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Lots of threads on tailor shops that make suits and ones that do alterations, including some that are very recent. Try searching againt - Trend, Spiros, Raji, Garrison, Stavros, many others...
Quote: Originally Posted by JDMills Montreal im afraid every cobbler and store I've been too sell them for 35 plus tax. Try Golftown.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster I thought Dacks closed down. Maybe that was just here. It did. This thread and that post you are quoted are from 2009.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington You're talking about law school. I'm talking about undergrad. The bottom line is that law schools want people with high GPAs and high LSATs. Places like Yale and Stanford are so selective that they can usually pick students with great stats and prestigious undergrads, but in general you're probably better off going to a UG where you're sure you'll get a 3.9. If, and only if, you're dead certain you want to go...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington Toronto and McGill are both good schools but they are also grade deflators so the relative advantage of going there could be limited by the GPA deflation. Are you sure? When I went to law school, 80% of each class at UofT got a B or B+. 10%-15% got As and the rest got Cs. This helped their students get top jobs in NY and Toronto. By contrast, other law schools in Ontario were in the 65% range in...
Time to revisit the thread. There is a Groupon offering for these guys today. Thoughts from those who ordered?
Quote: Originally Posted by effers Do you usually end up having to pay duties? No. 3 orders no duties yet.
Never had problems here in Canada. When shipping to Canada, they ship through their postal service and it ends up with Canada Post (equivalent to USPS). They give a Canada Post tracking number which shows as soon as the package has arrived in the coutnry and is in process to clear customs. As a precaution, I ship it to my work address where there is always someone in the mailroom available to sign.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 IME the sheen does diminish after a few washings. Good to know. Fits well and other than the sheen, it has a very nice finish.
Just got my latest shirt made from fabric #k34 Shirt is well made but I need to wear sunglasses to look at it - the shirt is so shiny. I hope after a few washings, the sheen goes away...
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