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Provided you get the right size, you can't go wrong with the fit of Alden/Allen Edmonds. If you get the wrong size, they are a terrible choice. They just seem to be a much stiffer shoe, so take the time to try on the various lasts and widths. The shoes will last 3x longer than your JandMs. The GuccisFerragamas would be a good shoe as well.
A grey sweater is perfect. + a light blue. Just get a navy sports coat and then a grey suit. You can wear the sports coat with chinos, dark jeans, grey slacks. Mix in the sweaters and 5 dress shirts and suddenly you've got a bunch of combinations.
If you are an art student, you only need one suit. Nothing too fine. He is absolutely correct on tan stuff. That's a whole different lesson for a year or so from now. Shoes--A wingtip would be perfect--Allen Edmond Strand too. Go to Boston, get sized at a store, then order from Shoebank.com The black/white sports coat is a terrible idea.
The sport jacket should be navy. Keep the white shirt. Throw away the others and definitely don't get the burgundy. For a v neck, get grey. Not tan. Throw away the black suit. Get a navy or grey suit.
Seems like very good advice
Youre off to a great start Id say. dont shy away from jeans, but get a nice, dark denim pair--trim or classic fit. Not relaxed, baggy. For your shoes, get a pair of brown shoes for the other pair. Khaki chinos are as universal as people think, and dont go well wih all colors, but grey can be pretty slick.
Did you save the receipt for the jacket?
Is there a Sid Mashburns in Houston?
Id say either the shoe fits or it doesnt. The last will be different than you are used to and the fit will probably be different than the dalton. Maybe try a smaller size/narrower shoe?
The button is way too high ( have a deeper v) That could nearly be a 3 button jacket. Too big of lapels. The sleeves are way too big and the mid is probably too tight. It's a bad choice.
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