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Here is a shot of Friday's attire. Jacket and trousers from SS.
clarinetplayer looking dapper as always! Great suit choice. The subtle check is excellent. Well, here is my getup today. Suitsupply jacket, trousers and square. The shirt is M2M, tie is Drakes and shoes are Meermin. I went for a blend of fabrics on this with a heavier herringbone jacket and a light 120 wool trouser.
Interesting choice of jackets. I own the tobacco Havana and the blue Havana. I'm also looking to purchase the brown one too! I'm actually wearing one today ;-)
Disappointed that they do not have this yet:
Well MrTopCat, it was bought last year from Lime Street (not my usual Vigo Street), London. They only had one left and it was in my size so it had to be purchased. A nice simple suit with a little bit of the Washington flair.
Happy Friday!
And i just noticed I didn't tie a button up on the waistcoat!!!
Thanks! It's a Lazio fit from the fall 2012 collection. And it isn't a mannequin, it's all man...
Happy Thursday!
Looking dapper as always clarinetplayer!
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