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According to their IG, the plane they were on had engine issues in Cleveland.
Haha I almost thought about doing a custom navy cxl cap toe trench boot on Dainite but decided to pass. Not sure it would sell as well as the others. I do wish each trench boot that they're selling comes in toe cap and no toe cap versions
Must be the lighting but always forget how dark it starts out
Used Barrett Alley Revelation Wallet in Natural vegetable tanned leather with indigo stains
He got the red laces elsewhere on his own. As for the boots, they are a custom make up which are brown waxed flesh cap toe boots with dainite sole. Email OSB if you want something similar.
Dang put that with a cap toe and I'd get it!
To piggy back on what linafelt said, unless the boots you ordered come with speed hooks by default, you'll have to custom order them if you want speed hooks.Edit: haha according to OSB's IG, my pics convinced someone else to get them too
Selling used Taylor Stitch River Blue Heavyweight Crewneck in size 36. If it looks like its slightly different colors, it's because the sweater was still not fully dry when I took the picture. Thanks!
Selling used Taylor Stitch Steel Heavyweight Crewneck in size 36. Thanks!
[[SPOILER]]  Saw this on IG, good stuff man! Must be the lighting because yours look so dark haha
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