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Ok guys haha I hadn´t read those two last reponses. I´d rather not pass through a "douche" phase, thank you About the roleplay... A Scarface role could be pulled of
Ok, definitely the blazer is going back. Since I am going to exchange it for another one from Hackett (I guess it will be similar), can you tell what is wrong with the fit so that I can get it better this time? Please consider that I have a thin waist and broad chest/shoulders (Because I have been swimming all my life) and it is difficult to find a blazer which is not too tight in the chest and fits the inferior end well . For example, I tried one extra size of the white...
I was just trying the blazer on, just ignore the rest of the clothes I was wearing at that moment.
Hello everyone. So, I went shopping with my girlfriend last night (I think I am ready to join a women´s shoes forum now) and we came across a white blazer in Hackett. I have never really liked white blazers or suits, but she insisted on me trying it on, and while she totally loved it I am not sure about it. Since she was so convinced I got it, but now I am thinking about returning it. What do you think? How does it fit? Is a white blazer too over the top? I am 20 and it...
Well, I will give it a try there just to see if they think the same way, but you are right, if I am not convinced I will not keep it anyway. Thanks for your responses!
Yes, it is cotton... Well, nobody seems to like it so I guess I will go back to the store and exchange it (I cannot allow to be compared to Pitbull). Reevolving: for starters, you can give your opinion without being rude. I would never tell anyone to burn his clothes just because I don´t like them. There is no way you can judge the shirt from those photos, and in my opinion the jeans are alright for a 20 year old going to college. 
I have really no idea... I have never owned a white blazer. What can you wear it with? The clothes are just what I was wearing at that moment That´s what I think, it has kind of a strange shape around the waist... Some people seem to love it, but I am not so into it.
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Thanks for your responses. Definitely dancing with the first ones is a terrible idea, I don´t think I will give it a try Any idea how to tell what line of quality the A. Testoni´s pair is? They were priced 375 euros (A little under 500$)
Hi, I am really doubtful between these two pairs of shoes, if you can help me out it would be great. They are really alike and I don´t know about the quality, the colors are different but actually I like both of them. One of them is Magnanni and the other one is A. Testoni, and the second ones are a little bit more expensive (50 euros). Any opinion is welcomed  Does anyone know what line of Testoni these are?            Thanks!
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