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Small discoloration on collar. might come out, might not. sold as-is obviously
sorry there are 6 not 7. the 7th was a small damage size 16 borrelli. that being said here are the images, 6 $50E, all for 300 shipped (inside US, outside US i need to calculate shipping)
One of my biggest buying customers bought a ton of shirts and 7 were borrelli. He laundered them, then realized they didn't fit. i allowed him a credit of $50 each for the return figuring i could find someone who'd want basically a new Borrelli for $50. There are 7 and i'd love to unload them all at 350 and be done with it. i'll post pix tomorrow, but if you're interested shoot me an email: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com
just got in 3 Kiton euro 46 suits. They would bought, altered, but never picked up. I believe 2 are 180s and one is 90cash/10 silk, if anyone wear a 46R
sheet updated to reflect about 10 sold so far (grey)
OK, enough people said they liked the spreadsheet style so here it is. for those of you who don't know how this works, here is a link to an Excel spreadsheet with descriptions, sizes, specifics: http://www.virtualclotheshorse.com/images/belvest.xls in column B are 3 numbers representing image file numbers. example the first pant is Pant-4920, the images are 38327 38328 and 38329. to view these, click on this...
In the next day or two I'll post the spreadsheet with the first 100-150 or so. There are a lot of singles and doubles so sorting and photo will take a good while
going to try to keep the list price under 200 for every single one, even the ones with wool/cashmere blends that would be $800+ in the store. the last shipment i got from korshak had 2 pair of basic wool BV pants for $695, now they're $825 list
Just got in the single best shipment of pants ever: 290 Belvest, sizes 30-44, nearly every one is a classic basic: flannel, heavier cotton, twill, plaid, cords, fine-whale cords, denim. all basic colors: camel, grey, black, blue etc. KILLER
the size 8.5 are the ones that'd be closest to 7.5UK.
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