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Soft presidential cutaway
Sounds good.  Satoyama Faded Blackwatch Plaid - Soft as butter, pure awesome Rust Blue Tacoma Check Flannel  Brown Blue Tacoma Check Flannel Howard Street Lightweight Denim - I love this fabric way too much. Navy Chambray - Love the heft. Didn't capture the color of this shirt correctly
[[SPOILER]] Is there a size chart for the sweaters? I didn't see one.
Gonna be passing on the natty cxl make up. If the natty cxl derby comes back, I'll consider that one!
Does anyone have side by side pics of 2030 and 110 like above? Thanks!
See above.OSB trenches are a little snug for me too so I might have to look into the 110 last.
I asked this on reddit. Alden TB is 10.5D, Viberg 10.5, Barrie is 10.5D but those boots are 11D
I like!
The 110 last is 3E width
 Sweet, thanks! Oh I forgot to ask, is this fabric really permanently discontinued? http://propercloth.com/fabrics/blue-denim-1160.html . Wish I got another shirt in this fabric!
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