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only one i would reconsider is the first one. or just wear it every other week.
Rule #1. Never do math in public!!! Thanks for the catch and an easier way to do things!
100-30%=70, 70-20%=54. $54 =100-44%
any thoughts on brands of navy overcoats that hold up well, are warm , and not boxy. The ones at Brooks Brothers/JosBanks are pretty square looking.
Id just reconsider the park aves...especially with the Black Strands and being an infrequent suit wearer. You could always wear that Strands and a brown shoe with a navy/grey suit rotation. Great choices though! Start with 3 maybe for two months. Esoecially if you are keeping a pair or two of your old shoes...maybe for rainy days.
I tend to agree about Gant Rugger. Probably a good choice. In school my best dressed friends wore 90% hilfiger or brooks brothers/polo and this is not a wealthy area. relativelt poor area. most was from outlets id assume. Maybe have your button downs shortened, so you can not wear them non-ironed and untucked with shorts. Maybe spend time thrifting as well so you don't break the bank.
I'd favor the Strands over the Mccallister--I think they are bit dressier and sportier. I'd think about dropping the park aves actually. if you wore a suit 4 days a week, I'd go with them. If you wear a suit 3 times a month, you can wear the strands. I'd reconsider the Keniworths too--Maybe look at leeds if they still have them. Kenilworths and jeans/chinos are a little too dressy. you can still wear a more casual (and double soled derby) with a suit.
a few things i read recently. Obama is better at formal than Bush, and Bush better at casual than Obama. after seeing Obamas vacation pictures and Bushs ranch photos, and both of their White House photos....maybe they were right. Bush didnt look comfortable in a suit...neither did Romney. I did read than Obama is only wearing a navy suit these days. probably true from what Ive seen. at least 90%
I've had about 5 pair of AE's. They look great. Always complimented in them. plus they've all lasted 5+ years and still look good. don't pay full retail...get sized and order from the shoe bank and pay 200 vs 300. it's really like comparing two nice cars. you can't go wrong.
uhm. allen edmonds.
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