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Belvest trousers are in. about 150 pairs. a LOT of basics (shades of blue from dark to navy, grey, light to deep charcoal, black, some cottons). no pictures yet but since a lot of them are described as "navy super 120s flat front" it's pretty self-explanatory. shoot me an email if you want a list of descriptions of your sizes: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com i'm doing the forum 10 off for this shipment BEFORE they list online, which will be at least a week or two. none...
10 off of the new inbound Belvest pants, which should be here middle of next week
i have these coming my way from DiBianco in Tyrolian stitching:
got about 60 new DiBianco shoes if anyone wants to see a preview before they're listed, shoot me an email: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com also i have another 150 classic belvest dress trousers coming in. sizes 30-44, lots of basic navy/black/grey/neutral in wools to super 150 all under $180 and for the belvest pants (the incoming and those online) i'll do the forum 10% off, just let me know
i just measured the 4 remaining, same model same size. Chest 50 shoulders 20 sleeve 37
dropped remaining 4 (non-whites) to $35 each
just one remaining
remaining Borrelli jeans (size 31, 32 and 40 remain) $75, Belvest denim $99, trying to move some out to make way for new inbound shipments
Got a small Kiton suit/jkt/outerwear shipment, 9 total pieces. Euro48R cashmere double-faced cashmere blazer $1799 tobacco brown silk (though it feels like a cashmere blend) goose-down zip vest with cashmere trim euro50 $1499: 13.8MIC grey plaid suit euro 48R $2699 90/10 cash/silk olive green 3/4 coat (36.75 inches long) with faux choc suede zip vest and elbow patches euro 50 $2099 Cotton/Abaca dark camel safari style lightweight jacket euro 50 $1099 other three...
Posted 140 pairs of Belvest. Best shipment ever, there are still about 150 more to list in the coming weeks. if you're looking for a basic (black/navy/grey/olive) in a superfine wool for under $200, these are IT
New Posts  All Forums: