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the only active code is: clearout which is good for 25% off of anything in the clearance section
yes, all are new items. Some have the tags and some don't. Actually MOST have tags. I only sell the damaged on style forum at a discount. i don't have a section for "slightly damaged" or something along those lines
Just got in about 110 or so Kiton shirts and i got 2 that have monograms. in the past i sold them here for $99 plus ship and people bought them (they said) to wear under sweaters etc. Here are two more: as you can see the mono is NA, on the lower breast area and the measurements of these are: neck 15 chest 47 shoulders 20 sleeves 33.75 shoot me an email: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com to snag either of these
They are NOT online yet, i just got them in late Thursday night. Pre-selling at $329 (decided to make $329, not $339) plus ship. these are really amazing, my favorite shipment in a good while (i'm very partial to norwegian welts). Shoot me an email to snag any of these: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com Sz 8.5 and 9 Size 7.5 & 9 Sz 8,9,10.5 Sz 10,11,12,13 Sz 10,10.5 Sz 9,11,12,13 Sz 11 Sz 10,10.5,12 Sz 8.5,9,10,10.5,11,13 Sz 8.5,10.5 Sz...
Most of you know the Certo line I carry. Always really nice, but this shipment of 60 pr is REALLY nice, as in the nicest one i've ever gotten from them. Retailed at 995, listing at 339:
Just secured a deal to buy 13 Loro Piana nubuck suede Bradford coats. I checked them out in my local LP store ($5,800 plus tax) and they are mighty sweet. Cotton/cashmere lining and a zip-out removable cashmere shawl collar. Chocolate in color, I've pre-sold 7 already. I am expecting: Size M-3 (one remaining) Size L-5 (4 remaining with two "maybe/probablys") Size XL-3 (1 remaining) Size XXL-2 (none remaining) I will be listing at $2,100 If you want to see the images...
I just received a shipment of zanella, zegna dress pants and there are 5 pairs of PT01 in there. This is my first experience with them (sizes euro 44-48 only)
just put up a ton of Borrelli cashmere sweaters. nearly all are basics (crews/V's/zips)
Sorry, wasn't sure exactly where to put this, but is anyone planning on going to the Pratesi sale Oct 5-Oct 8 at 317 W 33rd? Just wanting to know what kind of selection and pricing of california king sheets. shoot me an email if anyone is going and might tell me this and possibly buy for me: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com
i actually got this thru a silent auction, but i live in aspen so of course the local OSA closed down! There are others around the country but the one 3 miles from my house closed. there doesn't appear to be any expiration date on this. They carry all the top-end glasses and i expected my wife to use this but now i can't. shoot me an email: lance@virtualclotheshorse.com
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