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 Thanks man, me too!
Meant to post yesterday but forgot to!
The shirt all way to the right in my picture above is navy TetonNavy Teton but sorry for the terrible pic!
Haha yes I do and I love the navy Teton flannel. Its got a good weight to it and easily the heaviest out of all of them above.
Might be hard to see different textures on these shirts but thought anyone interested might want to see. L-R: Howard Street Lightweight Denim Blue Denim Wythe Navy Oxford Slate Blue Heathered Flannel Albini Navy Corduroy Navy Tenton Flannel
Maybe need to adjust shoulder slope?http://propercloth.com/reference/select-optimal-dress-shirt-shoulder-slope/
Selling a used pair of Oak Street Bookmakers Natural Trail Oxfords  (worn 3 times) with Vibram 2060 sole in size 6E. It does not include shoe trees and price does not include shipping. Thank you!
I have slight heel slip in my boots but when I say slight, I mean slight.Also I hadn't worn my trench oxfords in a week when I commented about the fit but I'm wearing them today and they're definitely tighter all around from the vamp, toe space, overall fit.
Thanks man. Well I guess it depends on how you're sizing the shoes. My trench oxfords are size 6.5 (brannock size heel to toe) and worn with thin/medium thick socks while my trench boots are size 7 (brannock size heel to ball), slightly looser, and meant to be worn with medium/thicker socks. The trench oxfords are definitely a more snug fit (got quite the nasty heel blister the first day I wore them trying to break them in) but they're both comfortable.
Haha yeah sorry sun was very bright. They've got a few wears on them.
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