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Id go with yes. Then, if i have to ask, then yes again.
Dont buy the "plain blue" suit. that should be about the 5th suit you should buy, if that. Like he said earlier, in 30 years you dont want to look at the pictures of you in a smurf colored suit. Buy a navy one. Period.
you need to try on about 10 suits to know what you like. i can go to brooks brothers, try on the slimmest line, and it fits terrible. should fit the best... if i go to suit supply and try on the least european... i think napoli, its still too slim. anyways---it takes alot of training/trying on/walking way. take mental notes of what you try on and remember the good and bad from it. build from there.
I think the dad is spot on. He's got a chance to teach his son something important. A skill that will last the kid a long time.....maybe the difference between formal, business casual, and casual. Take the kid to brooks brothers outlet, shell out $300, and get something that he'll outgrow in 6 months. then do it again. Dont worry about it being slim enough. maybe tailor it and stretch it out to 12 months.
i just try to put money anywhere i can to avoid taxes-- now or later. Roth 401k. roth ira. health savings account. no 529 yet. this is over 20k a year. i dont worry or " plan" with my savings/checking/brokerage-- just pay expenses and do the best i can with it. i figure if you put away 20k in just those accounts for the next 30, you'll have 2-3 million at 65 in those accounts alone. beyond that, you need to simplify your account, bringing it under one...
congrats for coming here to seek good advice. all those are a little too formal. except maybe the barkers. definitely not the 752s. maybe look at the sebago classics...
Two options at your price point. Uniqlo or Lands end Hyde park. Get whichever one fits best. By white, a versatile blue, and maybe a pink or white/blue stripe to wear on Friday. $100 out the door. Done. D.U.N.
Maybe go to suit supply in dallas. Get one of their more generous cuts in charcoal or navy. Or sid mashburn just opened down in houston.
what they said..... and never, ever wear the black/grey/red etc dress shirt.   Ever.
I think the two best books for fundemental/value style investing are Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor by Graham/Dodd. Buffett references them in pretty much every interview when asked about books/education. Also, Seth Klarmans "Margin of Safety" (you can download a pdf for free---legit copies are 1500+++. Great reading.
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