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got in close to 30 Marinella 7-fold, some silk some cashmere. Marinella 7F are pretty hard to find, they're just lying around!!
Just got in some Kiton CIPA shirts. got them at a good price so i'll be offering them at $199. I'm pre-selling them to clear some of them out (and give returning customers a first-shot to get what they want before the general public gets hold of them). if you're interested, shoot me an email: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com and cite your preferred size and i will send images of what's here
sorry, i didn't get a notification that you'd posted here. I find they fit very true. i had them send me a pair awhile back so i could wear and get an opinion of fit, and the size 12 they sent me work PERFECTLY. They fit like my mantellassi 12 and gravati 12. does that help?
pre-selling them right now. shoot me an email you want to snag any: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com
yes. very similar price range. my price went up $35 EACH but i only went up on my end $10
The bulk of the 56 pair I received will be $409 (a few are a little lower, a few are higher like the norwegians and the boots). shoot me an email if you want any of these! lance@virtualclotheshorse.com
got 60+ DiBianco shoes heading my way as well. norwegians, boots, loafers, monks
just took in 130 Kiton sweaters. Lots of 80/20 cashmere/silk in basics like medium grey, dark grey, gunmetal grey, black, about 25 heavy cashmere turtlenecks, then a pair of what i call roped cashmere crew necks. it's a loose weave cashmere but the cashmere seems to be rope-thick. i think yiou could unwind this and hang yourself with it. the sweater alone weighs 33.1 ounces! haven't seen anything this substantial since i bought (on 65% off sale) something similar...
Here are two kiton shirts that i have with monograms. normally people buy these and wear under a sweater or something. $49 plus ship. as you can see the mono is NA, on the lower breast area and the measurements of these are: neck 15 chest 47 shoulders 20 sleeves 33.75 shoot me an email: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com to snag either of these CHANGED TO $49
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