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They look a little high for me. I don't wear my trousers at the height of my first jacket button.
I had a thread on here a long time ago, back when I had time to participate, about sweating. In the warm months I sweat a lot. I have been using Certain-Dri and it really helps to keep me from sweating. It does cause iritation. I had not been using it during the winter but now that it has warmed up I am starting again. I am still considering the botox injections to stop the sweating though. It seems by your post that you only had this problem with your tight fitting...
Thanks for the replies. I have been using the address in my bookmarks and didn't know the forum was still up. The tailor told me there is not enough material to make functional buttons and since non-working buttons seem to bug me lately I decided not to add anything. It is only a knee-length coat so I don't think it will look awkward.
I am talking about Orvis, not Oris. They are in the $75-$200 range. I don't really know anything about them but have been told that they hold up well.
I like Patron silver.
I have been told that the Orvis watches are built well. They have a few that look somewhat like the carrera.
I bought a black Ralph Lauren wool overcoat. It is more of a car coat/town coat I guess as it is not full length. This coat has no buttons on the sleeves. The full length coats had buttons on their sleeves. Is there a rule or something to where short coats don't get buttons. I need to take it to the tailor and have the sleeves shortened. I am thinking about having buttons added. Would you think a coat was strange looking without buttons on the sleeves? Thanks for...
I use certain dri. If I use it regularly it causes burning, itching, and redness. Since it has turned cold I have not been using it but will probably start up again in the spring. I am still thinking of going ahead with the botox injections to stop the sweating if the irritation gets bad from the certain dri. I am going to ask one of my dr. friends about side effects of the injections and how often they need to be done. From what I understand they inject the botox into...
I have been wanting to start collecting cufflinks. The trouble is all the ones I end up liking costs way more than I am willing to pay. My favorite pair I have right now are sterling silver fluer de lis' from Mignon Faget. I found a pair of tortoise shell and gold cufflinks at an antique store but they were close to $3k. I also found a pair of cartier cufflinks that match my cartier watch but they were twice the amount of money I paid for the watch. I am going to...
I've been wanting to try one. The shops near me can not get them.
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