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[[SPOILER]] 👌 makes mine look terrible haha (same thing sans exposed eyelets, wheeling and fudging, and welt/dressing)
Nah you just have to sign up/login to see the prices.I had rainbow neps and loved the quirkiness and specks of color. Unfortunately I had to sell my pair due to fit.
Happened to me once with one of my funded jeans. It turned out they had a pair in my size in stock.
Yep yep at one point I had like 8 on hand with a few getting the most wear amongst them (heavy Americans, heavy Japan's, 1776-also happen to be the first three that I ever got). I'll get back into gustin when the time comes
Well spoke too soon, got an update from Tony and to summarize what he said "They're in the processing of revamping their website which is why they're limiting custom orders to what they already produce. With the revamped website will be an option for MTO where the customer can spec out his/her order to streamline the process and it'll take like 2-3 months until the new website is up."
I'm surprised you get with with balmorals. I think it's a little baby powder works
 Just FYI, dark chocolate is darker than dark brown burnished. If you're looking for closer to black, I'd get dark chocolate, otherwise I'd stick with dark brown burnished.
Yep agreed. All I wanted was natty cxl captoe trench oxford with dainite sole, possibly with storm welt for year round wear
Just wanted to give a heads up regarding custom orders; I just got off the phone with Tony and it looks like they're cutting down on one off custom orders unless it's in production already which is a shame.
 It's also possible that your feet are sized differently requiring you to wear two different sizes.
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