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Selling new HK Key Clip - Natural Horween Chromexcel from The Hide Shop. Add $5 for shipping. Thanks!
Selling used Shinki Hikaku Brown NATO watch strap from Guarded Goods. Add $5 for shipping. Thanks! Specs:  Strap type: NATO  Leather: Shinki Hikaku Brown Shell Width: 20 mm  Hardware: Silver  Thread: White Center hole: 7.25"  Length: 9.75"
Selling used Horween Color 8 Shell NATO watch strap from The Hide Shop (formerly Hellbrand Leatherworks) with black hardware. Add $5 for shipping. Thanks!   Specs: Strap type: NATO Leather: Horween Color #8 Shell Width: 20 mm Hardware: Black PVD Thread: Black Center hole: 7" Length: 9.25"
 Sure. Here it is.  
Here's mine. Sorry for the terrible pictures.   
 Yeah that's what I figured. Oh well, thanks haha
Hmm if I'm a 6.5E on barrie, would 6.5D on modified fit? Thanks!
There's a pair of ravello daytrippers in size 8.5D on grailed for those interested (not mine-sadly too big for me)
Used Vitme Handcraft Natural Shell NATO Watch Strap with the following measurements: - Leather: Shinki Hikaku Natural Shell - Center hole: 7" - Length: 9.25" - Width: 20mm
Used Vitme Handcraft Navy Shell NATO Watch Strap with the following measurements (true color latter pics):   - Leather: Shinki Hikaku Navy Shell - Center hole: 7.25" - Length: 9.75" - Width: 20mm
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