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what they said..... and never, ever wear the black/grey/red etc dress shirt.   Ever.
I think the two best books for fundemental/value style investing are Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor by Graham/Dodd. Buffett references them in pretty much every interview when asked about books/education. Also, Seth Klarmans "Margin of Safety" (you can download a pdf for free---legit copies are 1500+++. Great reading.
Italian and seafood--- the Daily catch (original in north end -cash only + wait list. The seaport location is the same food + no line + credit card. Less atmosphere though. Italian Tapas = Coppa in the south end. Mainstream Italian.--- not really sure. Seafood. Neptune or b and g oyster. Avoid legals seafood and Hanover street.
most here will point you to allen edmonds/aldens.  the more classic, the better.  those dont fit the bill.   basic classic bucks would be better than those.  those shoes will be gone in 3-6 months.   a pair of better shoes will last 10 times as long, plus be better looking.    give us another option.
What's the best source for slimmer fitting, nice wool, cashmere sweaters? Are the ones from Ledbury ok?
Craigie on Mains great. Also Hungry Mother out by Kendall. Upscale southern food.
+1 on the previous two. I'd probably go a little dressier though. Those wont go with a suit later--get something you can wear with nice jeans and a suit. Definitely not the blue shoes.
Go to the store and get sized in a pair of wingtips mcneils, larchmonts, or checkout Leeds. The description will probably say blucher in it (the laces aren't close together basically). Then call the port Washington shoe bank for a list of what they have in your size. Make sure you are sized for that particular shoe. Don't screw around with cole hahns, Johnston murthy, etc. get a and es you like and be done with it.
New Posts  All Forums: