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PSA: I stopped by AoM earlier today and saw on display Whiskey NST (model #2212) in size 12D.
 What shoulder setting did you go with? It should be some form of sloping (
  Sorry for the terrible picture, but to the right is the 3rd pleat. 
I actually like the democratic fit on the chinos and wish they made democratic fit for the other pants (too slim in thigh and top block for me).
 Yep Cigar shell on Hampton last
Railcar Fine Goods Spikes x012 Worn around 19 months Countless washes 1 repair (crotch darned)
   Thanks for the advice fellas. I thought I wrote cut instead of tear (don't know how that happened!). More pics just in case.  
Hi guys,   Got sent pics of my preorder 975's which unfortunately had a small tear. Do you think it'll be an issue in the future (keep for discount) or should I pass on these? Thanks!   
Some wear on my brown WF @ 13 months:          
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