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pre-selling them right now. shoot me an email you want to snag any: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com
yes. very similar price range. my price went up $35 EACH but i only went up on my end $10
The bulk of the 56 pair I received will be $409 (a few are a little lower, a few are higher like the norwegians and the boots). shoot me an email if you want any of these! lance@virtualclotheshorse.com
got 60+ DiBianco shoes heading my way as well. norwegians, boots, loafers, monks
just took in 130 Kiton sweaters. Lots of 80/20 cashmere/silk in basics like medium grey, dark grey, gunmetal grey, black, about 25 heavy cashmere turtlenecks, then a pair of what i call roped cashmere crew necks. it's a loose weave cashmere but the cashmere seems to be rope-thick. i think yiou could unwind this and hang yourself with it. the sweater alone weighs 33.1 ounces! haven't seen anything this substantial since i bought (on 65% off sale) something similar...
Here are two kiton shirts that i have with monograms. normally people buy these and wear under a sweater or something. $79 plus ship. as you can see the mono is NA, on the lower breast area and the measurements of these are: neck 15 chest 47 shoulders 20 sleeves 33.75 shoot me an email: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com to snag either of these
Cotton/Linen white size 32 with a small smudge on the upper left thigh. most likely would come out with a single cleaning. $89 plus ship. normally i'd list these around $139.
just uploaded the sheet to include images for dress shirts, tux shirts, knits, sport shirts and sweaters. will list online today as well. shoot me an email if you want to secure anything: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com to view images, open this link: http://www.virtualclotheshorse.com/images/XXXXX.JPG this link will NOT WORK. you need to replace the XXXXX in the URL with the image(s) in column B. for example the first shirt, Dshrt-6609 has images of 36279 and 36280,...
also amongst this new stuff are about 7-8 Kiton tailored pieces, a few blazers, a few 48R (euro) suits, and a few coats~!
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