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Here are the Augusta's I mentioned. If anyone is a 11.5 D and is interested, feel free to let me know. I would be happy to discount the Ebay price. I suppose this is the downside to losing weight.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/152017230362      
Are you posting these to Ebay? These look great!  
Are you posting these to Ebay? These look great!
Hi Everyone, I'm about to drop these Augustas on Ebay. Unfortunately, I bought these right before realizing that my weight loss recently dropped me from a 11.5D to a 11D (though a Brannock device reports me as an 11C, I haven't yet tried on an 11C). Once they go up, I'll post the link here. If anyone would like to make a direct offer, please feel free to send me a message. .
I don't know that I'm necessarily qualified to answer that, I own a pair of Cliftons and Strawfuts, both in 11.5 D, but I don't know which last they're made on.  They both fit me well.  The Rutledge has an elongated toe box, though not exaggeratedly so, so at first it feels like it's a little bit too long in the toe.  But it seems that for such a toe box, you're not necessarily supposed to fill it out.  I find that they fit very well and are very comfortable.  They feel...
They are gorgeous and I'm a bit sick to part with them.  However I need to thin the herd - I've got more shoes than I need and some expenses coming up that I have to deal with.  I work in academia so these shoes don't get enough sunlight (I have a pair of brown and burgundy wingtips, non AE, that pair better with most of what I wear to the office, and some black cap toes, Clifton, for more formal occasions, and that's not mentioning my spectators, Strawfut, and boot...
Just wanted to drop an update, they're up to $34 (I started at 99 cents, let the market decide their worth) and the auction ends tomorrow.  They may end up being a steal.
Update, these are up to $34, so they may end up being a steal.
yes, 46R coat and 44 Waist.  I'm in Texas now (though I used to be in NYC)
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