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Selling used Taylor Stitch River Blue Heavyweight Crewneck in size 36. If it looks like its slightly different colors, it's because the sweater was still not fully dry when I took the picture. Thanks!
Selling used Taylor Stitch Steel Heavyweight Crewneck in size 36. Thanks!
[[SPOILER]]  Saw this on IG, good stuff man! Must be the lighting because yours look so dark haha
Just thought I'd show some pics of brown waxed cap-toe trench boots which I gave to my brother.        
Used Bexar Goods Co 1.25" Tan Belt with brass hardware with middle hole @ 32.5" from where the leather meets the buckle. Thanks!
I've got a used pair of Railcar Fine Goods x Old North Collaboration Jeans in Spikes Size 30 fit (16.7 oz) that's been soaked once and washed once. Thanks for looking!    Waist: 16"  Front Rise: 9.5"  Thigh: 11"  Knee:" 7.75"  Leg Opening: 6.75"  Inseam: 28"
Hey guys,   I've got a used pair of Railcar Fine Goods Spikes x012 (Size 30) that I've worn a few times and soaked once for sale. Thanks for looking!   Waist: 16" Front Rise: 9.5" Thigh: 11" Knee:" 7.75" Leg Opening: 6.75" Inseam: 28.5"
Nah at the moment I don't wear it with a tie but I do like how it looks with a tie. I'd want to order more shirts but climbing is jacking up my forearms (tore a small hole in the sleeve navy chambray on the sleeve when I had the sleeves rolled up. I was able to get it fixed though) and I already use the traditional setting for my shirts. I'm sure I could increase the sleeve width but it would get so billowy in the arms. Hmm what to do.
 Hmm thanks, do you get pocket flare? I can't stand pocket flare haha. I'm in between sizes (32" for jeans) so I might have to size 28.
 Haha it is awesome how it breaks in!
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