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please. just stop.
IMO the smart money in AEs shoes is in their seconds from their shoe bank. Always ordered from them. Never disappointed with what I get. Yes you may get a shoe error like yours, but you'll feel alot better about it. The overall quality will still be great 5 years from now.
kamakura? hundreds of posts on them already.
The alden captoes look too formal (great with suits, not with jeans). check out allen edmond leeds. They are a derby shoe. Strands are nice shoes. Be a great choice for alot of people.
I agree with them. if i had the frame for brooks bros, Id go there without a second thought. I wouldnt think of getting a good suit at HB either. its just too trendy. good luck tho.
Try on a bunch of brands to see what fits you best. Why not spend $1000 on a navy suit that you can wear 1/2 the time vs keep making the same mistakes at MensWarehouse? You really have to have a good eye to play the Bloomingdales/Nordstrom game. Ask the salesguy if its a full canvas suit even.... checkout some of the brands that have a good name on here.....ehaberdasher, suitsupply, kent wang, brooks brothers, etc. keep notes on the fits of things so you dont repeat...
only one i would reconsider is the first one. or just wear it every other week.
Rule #1. Never do math in public!!! Thanks for the catch and an easier way to do things!
100-30%=70, 70-20%=54. $54 =100-44%
any thoughts on brands of navy overcoats that hold up well, are warm , and not boxy. The ones at Brooks Brothers/JosBanks are pretty square looking.
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