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Are you able to hand wash an alpha jacket or how can i spot clean my ma1
After 4 diff jackets finally got my right size at a medium which happens to be my true size i shouldve just stuck with all along. Also got my medium tall tailored to have short arms
What ma1 is this?
You think id be able to go to a tailor to get it fixed?
[IMG] This is a medium tall does it look too long?
Woulda medium(tall) ensure my doubts in the jacket being too short?Basically i am looking for a slimmer fit but do to the inside padding i understand the jacket will be poofy no matter what i just dont want it to look too poofy
just edited the post..
Should starting to size down? I get a large now...             Scared if i size down it could be too short lenth and sleeve wise im pretty sure the body part would fit okay should i size down or buy a doff brand/style
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