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You can e-mail them to be included with your pair as long as its not heavily worn
In case anyone hasn't gotten an email from Gustin, they're having their first fade contest with the $1,000 as the prize. The rules are as follows: 1) Purchase a pair of either the American Sixteener or Heavy American now 2) Check-in four times over the next year with pictures of your fades 3) On September 1, 2015 we'll choose the customer with the best fades, and give them a thousand dollars Good luck to those that are participating!
Ah okay thanks
Which black boot is that in the first example that understatesmen uses as where his inspiration boot comes from?
Man I love the natural cxl make ups but they would need brogue cap toes for me so I'm out on those. If I wore black, I'd be in on those shit kickers but unfortunately I don't haha. They are nice though. Only boot I'm down for is #20. Can anyone give me sizing advice for the 2040 last? I've tried looking for comparisons to OSB trench boots but haven't had much luck. I wear 6.5 in trench boots but toe box is a little snug for my wide feet. I'm a 6.5E on the brannock (heel...
 Hmm looking at the OP, I think there are duplicates. The two black 110 service boots are exactly the same except the second listing says plain toe while the two 2030 natural cxl boots are exactly the same except the second one also has catspaw as a sole option. Also, I noticed a majority of the boots don't list whether it's going to be plain toe, straight cap toe, or brogue cap toe. Is it safe to assume if no cap toe is mentioned that the boots are going to be plain...
Haha thanks. I've tried giving them away to my bro, dad, and friend to no avail.
Used pair of Natural CXL Vibram Sole Trail Oxfords in size 7 without the shoe trees. Will ship 24-48 hours of payment. Thanks for looking!
Picked up a pair of the RTW natural cxl baxter mocs and they fit great lengthwise. They're definitely tight widthwise (6E) especially on the ball of the foot and I'm debating what to do. I probably need a 6 3E for it to be comfortable.   On another note, does anyone have ranger moc sizing compared to Viberg's 2030 or 110 last? Thank you!
Wow that's quite a difference. What's your brannock size (heel to toe, heel to ball)? Thanks!
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