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It's plenty dark enough
What about bourbon?Brown burnished should look similar to the shoes that are being worn:
I should've waited, gonna return shoe trees I ordered earlier since I ordered again with current sale.
Man the wait is killer even though it's only been a week and a half since I ordered. Can only hope it ships as quickly as mikes brown shell strands did haha.
Fantastic combo including the socks! 👍
I don't get pocket flare at all with the new way shorts like I did with the OGs. But I do agree about not liking the slight flare of the leg opening and I definitely wish the leg opening was narrower. I'd want like 20" leg opening.
Think only certain people got it
Hi guys,   Selling pre-owned pair of Allen Edmonds Walnut Park Ave dress shoes in size 6.5E (factory seconds) that were worn outside three times. Shoe trees not included. Accept paypal/Amazon payments. Thanks!
Was this a preorder/custom order or a regular order? If it's the former, that's normal. Otherwise, I'd email them
Sweet, thanks!
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