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DonCologne I can hardly see you - you are so well camouflaged with the Autumnal background !  
Gosh seriously retro wide peak lapels ! best linen ones for me are the ones made for Mark Marengo Savile Row by Simonet Goddard France one of the best hand made hanks makers in the world.I recommend the fine gossamer linen with satin edges, or the ones with fine pale blue edges that are understated and effortlessly elegant . £32 (non EU tax free)There are much cheaper ones out there of...
Looks great Kai, think you will get a good amount of use out of this garment. William Lockie's stuff always washes and wears really well without bobbling in my experience . Their fine cashmere's to wear over a shirt , under a suit are also excellent. I get mine from Marengo at 31 Savile Row.  On the theme of the chunky cashmere knits I noticed a good promotion on these in Turnbull & Asser on Jermyn Street last week, they were offering £100 off on some of their great...
Devinrw, Hard to critique really with the dark image and angle you are standing. A peacoat is a good choice for guys that are less tall( judged in comparison with the door ) From the pic.looks like the sleeves might be slightly long, but you would need to have one arm at least down ( if the other has the camera ) to see properly. If only your fingers show out and not your whole hand then its a bit long .
Sounds like these shirts are really well loved and worn, so it probably wouldn't justify the expense to re-collar & cuff. I would keep them for weekends and maybe see if you could take to wearing a cravat, if you don't like the open neck look and want to be more dressy . Cravats in a Macclesfield silk with small madder or foulard pattern can be very elegant with a sports jacket and cavallery twill or cord trousers. Don't worry about worn out collars & cuffs, even HRH...
Grey worn with with a very dark chocolate colour can also be extremely chic and rather Italian, also anything in a dark red, or burgundy can be very good . All different tones of grey together is good , maybe including some grey melange that's very fashionable this Autumn/Fall, but you need something to enliven the look, a touch of cream or a deep red or petrol blue or lavender accessory , tie , scarf, socks, or even shirt or pullover to pull it all together. 
Xfi, it would "be a steal" in comparison with Kiton's normal prices which are among the highest of any tailoring company. HOWEVER nothing is a good buy unless it absolutely fits you perfectly . A classic Prince of Wales check in grey fits in perfectly with the informalist or posh-casual look that's currently very important. The higher quality the piece the better the overall effect . Kiton is a very high brand. 
Sounds like corners have been cut. Usually the shoulder pad , ie the polyester wadding is sewn into some sort of woven cover in that prevents the fluffy stuff from escaping ...  trouble is if you pull one of the fibres that penetrates they are very long filaments and don't just pull out. If the problem gets worse you might have to get a tailor unpick and replace or cover the padding .
 Sound point " ridethecliche" ...those of us pasty-faced by mid-October must choose more carefully.    
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