i have too many(as if that's really possible when it come to shirts & ties ). every so often my wife does a count when she's annoyde about yet another purchase (usually i try to bring stuff in when she's not looking)..
i've had some shortened by my tailor..not a problem and should cost much less than tiecrafters
actually best scene was when gere was laying out wardrobe on the bed as he was packing for a trip..i wouldn't be caught today dressing this wat(especially those thin -sole capezio dance shoes) but back in the day this stuff was great..
Quote: Every time I wonder why I stopped buying GQ, I buy an issue and am reminded again. don't mean to redirect the thread but i must second the GQ observation..i can't wait for my subscription to run out
Quote: I believe the only sensible option is the messenger bag slung across the body. There are men's bags that hang off the same shoulder (like a purse), but those are bad for your posture, not very secure and too much like a purse. Last night, I heard some ridiculous nonsense that the fanny-pack was coming back in California. Something about roller-skater chicks. i totally agree...i have a black nylon prada that looks great stuffed or almost...
Quote:  for example, seven fold ties will make a big knot because of the thickness of the material ). i also prefer a thick tie knot and only tie fih..a find, however that the 7folds(at least those made by kiton) don't do it..i buy thicker silks that are also cut wider on the thin end of the tie..lining helps also..
i have been to italy many times and twice to napoli.i've shopped a lot but never at any discount observation i've made: for the most part,italian men don't wear armani..i think armani is is for the tourists and the celebrities who probably don't even have to pay for it..
Quote: Two notes:  Saks outlet stores typically have tons of Arnold Brandt at half off.  I've seen complete size runs of basic suits and coats.  Also, Brandt is coming out with a premium line of tailored clothing that will be made in Italy.  You may be able to have your cake. forgot to mention that i've only bought at sale(40-50% off) looking forward to new line..thanks for the heads-up
any comments on arnold brandt..i've bought a few suits and sports jackets at SF over the last year..i usually buy made in italy and this line is made in canada(albeit some beautiful italian fabrics)..i find the fit and styling very italian;nice 3 button jackets with high side vents and pleated, wider bottom pants..should i feel unfaithful to my country of choice?
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