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The 110 last is 3E width
 Sweet, thanks! Oh I forgot to ask, is this fabric really permanently discontinued? http://propercloth.com/fabrics/blue-denim-1160.html . Wish I got another shirt in this fabric!
Just ordered this one too, looks great! I did go with brown horn buttons.Is this shirt fabric coming back?http://propercloth.com/fabrics/albini-navy-corduroy-1429.html
Nice man I want that one next!
  Check this link out guys: http://propercloth.com/reference/select-optimal-dress-shirt-shoulder-slope/ It might seem like you guys have square shoulders and you have to adjust for that.
I think that was their collab with ebbets for reddit
The chromepak is going to have a brogued cap-toe.
Looks like around $735 shippedBased on pic, it's a plain cap toe
He's talking about the toe box. Suggesting that its flat and not narrow
Thanks for this! It's very helpful. Still get the feeling my feet are too wide for 2030
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