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Not many people on this board will encourage the black blazer--But if you've got it perhaps a pair of grey pants would be better. White, grey, black is pretty acceptable. I read somewhere that black is a pretty hard color to match with, especially different fabrics of black. At some point you'll need a pair of black shoes and black belt regardless of what you do. Get a set that will look good with a pair of jeans or a suit.
Just go to Suit Supply and get a navy suit. Black shoes will never go out of style--Allen Edmond are great and you can even order from the factory outlet. Between those two you can send a 1000 and nearly never shop for dress clothes again.
please. just stop.
IMO the smart money in AEs shoes is in their seconds from their shoe bank. Always ordered from them. Never disappointed with what I get. Yes you may get a shoe error like yours, but you'll feel alot better about it. The overall quality will still be great 5 years from now.
kamakura? hundreds of posts on them already.
The alden captoes look too formal (great with suits, not with jeans). check out allen edmond leeds. They are a derby shoe. Strands are nice shoes. Be a great choice for alot of people.
I agree with them. if i had the frame for brooks bros, Id go there without a second thought. I wouldnt think of getting a good suit at HB either. its just too trendy. good luck tho.
Try on a bunch of brands to see what fits you best. Why not spend $1000 on a navy suit that you can wear 1/2 the time vs keep making the same mistakes at MensWarehouse? You really have to have a good eye to play the Bloomingdales/Nordstrom game. Ask the salesguy if its a full canvas suit even.... checkout some of the brands that have a good name on here.....ehaberdasher, suitsupply, kent wang, brooks brothers, etc. keep notes on the fits of things so you dont repeat...
only one i would reconsider is the first one. or just wear it every other week.
Rule #1. Never do math in public!!! Thanks for the catch and an easier way to do things!
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