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Picked up a pair of the RTW natural cxl baxter mocs and they fit great lengthwise. They're definitely tight widthwise (6E) especially on the ball of the foot and I'm debating what to do. I probably need a 6 3E for it to be comfortable.   On another note, does anyone have ranger moc sizing compared to Viberg's 2030 or 110 last? Thank you!
Wow that's quite a difference. What's your brannock size (heel to toe, heel to ball)? Thanks!
[[SPOILER]] Dang those look good. If you don't mind me asking, what else is part of the ten items?Edit: oh wait nvm I read about this on cnn haha
New Bartlett oxford coming (taken from IG):
 Here's that pink madras with soft ivy BD you were talking about.
Colorado bd vs Soft ivy bd - this is how I'd probably wear the shirt but still unsure which collar looks better
I've been going back and forth between the Colorado bd and soft ivy bd contemplating which one would be better. I don't own either and the only comparison I could make is the height of the collar between band collar and soft preside collar.
Mm I've been debating that too including other shirts I'm considering. I'm looking at strictly casual untucked shirts and departing from the norm a bit. I'm thinking of going with soft ivy bd, no placket, no pocket on all of them including ocbds.
Do these include shirts that were returned as part of a remake? Haha if so I've definitely seen one of my old shirts there.
Hmm can anyone tell me how their 110 sizing compares to rancourt's ranger moc sizing? Appreciate it!
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