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Used Proof NY Nomad Pants - Ash Blue Size: 31 Waist: 16"  Front Rise: 10.25" Back Rise: 14.5" Thigh: 11.5" Knee: 8.5 Inseam: 26.25" Opening: 7.25"
Haha best game there was back in 2007 vs Louisville!
[[SPOILER]]  Aww man those look good along with Deusis's. Looking forward to your size comparisons especially since you're saying these are a little narrow in the toe box.
 They've usually shipped within a couple days for me. You could always call the store and ask what's going on with your order.
I saw this on reddit. It's normal. The discoloration is the pull up nature of CXL
Hmm if I'm a 6.5E brannock and wear barrie last TTS (cigar LWB), would I go 5.5 or 6 for detroit last (looking at cognac shell LWB) ? Thanks!
Ah shame its D width and not E width. GLWS!
It's gyw, not stitch down
CT fits have more room in the seat
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