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Seems like very good advice
Youre off to a great start Id say. dont shy away from jeans, but get a nice, dark denim pair--trim or classic fit. Not relaxed, baggy. For your shoes, get a pair of brown shoes for the other pair. Khaki chinos are as universal as people think, and dont go well wih all colors, but grey can be pretty slick.
Did you save the receipt for the jacket?
Is there a Sid Mashburns in Houston?
Id say either the shoe fits or it doesnt. The last will be different than you are used to and the fit will probably be different than the dalton. Maybe try a smaller size/narrower shoe?
The button is way too high ( have a deeper v) That could nearly be a 3 button jacket. Too big of lapels. The sleeves are way too big and the mid is probably too tight. It's a bad choice.
Where are you located?
I tend to think of IT as a little more fashion forward, whereas most of the advice on this board is more traditional/classic. That said, Jos A Bank doesn't get recommended here too much. Maybe tell us where you are located and someone can recommend a local men's store. For big retail, most of the advice on this board will be Brooks Brothers or Nordstrom/Saks/Neiman Marcus. A good men's store will help you out--to find one maybe go the Samuelsohn website and find a...
You need a rotation of shoes and to give them 2 or three days off Between wearings, so you're going to need a few fairs of them. Maybe try out one pair first, wear them on Tuesday/Thursday. Make sure you get sized properly. Not all AEs fit the same way, since they are built on different lasts. I don't think you'll have a problem with them breaking down, but if you do just wear them on weekends and to parties. There are a lot worse things to own than a pair of nice...
No one on this board is going to advise you to buy black chinos. Ever. In any situation. Truly one of the worst things to build a wardrobe off of.
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