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Got a small Kiton suit/jkt/outerwear shipment, 9 total pieces. Euro48R cashmere double-faced cashmere blazer $1799 tobacco brown silk (though it feels like a cashmere blend) goose-down zip vest with cashmere trim euro50 $1499: 13.8MIC grey plaid suit euro 48R $2699 90/10 cash/silk olive green 3/4 coat (36.75 inches long) with faux choc suede zip vest and elbow patches euro 50 $2099 Cotton/Abaca dark camel safari style lightweight jacket euro 50 $1099 other three...
Posted 140 pairs of Belvest. Best shipment ever, there are still about 150 more to list in the coming weeks. if you're looking for a basic (black/navy/grey/olive) in a superfine wool for under $200, these are IT
Just got in a big shipment of Belvest dress pants. 80% are flat front, others are single-pleat. Lots of Super 100-150 in basics (blue, grey, black etc) only one pair over $200 (a pair of Super 180s). if anyone wants to see what's available before they list, just email me your size and i'll send pix and info: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com
i've got 2 60L Kiton suits that came in a little while back, someone committed to them and showed such great respect in stringing me along with "payment's coming" and now has disappeared. ugh. $1875 each or 3700 for both. dark grey pinstripe and dark almost black with mocha pinstripe. one is a 150 one is 180.
the end of year sale went well. lots of good stuff went out at lower prices
the 2 whites are gone. i'll get measurements. i've been SWAMPED trying to get new health insurance. somehow i didn't receive my $2,500/year reduction in premiums, instead being slapped with another 52% annual increase. holy moly
probably not. i haven't gotten RLPL in awhile
Small discoloration on collar. might come out, might not. sold as-is obviously
sorry there are 6 not 7. the 7th was a small damage size 16 borrelli. that being said here are the images, 6 $50E, all for 300 shipped (inside US, outside US i need to calculate shipping)
One of my biggest buying customers bought a ton of shirts and 7 were borrelli. He laundered them, then realized they didn't fit. i allowed him a credit of $50 each for the return figuring i could find someone who'd want basically a new Borrelli for $50. There are 7 and i'd love to unload them all at 350 and be done with it. i'll post pix tomorrow, but if you're interested shoot me an email: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com
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