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If you guys have Instagram or Twitter, I'd suggest following them. Sometimes you get the updates quicker than email.
Haha if you follow them on Instagram or Twitter you'll find out quicker
Looking to sell the $50 gift code from made to fit program in case anyone's interested, thanks!
Hey guys,   I've got a $50 gift code from trying on the made to fit program through Rancourt and I've decided to get other shoes. I'm looking to essentially get back my money and I would forward you the e-mail Katie sent me with the code. Thank you!
$20 ($10 per jeans, $10 shipping) for chain stitch hem at AB Fits in SF
I've got the two heavyweight crewneck sweaters in size 36 which I like except for it's short length which is 24" and big wide in the waist is a terrible combination.
Yeah it's a little off for sure. Is it just me or is the length of TS sweaters really short?
Haha that's a lot of walking; this is why I don't get vibram soles. They're comfy but I wear them out too quickly
If you're looking for a solid, well made all round good pair of jeans, they're great for that. I'd say if you're looking for unique features like slubbiness, cool selvedge ID, etc, I'd look elsewhere. Honestly my favorite part of the jeans are the waistband haha, as silly as that sounds.Ah yeah the detail work is really great. Glad you like the jacket, the sizing doesn't work for me.
Railcar Fine Goods Spikes x012 are my go to pair jeans ^^
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