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They're both the same leather.  If you scroll up, I posted pictures of a pair of the OSB PTB's.
Even though I primarily wear OSBs, I prefer the aesthetic of the Aldens over OSBs. With that being said, I think $600 is a lot for those. What do you mean you don't like the color of the outsole of the OSB? The leather sole?
Unless I'm mistaken, red dainite soles should be the same as black dainite soles. As previously mentioned, they're not great for wet, slick floors but I prefer it as an alternative to leather soles.
Selling used pair of unlined Alden Snuff Suede Dovers in Size 6E on Barrie Last that were worn a few times by the previous owner. Worn once to test fit and unfortunately these don't fit. Comes with shoe bags.
What last are these shoes on? Thanks!
Selling BNIB 3sixteen x Viberg Mini Ripple Service Boot ~ Natural CXL Roughout in size 6.5. Comes with leather laces, flat waxed laces, and 3sixteen stickers.
Yah they were nice but unfortunately too narrow for my feet. Definitely narrower than the elston last
Unfortunately not. Cap toes are neglected haha
Any remaining stock after today's sale at their showroom will be put up online tomorrow.
Selling a BNIB pair of Viberg x The Bureau Belfast Natural CXL Derby Shoe with Beige Gumlite Ripple Sole in size 6.5 in 1035 last. Comes with pair of leather laces.
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